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AmEx Statement Credit: BPme App - Spend $50 Get $10 Credit


Cheap Petrol.

AmEx Statement Credit: BPme App - Spend $50 Get $10 credit

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $50 or more, in one or more transactions, via the BPme app, at participating BP locations by 06/06/2021 to receive one $10 credit. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

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Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

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      Never mind if it's targeted, I won't be bother to sign it up. The Bpme app would give you more trouble than $10, and probably didn't work at all.

      • +1

        It worked fine for me the whole time since pandemic start last year.

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    • Valid for payments made in-app via the Australian BPme app at participating BP locations in Australia. You must first load your Card to the Australian BPme app using a compatible device.
    • Participating BP locations are shown within the BPme app station finder as BPme enabled: to show only BPme enabled locations in the station finder you may need to first select the BPme enabled filter. Any BP locations not shown as BPme enabled are ineligible for the offer.
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      Adding this here because I couldn't find it elsewhere in this deal.

      Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $50 or more, in one or more transactions, via the BPme app, at participating BP locations by 06/06/2021 to receive one $10 credit. Limited to the first 20,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

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    Is the app still problematic?

    • Since December when I start using it every 3 weeks, it didnt work once.

    • hahaha, that is a very valid question for bpme. They probably got high school students to build the app

      • +2

        HS students would have done a much better job. They would have contracted it offshore somewhere.

  • Does anyone get a weird look just driving off after paying in app…?

    • +1

      I always give thumbs up to the cashier before driving away :D

      • +2

        Lol reminds me of those criminals who look at the cameras and wave before still going ahead with the crime

    • yeah this always scares me , i used go instore to let them know first couple of times when i used this app

      now i just wave

    • The attendant is made aware of it on their system - same as they are when someone picks up a petrol pump.

  • Got it on all 4 of our cards.

    • My Velocity Escape card didn't get it, but my standard Elevate plus both primary and supp cards for my DJs Amex did

  • +27

    This offer is like an an annual reminder that BP app is still the worse app out there.

    • i vote the caltex app as the worst. BP has never failed me but it's a risky gamble with the caltex app that baits you with 6c/L off, then when you go to process payment, "oops it failed, go inside to pay full price"

  • Scary privacy policy (it seems they scan for and link your social media data):

    BP collects Personal Information through various avenues in the course of conducting its businesses, including:

    (a) directly from you when you provide Personal Information to BP or its agents or contractors, for example when you are involved in acquiring goods or services from BP or supplying goods or services to BP;

    (b) directly from you when you use any of BP’s apps, via BP websites and third party websites that BP has a presence on (including social media pages and other social media applications), service centres or call centres;

    (c) directly from you when you enter a trade promotion or competition;

    (d) from publically available sources (including social media pages and third parties who host or analyse data relating to social media applications);

    (e) from related companies;

    (f) from third parties, for example service providers who assist BP to manage consumer relationships;

    (g) from our commercial partners and third parties who are involved in providing any benefit, reward or service to you (either directly or on our behalf); and

    (h) via security video and audio surveillance at BP sites.

    • Lol

  • Nice. Got it on my Qantas Frequent flyer platinum card

  • +2

    Hate Bpme app

  • +2

    App seems to be down for maintenance

  • +1

    7-11 lock seems to work out cheaper still for me even with an effective 20% off BP 🤔

    • same here
      BP Station near my home are currently selling U91 at 167.9 (VIC)
      By locking 7-11 with U91 121.9 I actually save 45c per L
      which save me more than the $10 off

    • Yea this deal brings it down to around normal price. I guess it's nice to have another option. Might end up cheaper on a particular day.

  • -1

    is it possible to buy a gift card?

  • +1

    I was once charged the wrong amount. I think it must have been the previous transaction as the pump number was correct but the fuel type and amount were wrong. Went into the store and got mucked around for 45 minutes with no resolution at the end and I was just promised a refund of the difference in my credit card. Two weeks later and still nothing so I got a chargeback organised.

    Edit: still a great app if it works but just a caution to ensure you check the amount.

