Scammed out of $280 by a 67/30's Year Old

*** UPDATE ***

Alright, I've heard you guys loud and clear. I am a hopeless idiot probably living off backdoor rub-and-tubs whilst smoking ice in the streets next to the garbage bins. I've finally learnt my lesson and I'll be sure not to repeat it again. However, I've searched the bloke's number online and turns out he's a serial scammer. I don't want to risk suspension or ban by posting specifics but he has been scamming for at least 3 years now. His real name has been out and about and three supposed addresses (all within Victoria and coincidentally, 35 ~ minute driving distance to South Bank) has been linked with him. Apparently he's even been imprisoned for 20 months but is now out on parole or have been released. Obviously, that all should be taken with a grain of salt (I could speak) but this information has been repeated by multiple people on multiple websites over multiple months. Some have apparently reported this to ACORN and Victoria Police, but he's clearly still operating, whether it's him himself or an accomplice or two.

I believe I have his current bank details - he has previously been with two others, and a phone number that he has been using for a while and clearly didn't think to change. This on top of his real name, addresses, etc that I've found.

Any further help would be appreciated - I do hope that I can at least help take down this bogan back to the hole he was born in.

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    (just repeating the OzB mantra)

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    BTW, Welcome abroad

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      I couldn't give him cash, he's from another state. Otherwise I would've only accepted cash.

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        Sorry mate, your $280 is gone… I'm sure you've been on OzB long enough, but just created the account to post this.

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          So I'm only wasting my time informing the police?

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            I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention his name and roundabouts location, but if I can I'll mention that too.

            It's probably fake too, given your situation.

          • @scomo: Definitely go to the police and file charges for fraud with the info you have.
            You have his bank details which means there must be someone associated to that account. The police can subpoena the info from the bank - you cannot.

            • @Lysander: No, you're not wasting your time informing the police.

              Make sure you've made the report and follow up on it so you get assigned a police member who will assist you.

              Either way, that will make the scammer's life difficult.

              Keep mobile numbers, BSB + Account Numbers, PayID's, Transaction ID's, etc.

            • @Lysander: I've actually just got off the phone from the non-emergency police line. They said it's a civil matter and pretty much, "take the loss you idiot". I asked if they can contact the bloke's bank but they said the police doesn't do that. Could I call them again and ask to do a subpoena?

              • @scomo: No, forget it, its a tough pill to swallow, but not worth stressing over, it’s not a big amount of money in the scheme of things.

                You will cause yourself more headache worrying over it than the $280 is with

              • @scomo: I'll be a contrarian here and say if there is more than 1 person he/she has scammed and they all report the crime there's a decent chance they will get caught and it will go through the courts process.

                A long, long time ago I got scammed on eBay for <$100. I did the standard reports etc, and a year or two later had a cheque from the Queensland Courts and letter explaining this person had been found guilty of fraud blah blah blah.

                So as far as immediate resolution goes, its probably limited, but most definitely make a folder/document and keep track of all the important records and messages/timestamps.

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                @scomo: Yeh they love to give hand out that 'civil matter' line all too often.

                Is the crime not classed as 'Obtain Benefit by Deception' link -

                Maybe you could call to 'report a crime'

              • @scomo: Isn’t it funny how if a bank transfers money incorrectly into your account or a government agency does it and you don’t give it back, it is a criminal matter.

                Joe schmo gets scammed and all of a sudden it’s a civil matter

                Edit: yes i know there’s a difference between mistaken payment vs goods not received.

              • @scomo: Police don't work for you; they work for politicians. They won't help for any reason.

                The only thing police are interested in, is if they can find a reason to fine you. Violent criminals, thieves, scammers, whatever - they don't care. There's no way to fine criminals, and chasing after them would put a policeman at risk of harm. Therefore you're SOL buddy.

              • @scomo: You can. Tell them it is fraud which is in the criminal code.
                I know it might upset some people but speaking frankly, the police istation simply too lazy to do anything as cases like this involve doing actual work plus paper work.
                I had to get a mandamus once from the Supreme Court to force the police to do their job.
                Three magistrates said they police were wrong (one even said on record their police was too lazy) and they still did not do anything. So the Supreme Court had to issue an order.
                Try to talk to a senior officer, divisional sergeant or inspector.

              • @scomo: Definitely not an civil matter. You have been defrauded and pretty sure there will be others like you. I would insist on making the report. You won't see the money though unless you can find a way to get the bank to do a charge back. You might get partial money back.

          • @scomo:

            I've been scammed from bank transfers before, so I don't know why I keep making the same mistakes

            “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

            • @Baysew:

              “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


              The heat directed @ OP is well deserved. Sounds like he likes to play along with the Scammer's rules.
              First Scams are usually the Last Scam encounter for people. You don't often hear people getting scammed over and over again. That's just crazy.

