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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $200 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


$400 Trade-in & Stackable $200 & $50 Discount on Galaxy S21 Series ( S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 @ Samsung Store

Price has dropped $150+ from this deal - ask a live chat agent (https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/) for a $200 discount voucher and use the $50 newsletter sign-up voucher.

After coupon discounts should come to:


128GB $449
256GB $549


128GB $649
256GB $749

S21 Ultra:

128GB $949
256GB $1049
512GB $1249


Case & Tempered Glass Option

zillkin case

spigen case

spigen 2 pack tempered glass

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      • Lol. Do a shred of research before posting rubbish like this. The only country that's getting a different chip is the US and that because Qualcomm have a contractual agreement with the US telcos to supply all of the chips with compatible CDMA radios. Every other country get the exact same as us. Even South Korea.

  • their chat system is a mess, tried 3 times, gives me network error before getting code. i could have broken my laptop in anger.

    even tried Incognito mode with no extensions.

    • Same. Clear cache seems to fix it

      • Got it finally.

  • Bought s21 two weeks ago and paid $650 without the newsletter code )-: still haven't open it. What's the second hand price for this device?

    • As i posted above if you haven't opened the box you have two eeeks for change of mind refund. Check to see if you're eligible.

      • But I doubt they refund the trade-in value of the old phone. Mine came to $150 for an iPhone. Do they refund that as well, or do I have to go through a lengthy process with Asurion?

        • Opps never mind. I made the purchase on 26th April

        • You sent your old phone to Asurion already?

          • @lilkid28: No, I kept it. They are going to charge it in two days.

            • +4

              @NimNim: Keep us posted over the next two days, would love to confirm if the $400 bonus is charged or not.

            • @NimNim: +1 on letting us know if you get charge on the $400!!

  • just a noob question, what happens if i dont send them the samsung s7 i traded in for $5? will they charge me $5 or $405?

    • Will charge $5 in 14 days.

      • then shall keep the s7, it was still in mint condition. thank you

        • Double check the T&C for this deal. Not sure whether it has changed since the last one.

          • @NimNim: Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) that applies to Us.

            Device Non-Return Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

            Does this mean trade in value plus the bonus $400? Because that is what you get when you put the trade id

  • Not all $200 vouchers stack. First one I got did not stack with TradeID. Second one I got did stack with same TradeID.

    • That's very interesting!

  • Should I bother returning s20 FE to get the S21+ if I don't have a device to trade? They aren't that different right? Small battery difference, no expandable storage?

    • Just gotta hope the S20FE doesn't have touch screen issues.

      • Hope it doesn't :/

        • i got a s20FE last week and have been using since and have nil issues so far with the touch screen. hope i havent jinxed myself.

    • Adding the prices up it looks like it would cost me around $800, which is $200 more than the FE because I would need to buy an old iphone somewhere.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Purchased the S21+. Tossing up between S21 but screen size won out. $634 is cracking price.

  • +1

    Risking getting slapped with $400 plus trade up value for non device return is a substantial risk. Reading through the messages I'm not so confident.

    • Could always send the phone in if they charge 400. Or return the new phone.

      • Will be too today late as the 14 days change of mind would have highly likely surpassed.

    • -3

      Yep looked through the terms and conditions and it said you would have to pay the monetary value and you would get no trade in bonus. Doesn't seem worth risking to me.

      • +2

        When you actually go through the trade-up process, it tells you how much you'll be charged if it's not sent in - it's the value of the phone without the $400.

        • Oh okay I stand corrected.

    • Ended up pulling the trigger and purchased S21 Ultra 5g 256GB for $1044.
      The iphone 6s trade value $5 (agree it shows only liability of $5 if not returned, but that is only showing in the trade up app).
      The order shows iphone 8 although went through the app and given it the imei.

      • Same I traded in iPhone xr but it displayed iPhone 11

      • i traded in a 6s plus and it showed up as an iphone 8.1.

        Did you get a dispatch email for your ultra? I ordered the phantom navy, settling in for the long wait.

  • +1

    Does anyone know what happens to devices that are traded in? Do they get resold or recycled or what?

