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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $200 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


$400 Trade-in & Stackable $200 & $50 Discount on Galaxy S21 Series ( S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 @ Samsung Store

Price has dropped $150+ from this deal - ask a live chat agent (https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/) for a $200 discount voucher and use the $50 newsletter sign-up voucher.

After coupon discounts should come to:


128GB $449
256GB $549


128GB $649
256GB $749

S21 Ultra:

128GB $949
256GB $1049
512GB $1249


Case & Tempered Glass Option

zillkin case

spigen case

spigen 2 pack tempered glass

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Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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    • +1

      For me in the S20FE deal, it didn't stack if applied with $200 then $50. But stack worked when applied the $50 first, then the $200 code.

      • great try…i just tell what the agent told me, i dont have the $50 code to try.

        • There is a forum thread where you might be able to get a spare code from someone https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/613256
          Just note the required etiquette that's explained on the thread

        • i still havent recieved the $50 newsletter coupon, i tried twice 2 days ago..

  • +1

    Cheapest phone to trade in? Pls suggest. I don’t have any but still want to take advantage of that trade in value.

    • iphone 6 128gb $5
      samsung s7 32gb $5

      • Thanks

        • +3

          You'll still need the physical phone, even if you decide not to send it in.

          • @sena86: Yeah there’s an app you need to run for trade in

          • @sena86: what happens if you dont send it?

            • +16

              @ubcool: They will send you this:
              "If you send your old phone now, that will be the end of it. We will not look for you, we will not pursue you. But if you don't, we will look for you, we will find you and we will kill you."

            • @ubcool: Read the T&C

      • Cant find cheaper than $60!
        Still searching

  • +2

    Damn :(
    My S21 from the previous deal just arrived

    • Bugger, so did mine, haven't even opened it yet :-(

      • I'm similar, just ordered yesterday, haven't even received. Live chat said to reject the order when received but tkes up to 30 days to receive refund

        • According to Samsung website…

          11.2Product prices and delivery charges are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect orders in respect of which we have already sent you a Dispatch Confirmation.

          So if you haven't received this yet maybe sign in online and see if you can cancel there, failing that talk to chat ???

          Cheers H

          • @halvey: Mine already preparing for shipment ETA today, so need to reject delivery, wait for refund. Then put in new order.

            So you may still be able to return the brand new item if they allow you to and reorder.

            • @lilkid28: This deal expires 27/05, refund takes up to 30 days so you might have to order before refund arrives? Also I don't believe "Preparing for Shipment" is the same as a "Dispatch Confirmation"? I got the preparing order email about 1:30 pm on 10/05 and then a Dispatch confirmation about 1:30 pm on 12/05, so a couple of days later. Also if you cancel/reject delivery you might find you can't re-use the vouchers you've already used.

              • @halvey: I tried live chat and phone call, both said can't cancel the order or refund the difference. When courier guy rings, I will tell him that I'm rejecting the order and ask him not to deliver. As for the refund, yeah I will reorder and wait the "up to 30 days" for the refund.

              • @halvey: Is it acceptable to return a customised one? Ordered one last deal without $200 voucher and it is still customising :(

                • @Kenw: Sorry couldn't tell you..

  • +7

    Okay so just went through the process of getting the voucher, using the trade in app etc..

    I asked live chat for a voucher saying "Hi, I was told I could request a $200 voucher for a new phone if my old one had trouble?"
    Got the voucher with that after a bit of back and forth.

    Also had to use the Samsung Trade-Up app and work through that on an old Galaxy S8+ I had - got $55 trade in value for that.

    S21 Ultra 256GB usually $1949 less $250
    less $400 trade in bonus
    less $200 from live chat voucher
    less $55 for my old S8+
    Total: $1044


    • You traded in two Samsung phones? Or you traded in the S8+ making it $400?

      • +2

        The $400 is a bonus for trading in a device. So for trading in his S8+, he gets the trade amount ($55) plus the bonus ($400). So a $455 discount.

        • will everybody get the $400 bonus + phone trade in$?

          • @jrl: If your device is eligible and in acceptable condition, you get the bonus. Use the Trade Up app to find out.

          • @jrl: yes, as long as you have valid phone to trade in

    • +1

      How did you go getting into the chat? I'm having trouble finding a chat support agent.

      • +1

        Bottom right of the screen - "Need Help? Talk to Samsung People"

        • +2

          I don't think you're allowed to call Koreans 'Samsung People' anymore.

          • @Sleuth: This is the exact sort of thing I’d say to all of my ex girlfriends. Probably why I’m single

    • +2

      Screen shot of checkout https://imgur.com/QkKLZl4

    • Would you upgraded a s10e? I'm kinda in two minds about it. It will be about $90 cheaper but its still a lot of money for a phone

      • +1

        I upgraded my S10e on the deal earlier in the year. Was worth it because I only paid $175 for a new S21

      • +1

        Not me. Imo the s10e has the side fingerprint sensor, glass back (instead of plastic), better quality screen, smaller battery, smaller size overall, so it's better for me. It has a 3.5mm jack with a slot for a memory card for 265GB. So will be sticking with my S10e.

        • Thanks. I forgot I could stick a memory card in it

    • Did you use $50 newsletter signup voucher didn't see it listed? Want to know if i can stack this as well.

  • its coming up 684 for s21+ 5g 128gb. Am i doing something wrong?

    • Did you use the $50 newsletter voucher?

      • no ..i didnt use that. i didnt received that voucher

        • I can send you one if you'd like

  • After I placed my order yesterday….. any chance they would refund me the $150 difference or I need to cancel and reorder?