          • @scomo: You think your $140 will be a priority for the cops?

            • @pharkurnell: Value should make no matter of difference in how the cops handle it… but should and would are two different things.

              • @chriise: it comes down to priorities…. I'd be happier with cops arresting scum for bashing old people, rapists, murders, kiddy fiddlers, deadly murderous people doing 4kph over the limit and home invaders from Endevour Hills than this blokes $140.

                • @pharkurnell:

                  arresting scum for bashing old people, rapists, murders, kiddy fiddlers

                  What we think the cops are doing

                  deadly murderous people doing 4kph over the limit

                  Sadly what they're probably actually doing

          • @scomo: What makes u think you cant mention hit name? Whats his name?

      • he's from another state.

        That is why it's CASH ON PICKUP ONLY

        Better to lower price for a local pickup than to risk getting scammed.

        • Sorry you were bent over a barrel and shown the seven states. I don't think you have much of a recourse unless you can dox him. In future, might I suggest PayPal for GT orders?

      • lol, I don't think you understand, if you can't transact cash on collection then don't transact at all! or buy through ebay or paypal which have buyer protection.

    • I think OP was a lurker and joined to get feedback from the forum. Which makes it unusual because a lurker would also see the weekly GT scams

    • This needs to be a permanent pop-up/banner on the Oz bargain homepage apparently😂

    • you can use Paypal, it's protected..

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    Thanks for that… just setting my clocks. Another “I was scammed on gumtree” thread, and right on time.

    Don’t send cash through scamtree for stuff you don’t have in your hands. Don’t accept a screenshot as payment sent.

    • cash on pick up only
    • money in your account before goods sent.


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      money in your account before goods sent.

      It's what OP did! except he was the buyer!

        • refund in your account before alternative payment made
        • Yeah well, your crystal ball is functioning well.

          EDIT: OP missed the memo by this much… /s

          • @SF3: Huh? The way I understand it is the seller asked for an alternative payment option than EFT.
            OP asked for money back before sending via “carecardless cash”
            Scammer sent a fake refund transfer screenshot/receipt
            OP took that as enough proof that refund was done without checking their own account and sent another $140

            • don’t send more money until the refund has cleared into your account. A screenshot of a transfer is NOT a transfer.
    • Thanks for that… just setting my clocks

      Should we petition site discussion for a box on the forum showing "X hours since last <insert flavour of the month> post".

    • "0 days since last Gumtree incident"

  • the guy is a compulsive liar

    Well, yeah - he’s a con artist. He/she/they’re going to lie to get anything from you.

    Also, what games were they?

    • I don't think they are though. If they were I doubt they'd keep in contact with me after a week, albeit sporadically. I was looking back on our Gumtree messages and I didn't realize he offered to send me his license. Doubt I could get that thing now.

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        jjjaar: Well, yeah - he’s a con artist. He/she/they’re going to lie to get anything from you.

        OP: I don't think they are though


      • It would have been a stolen or fake license anyway, so you’d have been chasing after someone who was also being taken advantage of.

        Still curious what the games were?

      • I tried to sell physical giftcard at gumtree as COD locally only

        one guy from interstate said he wants to buy

        i said no

        he said he's genuine , not a con

        i said if that's the case i only take bank transfer , and will wait for money to clear

        i gave him my bank details

        he sent me screenshot payment slip

        he said i can send him photo of the giftcard

        he ask me if i want his license

        he sent me a photo of his license

        i said i still gonna wait for money to clear into my account before sending him the giftcard photo

        he said ok

        2 / 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 days , no money comes in , he also didn't message further , or chase me up

        so , yeah , fake transfer slip and fake license

        no idea what he's gonna do with my bank account details

        • be careful. he can do some direct debits with it. insurance, charities, etc

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          Was it a $500 jbhifi card? :)

        • he sent me screenshot payment slip
          he said i can send him photo of the giftcard

          Two can play at that game.
          Should have sent him a photo of a giftcard with no credit or a photoshopped giftcard.

      • He scammed you twice and you don't think he is a con artist. Of course he is going to keep talking to you, you are exactly the type of gullible a con artist loves. Why con someone only twice when you can do it 3 or 4 times.

  • I think you'll have to offer him another $140 (fully refundable) processing fee, paid directly into his bank account. Then he might be a bit more responsive and return the lot.

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    What the hell is a cardless cash?

  • Also got scammed recently by a full-time scammer. He's located around Glenorchy Tasmania. We've found out who the guy is. Details from PayID, BSB + Account Number and mobile number are useful.

    Of course the scammer got the shits. Immediately started acting up and spewing out some fluff. Here was his replies.

