GIGABYTE AORUS AP850GM 850W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply $119 Delivered @ BPC Technology


first post!!! i was looking a PSU with high standard and found a good deal (i think better than previous PSU post from ebay store)with free shipping option. Placed order at 1pm and they sent tracking code to me at around 4pm. Pls leave a comment if u find a discount code or afterpay cash back

GIGABYTE AORUS AP850GM 850W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

Fully Modular design with a single +12V rail and 850W output capacity
135mm 2 ball bearing smart fan with fan stop function
80 PLUS Gold certified: above 90% efficiency at 50% load
High quality 100% Japanese Capacitors

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    Steve over at GamersNexus considers this line of PSU to be trash, there's reportedly issues with the OPP and Steve is currently investigating it. (Leading to burning issues).
    They're cheap because they can't sell them, and appear in bundles regularly in the States just to offload them.


      should i return it?

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        ignore what I said, I'm an idiot when half awake


        This model will be fine. I'm actually thinking of pulling the trigger. 10 years warranty too.


        I've been tracking PSU deals ever since I realised that mine is probably dying (my PC started randomly switching off around 2 weeks ago - I've got a really bad habit of leaving my PC on 24/7 for the past 8 years).

        It was a bit too early in my research to buy the Corsair RM850x deal, which I am regretting ignoring my Ozbargain urge to impulse buy…

        I've been referring to this tier list to help, since I haven't really kept track of PC components over the years (haven't upgraded my PC since I built it 8 years ago…). The tier list seems to rate this PSU quite well, giving it a gold rating at "Tier B • Recommended for midrange systems".


          The main reason I'm looking at 850w psw is I know I'll probably buy a dual chiplet GPU in a couple of years.


          What's wrong with your RM850?


          Is this good for a 3070ti or should I go for a higher "teir" one?

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      Its a different model, GP-P850GM is the supposed firestarter

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        You're right. This will teach me to comment half awake.

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          Maybe you could edit or request that it's unpublished.

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    This is the Aorus model, it should be totally fine, it not the widely reported GP-P850GM, the cheaper model that has been shown to have issues.


      I had this one less than a month and its dead today

      It is a trash im pretty sure

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      Ah, "a reason." Noted.


        lol mainpage hyenas after food again


    Is this a relatively quiet unit under moderate load?