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Virgin Happy Hour: Syd ↔ Ballina $59, MEL ↔ Newcastle $79, SYD ↔ Bris $85, PER ↔ SYD/MEL $199 & More @ Virgin Australia


All flights include 23kg checked luggage, food, wifi and entertainment where available.

Flexible booking policy applies to bookings for travel up to 31 January 2022.

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Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia


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    No food is included now with Virgin Australia. 😭

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      Missing out on a miniature Carman’s muesli bar is not something to cry about.


    Since when do Virgin flights offer WiFi post-Bain? My flights last week Sydney-Adelaide had the WiFi logo, but no instructions in the seat pocket on how to it, so presume WiFi is currently not offered (from what I've read).


    That’s right. I asked last time I flew and they said it was still a cost saving measure to not switch it on with no date in sight. I too miss the wifi I used to get lots of work done easier with it. Oh well 1st world problems I guess.