  • Has anyone succesfully been able to get around a trade-in assesments of $0?
    I have an S8, with damage - cracked screen edges
    Online agent offered me a voucher for $200, but hoping I can still get access to the extra $400 off

    • So just say it's all good, if anyone questions it later it happened after you got the trade in quote. That's if you're even planning on returning the phone :-)

  • +4

    Can OP add to the listing?
    Link for $50 newsletter sign up

  • Really hope they don't charge me '400+ trade in worth' if l don't return

    • I'd also like to know this as well… wondering if it's worth keeping my S8 and pay the $35 fee.

      • +1

        Past threads did state that if the phone isn't returned, the price given as a discount is charged to credit card, but there is no clawback on the $400 (was $500 then). I'll keep my Note 9 for $145 (was $195 last month).

        • awesome! thanks, let's hope it works this time as well :)

        • +1

          Be aware that this is all based on peoples interpretation of the T&Cs. If you're considering going down this path you'd be mad to not read the T&Cs yourself and make your own call.

          • +1

            @wombat81: Good advice. In my case I did read through T&C's rather than my usual BS tickbox answer (our biggest lie on the internet is that we read the terms and conditions).

            I made (trying vouchers now) to go down the path, as others have apparently done so successfully and my assumption is that the discounts are offered by Samsung, while the trade price is offered by Asurion. I'm only guessing but say they get the kickback for refurb handsets and recycling while Samsung gets the promo and clears old handsets out of the market. If so I'd expect the handset value to be rejected and charged to CC entered in the TradeUp app, and the extra $400 value to be retained as it's linked to the online store transaction.

  • +1

    Awesome deal! Just ordered the S21 5G for $414 :)
    Both Hotmail and gmail didn't get the $50 code, but was successful with temporary inbox from Guerrillamail (code tool about 30 mins to arrive)

    • Wish I knew this yesterday 😔

    • how did you get it down to $414?

      $400 trade in
      $200 voucher
      $50 voucher

      phone price is 1099$.

      Where did the extra $35 come from

      • Trade in phone value

        • I see he is returning phone……

          • @ozbargainerlife1: Even if you are not returning the phone, they will still deduct the amount when you first pay. So they are still correct

      • $35 for trade in of Galaxy S8

    • +1

      I've tried twice now and I still can't get the $50 code using Guerilla Mail :(

    • this worked for me

  • Hello, my trade up app giving "card validation failed, unable to validate credit card info" i tried multiple cards. still no luck. did any one faced this issue ?

    • Yes. I just restarted the trade in process and it worked second time

      • I tried that multiple times, even uninstalled the app too. No luck.

        • have u tried a different card

          • @zjz93: yeah tried multiple cards too. im on iphone. how about you ?

            • @byrash: same was on iphone. maybe their servers are having a hiccup. or ask the chat once their employees wake up

              • +1

                @zjz93: yeah spoke to them they asked me to email [email protected] which bounced back as well; what a shame

                • +1

                  @byrash: Both my wife and mine saying: "Sorry we are having a problem executing your request. Please try again." Tried several credit cards but no luck :(

                  I found this email address from the verification email: [email protected]

                  • @Foreveryone: Any luck from emailing them ?

                    • +1

                      @byrash: Not yet. Will update here if they reply.

                      • +1

                        @Foreveryone: Cheers. I did email them as well. Fingers crossed. Thanks

                        • @byrash: same problem. tried on 2 phones. no luck. Had a chat with Samsung support and they have no clue. was asked to send email to tradeup team

                  • +1

                    @Foreveryone: I was stuck with this message as well:"Sorry we are having a problem executing your request. Please try again."

                    Tried 3 cards, restarted phone multiple times, reinstalled app, and even factory reset. Nothing worked yet.

                    Emailed [email protected] - no reply as of 2 hrs ago.

                    And yeah Samsung chat was not helpful.

                    I wonder if going to the Samsung Store would help?

                    • @fruitysalad: Yeah been half day and I have no reply yet. Now mine saying card validation failed. Have tried several credit card to test but no luck. So frustrating!

                      I also wonder what happened if we click trade in store? Are we not getting trade ID?

                      • @Foreveryone: You get Trade Id but it seems that Id is not usable online - from other comments.

