Pure Snow Telluride Men's Insulated Jacket $179 (RRP $600) + $25 Delivery @ Pure Brandz


Have bought Ski Gear for Canadian Winters from this site before, very good quality.

Also available: Women's and Children's Ski Sale: Up to 70% off - https://skisale.purebrandz.com/

From their email:

Beat the Rush, SALE STARTS NOW
Pure Brandz got hit hard by covid restrictions in 2020 so we are holding a massive Up to 70% Off The Entire Pure Brandz Collection of 100% Eco & Sustainable Lightweight, Breathable, Waterproof & Windproof Outdoor and Premium Ski & Snowboard Clothing Range.
This is your VIP access to beat the rush, feel good about what you buy & shop ahead of the 2021 snow season opening. Get excited!

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  • XS only for the orange…

    • Yeh I think the availability is limited.

    • SAMPLE SALE Items are Non Refundable and can not be exchanged.

      Samples are not perfect, and may have some imperfections, hence their special prices and no warranty.

      I'd get one of those jackets, even for hikes, not slopes, but it's going to be a hard time via that terrible website if you're not sure about your size.

  • Thank you ,
    just purchased a shell jacket.
    This brand is my favourite for jackets, its more waterproof than gortex but lighter weight, softer and flexible. It also isn't noisy like gortex is when you move.
    The only downside is they charged $25 for postage for a lightweight shell jacket.

    • Yeah postage is a bit annoying, but I genuinely don't mind as its supporting an Australian company.
      But I do see where you're coming from ahah

  • Bought one of their jackets and the material was very thin. It might have a higher waterproof rating but it will wear out much faster. Came with a stain on it so it was sent back for refund. Despite the descriptions saying a helmet compatible hood, it did not fit over mine and i had a large size jacket with large sized Oakley helmet. They asked me to help them by providing measurements and photo of my helmet then proceeded to abuse me in later emails after i said they should refund postage costs as well.
    They used to do 70% off sales every year.

  • What is their sizing like? looks like you have to measure an existing jacket to compare it against a seperate size table for every different model of jacket!

    • When I bought my XL Jacket, it fit me like I would expect any other XL Jacket would.

      I know that response doesn't really help, but I dont really know sorry.

    • Pants tend to not fit womanly curves , but jackets are great.
      Some of their jackets are slim fitting and others are like a parka.
      For my first jacket I went to a store to try it on and then purchased a second hand one on ebay.
      Since then it's been my fave brand.
      Especially good when travelling as they are so light , it was about a third of the weight of a well known brand.Was warm enough too in minus 30 degrees with a layer of thermals underneath (meribel jacket).