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[VIC] Free Oat Milk Coffee, 8am-12pm Friday (14/5) @ Mother Melbourne (Northcote)


Friday! Tomorrow! Free coffee when you order yours with @califiafarmsau oat milk 🥛 ☕️
Head down to Mother Melbourne between 8-12 for your free oat milk coffee ☕️ 🎉

4 Separation St, Northcote VIC

via ilovefreestuffau

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    Coffee club did free oat milk coffees awhile back. It was gross. Chucked it out and had a coffee with real milk


      Yeah I like oat milk (have it every day with breakfast) and I love coffee, but oat milk in coffee is pretty awful IMO.

      When I stopped drinking cow milk I just started drinking black coffee :)

      • +2 votes

        black coffee

        I've heard it's hard to go back…

        • +1 vote

          Once you start on quality long blacks you certainly don't…


            @Pinchie: I do love a big strong long black one in the morning


    How did they milk the oats?

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      They soak them in water, then blend, and strain the milk-like liquid to separate it from the (oat)meal.

      I know your question wasn't serious, but that's how it's done.


        It’s basically porridge water


          Correct, but much more concentrated and tastier!


          Not sure if you're aware, but milk can actually describe many things, not just the fluid that comes from mammals!