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[QLD] South Bank Grand Opening Vouchers (BOGOF: Big Mac, Large Meals or Coffee, Free Happy Meal w/ Large Meal) @ McDonald's


McDonald's in South Bank (QLD) has just opened and to celebrate they have some grand opening vouchers valid until the end of the month.

Our brand new restaurant is now open at South Bank so you can get all your Macca’s® Favourites! Pop into the Golden Arches and redeem our limited time offers today.

  • Buy 1 get 1 free large Quarter Pounder meal
  • Buy 1 get 1 free Big Mac
  • Buy 1 get 1 free large McChicken meal
  • Buy 1 get 1 free large sausage & egg McMuffin Meal or bacon & egg McMuffin meal
  • Free Happy Meal with any large meal purchase
  • Buy 1 get 1 free McCafe coffee (to the same or lesser value)

Location: 271-275 Grey Street, South Brisbane QLD

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  • -1 vote

    so i just need to print the vouchers?

    • +2 votes

      Phone is fine


        tried this morning. They weren't aware of the promotion. Show the manager the digital vouche, he said that's not allowed :'(


          Worked for me…
          Are you telling me the manager didn't know the opening specials…


            @Jessie Ryder: Nope he didn't know. Also said digital copy can be fake. Wasn't going to argue with himm so gave up


              @iwant2dunk: lol, who is going to photo shop that, sounds like he didn't like you

  • +1 vote

    Damn that sucks for all the small food businesses in the area


      Genuinely surprised that Southbank Corp relented and allowed them to build, haven't they been against Maccas opening for many years? That said, I see the location appears to be in the Emporium building area so maybe it's something outside of their influence?


      If you read the comments above you…

      It seems they're chasing away potential customers…? :p

  • -2 votes

    Do these vouchers only apply to the Southbank maccas or can they be used elsewhere in qld


      It does say…


      Edit: You could try South Bank, VIC? :S


    Just out of curiosity, where did you find these vouchers?


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