  • Only just worthwhile given how much more expensive BP is than everywhere else.

  • Quite useless in SA since SA has the OTR monopoly from the Shahin family. They have their own app and won't accept the BPme app. There are only a few non-OTR BPs left that accept the app. Also, no Qantas points at the OTR.

    • Offset by less traffic in SA :p

  • Wondering if it is possible to use this APP to purchase other items like gift card instore

  • +2

    Has anyone been having an issue for the last couple of days where none of the saved offer show up? All my saved offers have disappeared, and when I add one it disappears also. Says I have 0 saved offers

    • Same here.

    • Same here, tried to get onto amex chat support but they are busy

  • +1

    Admit that I had the strange feeling that I was a fuel thief when I just drove away without paying at the counter

    • A friend got chased down by someone once.

      I make a special show of standing out of the car and checking my phone after filling up. Waiting for the day when I’m road raged by some do-good’er trying to save BP the $50 bucks of fuel they think I’m stealing 😂

      • How did your friend respond?

  • Used to be $40 for $10 now $50

  • +1

    Apart from having to repark to a pump that was available on the app transaction went through smoothly for me.

    • I also had to repark! Was it number 4 for you that you were at that was unavailable?

      • Yes! # 4 pump - how weird.

  • +3

    Not sure if the $10 is worth the pain of using the BPMe app (I just used it this evening).

    Incidentally, has anyone received an acknowledgement e-mail from Amex congratulating them on using the offer? I didn't, so just wondering whether it was the norm

    • +1

      Used BPme this morning and also did not receive the confirmation email from Amex.

      • +2

        I've used BPme offers over the years, sometimes I get an email and sometimes I don't. Not getting an email doesn't always mean that the credit doesn't come automatically either. Bit annoying.. gotta keep an eye on it.

  • A tip for anyone who (like me) only ever uses this app when these kind of deals come around:
    Since yesterday when I tried to log in, it'd try to take me to a web page and fail. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app looks to have fixed it. (This is on Android)

    +1 for it being a crappy app - at one station last time around, after filling up it took ages for the app to confirm it had done its thing. I was sitting in my car waiting because I already feel weird driving off without going in to pay - I like to have the confirmation from the app, at least. A staff member came out to ask me if I could pay another way, because they had problems with the app all the time. I wasn't keen on doing that, but just then it finally went through.

    • You can pop into the store and ask for a printed receipt (i.e. duplicate receipt) rather than waiting for app confirmation.

  • +2

    Got my $10 credit. One down, one to go … Then I can uninstall the app

    • I forgot my Elevate Amex had it!

      Two down, one to go …

      Also, worth checking to see if you have any rewards in the app before filling up. I had one that would have given me quite a number of points had I noticed prior to filling up 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • +1

    Used the app this morning. Worked OK although I avoided pump 4. I had completely forgotten BP gave Qantas points and they are obtainable via the app. I will revert to my Ps on my OZB license for such a rookie error.

  • I used BPme, but when i finished filling up the app said something about the internet connection and that it didnt go through, they ended up charging me for the car after me! Still waiting after 2 weeks for the refund from BP

  • Worst experience - payment didn't go through so had to pay the full price. Also had another BP offer for $100 which I thought I'd use instead by asking for a $50 Gift Card but the person serving didn't know how to work it.

    Thanks BP

  • I’ve read in previous posts that you can buy gift cards using this app. Curious to know how this works/ if anyone else had success doing it.

  • +1

    Had the offer on three cards. The app isn't as bad as it used to be; tonight was the most pleasant experience I've had so far. Helped that it was pretty quiet at the petrol station I was at though …

  • I got a spend $200 get $50 from one of my other amex. its pretty hard to put $200 fuel if you don't have a massive tank in the car. any thoughts?

    • +1

      Usually it is cumulative ie in multiple transactions. You can check the t&c.

    • Some BP stations in Sydney do Opal top-ups. These have always counted towards Amex spend targets.

      • They're in Melbourne …

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