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[macOS] Pixelmator Pro - 50% off - $30.99 (Was $62.99) with Free Updates @ Mac App Store


Popular image editor Pixelmator Pro has announced a time-limited AU$30.99 sale on the app, offering customers 50% off the usual AU$62.99 selling price.


In conjunction with the sale, the developers are also sharing a sneak peak at an upcoming Pixelmator Pro 2.1 update, which includes a new AI-driven cropping feature called ML crop.

ML crop analyzes the composition of photos using a machine learning algorithm and gives the user a suggestion for how they could crop the photo to make it more eye-catching, offering different perspectives for a common photo editing task.

In other changes coming with version 2.1, users will be able to quickly see and set their primary and secondary colors, and there will also be a way to change the color of any object in a document using a drag and drop action.

Pixelmator is a Universal app, so it runs natively on both ‌M1‌ and Intel-based Macs. Updates to the image editing app are free for existing users of Pixelmator Pro, which can be downloaded directly from the Mac App Store.

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    Alternatively you can also get a non-upgradable, non-expiring, fully-featured demo of Pixelmator Pro 2.0.6 from this deal:

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      Having used this software from that demo deal I’d say it’s worth the $30. It has every feature I’d want without all the extra crap in photoshop. I’m tempted to pay the $30 for the full upgradable version…

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        I just want Microsoft Paint, why is that too much to ask on Macs?

        • Well considering the comment above links to a full featured demo that has all of paints features and more I wouldn’t complain. Paint is pretty terrible software really…

          • @stirlo: Built in photo editor in w10 is much better, it takes 10secs to crop and straighten reciepts for example. Not sure why anyone would use paint, plus has the worst default jpg compression ratio still

            • @nephilim: Paint is a bit of a cult classic. Also, people who are able to make beautiful works of art in paint is something else.

        • I'm the same as you. I've tried various apps like GIMP and some others but they are just too complicated for me, I don't need layers or any fancy features. I found "Paint X - Paint, Draw and Edit" on the Mac app store and find it meets my very basic needs. The UI is crap but it does the job. I'm still using the free version.

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    I bought Affinity Photo as an alternative to Photoshop/Lightroom when it was half price for just a little more than this deal. Does anyone have any personal experience on how Pixelmator stacks up against Affinity Photo?

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      Interestingly the Affinity products are also 50% off.


      Affinity is a newer product. My understanding is that Affinity has multiple apps that work together much like three powerhouse apps in Creative Cloud:

      • Affinity Photo = Adobe Photoshop
      • Affinity Designer = Adobe Illustrator
      • Affinity Publisher = Adobe InDesign

      So if your workflow requires these other apps, then Affinity would probably be the one to get.

      Pixelmator on the other hand is directly targeted at the Photoshop/Lightroom crowd.

      Both Pixelmator and Affinity Photo are good apps, and if you have one there's probably no reason to get the other.

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    Got a new MacBook Air M1 recently due to another post and now I have just bought this… really hate the subscription model for LR !

    • Is this program (Pixelmator) closer to Photoshop or Lightroom?

      • Closer to lightroom but better

      • Never used it before but decided to give it a go at this price! Seems to have lots of good reviews.

    • Same here. Didn’t want to buy a subscription and wanted something which is both native to M1 and has some new features eg ML resizing.

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    This is a great app, fantastic value for money compared to Photoshop. Use it all the time.

  • Great app!

  • Thanks, boughtered.

  • Bought it, thanks.

  • Will this work for the new iPad with m1 chip? If so I’ll buy it now

    • Doubtful… they already have an iPad app which you have to purchase separately:

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      This is a strange grey area. The M1 laptops can run iPad apps (some apps) not very well due to user interface issues, however we've not heard of iPad OS will be able to run Mac apps. If the iPad can it will be incredible.

  • Is this a one off life-time deal? Very interested if so.

    • Appears to be inclusive of updates for life but if they make a new version altogether then probably not.

  • Very nice app!

  • Thanks OP, I grabbed it.
    I've got the Affinity Suite & use it regularly, but was interested in Pixelmator too

    • Is there a lot of overlap between this and the Affinity suite?