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Tenda Nova MW3 Home Mesh Wi-Fi System 4pk (Buy 3 Get 1 Free) $88.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


No redemption required. 4pack will be delivered together.

MW6 4pack $159.95 + Delivery

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  • I already have 3 at my house. I wonder what 7 would do?! :P

  • Hi folks,

    Are these products reliable/good? asking for a friend
    He's got his NBN connected and located in the garage, he could not get a good WIFI signal in the furthest part of his room. 1 storey house
    Any better recommendation with similar price tag?

    • Just from my personal experience: They work well when set in bridge mode and used purely as a mesh network. Had performance trouble when I tried to use it as the router. NBN speed fluctuated between 2Mbps and 25Mbps when usually it's up at 45Mbps.

      • Am I right in thinking the bridging from the main router to the Tenda main unit needs to be by cable?

        • I think you do.. i got this from a website

          Setup Process

          The setup process is super easy by doing the following:

          Download the Tenda App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
          Power up the main node (any of the three) and connect it to your main router via the included ethernet cable on the WAN port.
          Open the app and follow the instructions, it should be pretty straight forward
          Once the main node is connected to your home internet, all you have to do is place the other two nodes around your house, power it up and they should automatically connect to the primary mode and act as a complete whole mesh WiFi system.

          • @Da dpG: Thanks,

            If connected to the WAN on the main router then the TENDA would act as the router for the LAN.

            I recently invested in an AX router. It's already connected to the ISP supplied modem/router via WAN. The AX services the LAN.

            I think I'll just get another AX for the front of the house.


    • I have the MW5c and hasn't missed a beat since I bought them last year. As the other comment pointed out, I also use them in Bridge mode (I am with TPG).

    • I have these and they haven't missed a beat!

    • Also, the only way to access the admin console is via the app, which I believe requires internet access. This means if you have network issues, it'll be pretty hard to work out whether it's local or your WAN.

  • Wow this is cheap, how does it compare to Google Wifi?

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    • Cheaper, but also has a hard cap 100mbps WAN connection, so if you want anything faster you'll need something else

      • I thought it was more? Or am I completely wrong here

        Data Rate

        5GHz: Up to 867Mbps
        2.4GHz: Up to 300Mbps

        • Think it is the LAN plug might be limited to 100Mbps. How fast WiFi doesn't matter if using LAN.

        • Those are WiFi speeds, i.e. the speed between your computer and the access point, or between two computers in your network. The ethernet ports on them are 100Mbps though. If you have, say, 250Mbps NBN you won't be able to connect to the Internet at that speed.

          • @bio: EDIT: I get it now that you have to connect one mesh directly the WAN port of your router hence the limit of 100Mbps

            Yeah 100 Mbps for LAN but didn't he say 100Mbps WAN connection?
            Or does that imply if you connect your wifi mesh to the router via an ethernet cable? hence a 100Mbps limit?
            I thought you connected these via wifi and not ethernet?

            • @Da dpG: Yes, you should connect it to somewhere (such as your existing router, NBN terminator, or something else). In any case you are limited to 100Mbps as you are using the same ethernet ports for both LAN and WAN.

        • realstically you'll never get those sort of speeds with this device.

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    These are ok if you don't need a gigabit backhaul.

    • Doesn't mw6 solve this?

      • yes but I can't seem to get over 70Mbps over WAN with MW6 (tested using iperf across multiple devices)

        • Interesting, i was hoping to get this to help me get 250Mbps. Currently doesn't go over 50 for my mw3…

          • @cheapass88: well arguably it could be my setup - I only noticed it (and tested it properly now) when I was testing out 4K (and even 1080p) streaming to my new TV from my PC. Unfortunately it's quite a bit stuttery via upnp/dlna or via Chromecast so I just gave up in the end. I believe it was due to network speed now.

            my internet speed caps out at 50mbps so… any higher woudln't really make any difference just now.

        • I average 240+mbps with my MW6. FTTP straight into the WAN port.

  • Let the Tendas hit the floor.

  • Wanted the mw6, but $16.95 shipping fee… hmmmm might hold off a bit more

  • Does anyone know if the MW6 allows for manual channel selection. This page leads me think maybe… but it doesn't mention the MW6 (Or MW3) specifically. And "Automatic network optimization" makes me think possibly not.

    Edit: found my answer

    Q18: Can I change the wireless channel of nova?
    A18: No. In order to ensure network stability, the wireless channel of the 2.4 GHz band is fixed to 6, and the wireless channel of the 5 GHz band is fixed to 40.

  • Would you say these are very similar?

    TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 3 Pack System

    • Similar, but M5 has better 2.4GHz speed, 1Gb Ethernet backhaul, better WiFi strength and from a much more reputable company. Possibly better app as well.

      • Thanks.. maybe I'll go the M5 then

        • Yes, I was on the same boat when we started wfh last year. But bit the bullet and just went with M5. Glad I did, it so reliable and easy to setup/manage.

  • I have a few family/friends with these. They are basic, require an app to configure and once set up they have never done anything except work.

    Just use in bridge mode if your router is decent.

    They just work.

    Yes there are "better", "faster", shinier etc. These a re cheap, functional and reliable (several over 2 years running..they just work).

    • I concur. I've had a couple of those for more than a year now. solved the problem of blind spots once and for all.

      that's right, easy quick set and forget, never had any issues.

      can't really comment on bandwidth, in my household WiFi is only used by mobile phones/tablets/laptops, no heavy streaming is done this way, just web browsing mostly. living room system is plugged directly into the wireless modem broadband, so is not using the mesh

      doing "speed test" from living room system vs tenda mesh connected device, there's little to no speed degradation - although once again this says nothing about its throughput capabilities

  • or these -
    Mercusys AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

  • these things are amazing. We now get great reception throughout the whole house.

    would recommend to anyone seeking to get a no-frills option to upgrade the wifi reception.

  • Am I right in seeing each of the mesh has Ethernet port and that would allow my non wifi devices connect to the network with Ethernet?

  • not sure if the bonus promo is over?

    States "Purchase the MW3 3 Pack to get 1 free MW3 1Pack and purchase MW6 3 Pack to get 1 free MW6 1 Pack between 8th of Feb 2021 to 31st Mar 2021."
    then "Redeem before 28th Feb 2021 (ALL FIELDS MANDATORY)"

  • Please be aware that the Tenda Nova MW3 uses TKIP encryption, and cannot be changed. Enabling "Fast Roaming" will enable AES temporarily, but in my experience it always eventually switches back to TKIP. I'm no expert on WiFi security, but apparently TKIP is an older and less secure form of encryption.

  • Can these work with other mesh devices (xiaomi ax3600)?

  • I am using the cheap Kogan version. The 3-pack works very well with Tenda app. It just works without any fuss in bridge mode.

  • Any alternative recommendations for those of us who missed out?

    Will I need a separate modem or will this do the job?

  • I did a review for these a while back when they first came back Tenda gave me a free 3 pack of MW3 units they are actually really good 3 might be over kill for some people though but you could have an outside wifi unit :D