    • I have the same question.

      • +2

        See my above comment.

    • +3

      I can confirm that Samsung online chat is not able to refund the difference and if you cancel and reorder you can't reuse any vouchers you used. Simple answer is keep your existing order and, like me, suck it up princess! :)

      • Lol no, I'm rejecting today's delivery. And reorder with new voucher codes. Save $150.

        • how can you get a new trade-up discount code?

        • so if the post delivery comes
          you just say not accepting and they need to send it back?

          and you will guaranteed to get your refund?

  • I dont have a phone to trade in but some people said on other threads that you can just pay for the difference. does that mean I can select an s7 and then just pay 10$ and not send the device in?

    • Nope, you have to enter the phone's IMEI number when you go thru the process…

      • I have a few iphones at home lying around. Can I do this then not send it in?

        • +1

          people in the past said that they havent sent it in and just got charged the trade in value later or something like that

        • +2

          Yes I think so, when you go right thru the app trade in process on your phone right at the very end it told me they'd charge me the $15 trade in value for my Galaxy S7 Edge if I didn't return it so I don't think I'll bother :-)

      • It looks like you have to run their trade in app on the phone you are wanting to trade in, so just having an IMEI is not enough right?

    • If you opt to pay the $10 for phone. will the trade in value still count or will they charge you an additional 400 discount?

      i cant see in the terms and condition that they will honor the trade in voucher if you dont send the phone

      • This is the dice being rolled… Judging by how many people want to do this, I would not be surprised if Samsung charge later

  • Just got the voiucher. But according to the agent it is not stackable with trade in

    It is a discount voucher code worth AU$200 for the S21, S20, or N20 series (AU$150 for S20 FE). Must be used within 7 days thru Samsung AU website only. This voucher code is not applicable in any Samsung physical store and is NOT stackable/ does not apply with other promotions (i.e, Trade up, education store, employee portal).

    • +1

      What can I say, bought a Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S20 FE 5G and both times the codes stacked :-) Don't listen to the chat agent, works on the website…

    • It is stackable. Don't let him tell you otherwise. I just did it.

    • Hi, Could you please upload a screenshot of the s21 in cart with the discount codes (you can blank out the discount codes, i just need to see what the final price comes to).

    • +1

      Knowing what you know now, please don't go telling a Samsung rep that the codes stack even though they told you otherwise. Let's keep this knowledge in-house, lest they disable this hack.

  • +2

    Damn you OZB, sometimes you make my day (when I bought it thinking best deal ever!) sometimes you down right ruin my day (when a cheaper deals comes up a week later!)

    Just bought the Mrs the S21 for what is now the same/similar price as S21+.

    • Bought the S21+, if I'd known this was coming up would have held off and bought the S21 Ultra for the now $50 more than I paid :-(

  • I need a stylus, do these have them? If not, has Samsung discontinued the Note series?

    • +1

      The Ultra is s-pen compatible, but it doesn't come with one. Unknown as to whether the Note series is discontinued at this stage. Last I heard they weren't planning on releasing one this year, though.

  • +1

    S21 5G 128gb bought for $269!! Damn that's cheap!!

    Trade in value (S10+) = $180
    Trade up promotion = $400
    Loyalty voucher = $200
    Newsletter voucher = $50

    Total savings = $830

    • where you get a loyalty voucher??

      • https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/?source=dotcom

        Tell the agent "Hi, I was told I could request a $200 voucher for the Galaxy S21 series."

        He will tell you that it's for phones that have damages and are unable to avail of the trade up. Just agree and make up some stories about having a damaged phone.

        • icic..thanks!

        • Ah the ozbargin way

          Just agree and make up some stories about having a damaged phone.

          • @mokr: Samsung store being ozbargained hard again.

    • Hi mate,
      Could you please send me a screenshot of your invoice please?
      i need it for price protection :(
      I overpaid for mine.

    • yeah but you would of got at least $350 selling it privately on ebay

      • -1

        So $350 selling off on ebay is > $830?

        • Sell it locally and not send it to Samsung. Let them charge the $180

    • Hi, can you please upload screenshot of the invoice?

    • do you have screen of the checkout or invoice?
      What color is your phone you ordered?

      can you please post screenshot
      would like to try for price protection.

    • "Damn that's cheap!!"

      Not quite. That s10+ would easily go for at least $400 on Gumtree.
      Could have it probably for free.

  • Anyone getting this pop up when entering trade-in id: 'Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment'

    • Did you enter your credit card details during the trade in app process - not doing it usually causes the error…

      • No I did not, im assuming i wont be charged at all even if i dont end up doing this offer?

        • You'll see a pending charge of $1 on your card that will disappear after a week or so…

      • It never asked me for cc number, do you know where I can just add it?

        • Yeah I did that first time in, stopped when I saw the code thinking that was it, caused no end of probs on the website. Go back to your phone and fire up the trade in app, will probably redisplay the screen with the code on it - at least mine did. Then I think I scrolled down and there was a button or something to continue the process and add the cc details, after that I think I eventually pressed the "I'll go in store to finish" or I may have pressed the "go online to purchase" and then just exited the screen. Sorry it was a few days ago now :-(

          • +1

            @halvey: Did you find out if putting your CC details it says unable to verify? Tried with 3 different cards. All with the same error.

            • @open4highway: Having this same issue, infuriating. No details as to why it wont accept the card, just says "Sorry, we are having trouble executing your request, Please try again"

              • @GenghisGun: Same issue here. I've tried two different cards and several times.

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