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Dell Laptop Sleeves - Dell Essential Sleeve 15 $9.76, Dell Premier Sleeve 13 Black $22.13 or White $23.11 Delivered @ Dell AU


Dell Essential Sleeve 15 – ES1520V – Fits most laptops up to 15” $9.76 cheapest ever to my knowledge.

Protect your up to 15-inch laptop from spills, bumps and scratches with the water-resistant, form-fitting neoprene Dell Essential Sleeve 15 (ES1520V).

3 years Limited Warranty

Dell Premier Sleeve 13 (Black) – XPS 13 9380/7390 $22.13

Slim with a contemporary design, the Dell Premier Sleeve 13 protects your XPS 13 9380 or 7390 or 9305 laptop wherever your busy day takes you.

Dell Premier Sleeve 13 (Alpine White) – XPS 13 2-in 1 9365 and XPS 13 9370/9380 $23.11

Protect your XPS 13 or XPS 13 2-in-1 with the custom-designed Dell Premier Sleeve 13 in Alpine White with rose gold accents.

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    Got the premiere black for my MBA. Thanks OP

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      I have no idea why anyone would down-vote your comment.

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    Anyone can comment on sleeve for MBA?
    In the past I got 13" noname sleeve and it was very loose fit

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      Tomtoc 360 fits M1 MBA very well and offers great edge/corner protection.


        Any recommendation for hard shell case please?


    Damn, i was hoping the 13" one would fit the AMD yoga slim 7 14", and it looks like it would be so close.
    width and height are perfect, but the lenovo's depth is 208.18mm vs the Dell's 199mm, so im not sure the risk is worth it.

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      I know the essential 13 will fit inspiron 14" if that helps

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        that definately helps. I just checked the dimensions, and that bag will easilly fit my laptop. I just grabbed that one.


        That sleeve you suggested should be added to the OP, $11.20 delivered for that is insane.

        Thanks for that mate :)


          No worries. I had same dilemma back than and was surprised. More so that the 14" is actually so small!


          It's $10.42 with the code.


    Thanks! Got one


    Would the 13inch case work with a 14inch


      My inspiron 14 fits the essentials 13 case


    Yes, I wonder if the 13" is suitable for a x1 carbon.


      Was thinking the same but for an X1 yoga.

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    The magnetic closure doesn't look very secured https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLokAjjnBs4


    I ordered one on Tuesday - just got an email from Dell apologising for a delivery delay to 29 July… stuck in the Suez canal?

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    I've just received my Dell Essential Sleeve 15 – ES1520V – Fits most laptops up to 15”.

    FIY, it's quite baggy for 15" and 16" Macbooks Pro. Looks like about 1 cm too wide and 1 cm too long. Well, at least I can easily put two of them in it.