                        • @fruitysalad: ah thanks! I was tempted to try. Haven't even got the $50 and $200, the agent said it will be sent to email but nothing in my inbox.

                          • @Foreveryone: Finally worked this morning. It may be coincidence but it worked after device restart. Maybe it resets some kind of counter/flag and gave it another chance of connecting. Trade Id worked online as well. My $200 voucher didn't work but after a Live Chat session I was reissued a new code that worked. Good luck everyone!

                            • @fruitysalad: Thanks for the update! Successfully validated it too. Got my $50 after emailing them, and got my $200 after another chat with them. Asurion never replied though.

                              Have you got order confirmation? I only got order received and status waiting for approval.

    • I am having this issue too. Hopefully it is fixed soon.

  • Tried to ask the Samsung People to give me the $50 newsletter voucher but the one I got said they don't have access to those and that it was the 'Support' people who had access, so perhaps if you're going to give that a go don't choose the Sales option, pick the Support option. She said she would liaise with Support so I didn't give them a try myself

  • +7

    HUGE WORD OF CAUTION - had an atrocious experience with Samsung's trade-in mechanic earlier this year.

    It's run by a third-party company called Asurion, who offered a similar bonus offer earlier this year when the S21 Ultra came out. I traded my S20 Ultra in towards it, thinking I'd be getting a large bonus amount for it (was around $750 all up or something, can't quite recall now).

    I got an e-mail to say the condition (which was very good) didn't match the description and so they were effectively going to give me $80 once all was said and done. Also worth noting that I scoured their T&C's, and while it stated you'd get less value if the phone didn't match the description, it never states anywhere how much, and it certainly doesn't state $80 for a $2k+ phone. I am sure this is how they scam plenty of folks out there and score some cheap devices.

    Given I'd spent $2100 or something on it 10 months earlier on release, I was no doubt flabbergasted. They gave no other details as to why it 'didn't match the description'. My e-mails to them (of which there were several) went ignored for weeks.
    Finally, I escalated it to a contact of mine who knows folks at Samsung, and I got a call from them apologising and that they would look into it with Asurion.

    Finally a week later, someone from Asurion contacts me. They send me a zoomed in photo on the camera panel at the back which showed a microscopic (almost not even visible to the human eye) crack on the bottom corner of the camera glass. This has since been revealed as a possible design fault and there's a case against Samsung in the US about it - but I digress. I'd never noticed it, so it's entirely possible it happened during shipping, or maybe they even did it themselves when I questioned the whole process - I've got no idea.

    Asurion also has zero contact details on the internet, it's like they don't exist. If I didn't have a way into them I doubt I'd have ever heard back. In the end I told them to just send it back, as in the great condition it was in I could easily fetch $800-1000 on eBay.


    • A lot of people here are not sending in their old phone for trade in and opting to pay for the difference. In which case Asurion will just charge for the value of the phone and that'll be the end of that.

      • The terms and conditions state that a device non-return fee will be charged.

        The fee is defined as: " a fee which is equal to the value of the discount you received when your unique trade ID was applied at the point of sale when you purchased your new samsung device online"

    • +1

      While I sympathise with you, I see no wrong doing here. There was a crack on it - this is a fact. Whether you saw it or not is irrelevant. When the crack occurred is also irrelevant. Asurion can only assess what they have in front of them….

      • Yep agree. As much as it sucks, a crack is a crack and they are pretty clear that damage makes the device ineligible. If it was me, I would be requesting/demanding the device be returned to me, pay the difference and sell it privately.

      • +1

        You are forgetting that Asurion also need to take into consideration that they are in the business of dealing in second hand goods.

        They cannot be in a business like that and set the bar of acceptability at perfection.
        That is unreasonable conduct.

        They are already covering themselves financially by paying customers well below the usual second hand sale price for trade ins.

        For them to be doing that AND also rejecting/further diminishing tradein values is double dipping.

        Cash convertors have the same business model but without the unreasonable double dipping- they pay well below sale prices for second hand goods to ensure they are covered if/when they get sold lemons which they cannot resell.