    "You dumb ass. You can make bank accounts online in anyone's name. Westpac give you debit cards useable online straight away with just someone's licence or credit card. I think you'll find the accounts closed and you wasted all your time posting about someone who I don't even know. Have a nice day

    Hey try my new pay I'd. 0499166404. The PayID he used to scam me was 0474360675.

    Can you loan me another 55$ because that was the hardest 55 I ever earned putting up with you (profanity). I'm blocking your number now mate your (profanity) queer. Lol"

    Now that just becomes hilarious. Both PayID's have the same last name, the new one is associated with a family member of his. At this stage the scammer has just openly admitted his scam and he's taking a poke for money to suit his ego.

  • 1stly- brave username.

    2ndly- just as clueless as the namesake.

    Never pay in advance on a site like GT.

    Very sorry for your loss. :(

    • don't worry, i'll be the first to admit i'm an absolute tool in this situation. just like scomo during the bushfires.

      • What was the BSB and Account Number?

      • Except: Morriscum NEVER admits responsibility, ever!

        I'm sorry this happened, but at least it's a small price to pay for your education.

        • $280 is quite hefty. I know people who will take 2 days to earn that amount and that's a 10 hour shift.

        • Except I don't think he's learning

          I've been scammed from bank transfers before, so I don't know why I keep making the same mistakes, but I've now sworn to a strict no bank transfer policy.

      • You think it's only the bushfires he's screwed up?
        Wait till you have to repay his trillion $ debt!

    • He should change his username to 'Scamo".

  • Might wanna flip the reverse card and do some direct debits to charities with the scammer's……

    Of course, a smart scammer would have emptied their accounts into a personal account.

      • (profanity) are you on a suicide mission?

        You got SCAMMED. And they won't be returning you the money. Any genuine/remorseful person would totally have a different response.

        The choice is up to you.

        Placing trust in a scammer is a suicide mission and you might as well drink their fears…

          • @scomo: Yes, give them everything.

            The person who you just got off the phone with isn't doing their job.

            They must give you a report number, as this is what Gumtree needs. Make sure you follow up with it, to see if it's been assigned to somebody. Or just go to your local police, it's better face-to-face, but give it a try.

            Sounds like you just got a very unhelpful person.

            • @hex7272: I'll see if I could go to one tomorrow. Would them looking into it mean much in the grand scheme, though? I may have his bank details, phone number, his name (unless that's fake as well) and an estimate location, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll get my money back.

              • @scomo: Or just ring the line again. The person you got was useless. For a start, they will at least open a report for you…

              • @scomo: I wouldn't waste your time. Police don't do anything in these sorts of situations. Best they'll do is give you an event number if you need it for insurance.

              • @scomo: If "cardless cash" means the scammer used an ATM to get your money, there should be video.

                Pursue it through your bank AND the cops. Video plus an account number should be plenty of evidence (although the scammer might be using a hacked bank account and a patsy to do the ATM pickup)

            • @hex7272: I agree completely.

              See even if the amount stolen from you is below some threshold having it recorded and tracked means a large case/crime can be brought against this person.

              Its extremely unlikely in the short-term anything will happen, but most criminals are morons and won't know jack about minimising a digital footprint. Complacency is a bizarre thing in the modern age when so much is trackable and scammers are scum that deserve to be caught.

    • Then charities get fees when he disputes them?

    • Why charity? Should be used on OP's bills

  • Police want to do as little as possible to recover stolen items. Son's friend: stolen PS3 games (a while ago). He reports the theft. Two weeks later, finds HIS games (he had his name label on them!) at Cash Converters. Cops acted like they couldn't be sure he hadn't sold them! They were stolen from a cracked car window.

    Just move on and be more suspicious next time- I'm sorry. It's not right. :(

    • Should contact Cashies. They record their details down. If the Cashies is a POS, move on further.

      • Kid was a young, inexperienced young man at the time.

        If he'd asked me when it happened, I sure as sh*t would have gone in with my phone recording their blatant, BS lies.

        CC are criminal…They KNOW they're buying stolen, and they DO IT, because they KNOW the cops are lazy F's.

        • Yeah, CC are the lot are shit. Same with the banks. They don't give a shit if one of their account holders is using their banking system to scam people for a living. Truly not surprised by the royal commissions.

          Maybe this is just Straya…

  • Username checks out, incompetent and goes against the expert advice.

  • First, you sound like you're still following the scammer's bidding when you know very well not to.

    (EDIT: since a lot of people thinks he's from the same state as I) - The guy is from Victoria, Melbourne. I don't have his address because I stupidly missed him offering to send me his license, but I can guess he's around South Bank, since that's where he said he could meet at. I'm from South Australia.

    You don't need to guess.

    You can get that location already with the information you already have. DYOR.

  • Troll post for sure. No one is this dumb in real life.