        Eg:If you sold them a second hand phone for $50 (that cash converters expect they can get $150 for), cash converters won't come chasing for $20 if they only sell it for $130 and/or they find problems with the phone after inspection.

        They take the risk of not reselling on, and price the offer they will give you accordingly (usually they will pay ~30% of what they expect to be able to resell something for)

        Asurion have made a business decision to not do pre tradein deal inspections it's on them to price in the risks associated with that accordingly.

        I have a hunch that a lawyer would find that you are entitled to your phone back x2 jason and the whole tradein deal is void because you and aurison never actually agreed to terms.

      • +1

        Yep, not denying that.
        But there's also no denying that the value of the phone - "even if it was borderline destroyed" as someone said to me, was, and still is greater than $80.

        To try and give a consumer that much for a trade-in is borderline criminal, and as I wrote, not mentioned in their T&Cs anywhere, just a nasty little surprise you get at the end without any details.

        Horrible, horrible company.

    • Asurion keep claiming they haven't received my 2 phones. Tracking says they were received. I got a reply from one of the emails I sent only for one of the phones. No response for the 2nd phone claim. But 2 days ago I got 2 emails again for each phone saying they weren't received. Seems to be a problem based on comments on the other deal post. I sent another email for both phones saying tracking for each had shown delivered. No response from them yet. Looks like they will end up trying to charge me and then Ill have to do the charge back at this rate

  • Anyone received order confirmation?? I ordered one last evening (around 4ish) and still waiting for the order confirmation email

    • I received the phone this morning.. check order status on samsung account

    • +1

      same here ordered last night, got the order received email but not order confirmation. the order status is still waiting for approval. anxiously waiting for it.

  • I'm sharing chat info I'm receiving in case this helps. Not sure I believe this is correct…

    "Asurion Australia Pty Ltd facilitates the trade-in process of Samsung. If you have any queries/errors/issues about the Samsung Trade-Up program, you will need to email Asurion using this email address [email protected] and they will respond to you within 48 business hours."

    "Alternatively we can request an AU $200 voucher code discount that you can use for the S21, S20, or N20 series (AU$150 for S20FE and S20FE 5G) when to purchase devices on the Samsung Online Store.
    - The discount voucher code is no longer stackable to other discounts (e.g Samsung Trade-up) effective May 30, 2021.
    - The discount voucher code is not transferrable.
    - The discount voucher code is only valid 7 days upon issuance, and will be sent by email within 48-hours."

    This contradicts what we've been seeing, but it's strange they said no longer stackable but dated it as the end of this month?

    • effective 30/05, so more than 2 weeks away.

  • How long does it take for express delivery?
    I made my order after 2pm

  • +3

    Here to gloat!

    S21 128G ordered for $389. $60 for trade on a S9 (which I will likely keep).

    I was patient and waited for the $50 sign up voucher. No luck with chatbot or the contact number. Yesterday the [email protected] was bouncing, but today I retried and the email didn't bounce, got an immediate reply acknowledgement, then the email with the code to my outlook email account about one hour later. Codes stacked.

    Plus the order confirmation email did arrive.

    Thankyou OzB and OP.

    • How long did your $50 sign-up voucher take? Still waiting for mine, been almost 24 hours. Just to clarify you got a $200 voucher via that email address?

      • +1

        The $50 was about an hour today after emailing online.store. I got the $200 via chat and not using email.

        • thanks, I'll try their email

      • People are saying if you didnt get it straight away or by 1 hour, then you wont get it at all and should try different email addresses.

      • Ring up and tell them to send the email about the $50 voucher. Mine arrived within 30 minutes after I called.

  • if one sends a screen cracked S8 back will they change $35 or $35+$400 ?

    • Pls scroll back for discussions on that. Popular opinion is just the $35.

      • Anyone actually not returned the phone and can share the experience? Only charged device trade-in value and bonus $400 wasn't clawed back? I know the popular 'opinion' is trade-in value only but be good to hear from someone who's actually done it to know for sure.

    • If you know you're gonna be paying for the phone as 'not described' may as well not send it in and just keep it. You'll be paying the same regardless.

      • Agreed. Has anyone done this (didn't send it) and got only charged $35 (in this example). Not got charged $35 (in this example) + $400 ?

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