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Purchase 3x FIBARO Homekit Single Switch $359.97 and Receive FIBARO Sensor for Free + Free Shipping @ Oz Smart Things


Hello Guys,

We have an exclusive deal for you! Purchase 3 of our FIBARO HomeKit switches and receive your choice of FIBARO Sensor for free!

Simply add a note to your order specifying which sensor you would like, the choices are:

This order will also attract free shipping!

If you have started your Apple Homekit system then these FIBARO devices are just what you are looking for. The FIBARO HomeKit switch simply connects to the wiring behind your existing light switch and then you can control from SIRI and Apple Homekit.


  • Turning ON/OFF electrical devices
  • Active power metering
  • Energy metering
  • Malfunction detection
  • Maintenance load controlling

Be quick this deal ends Monday at Midnight 17th of May 2021.

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    Wow this is so overpriced compared to other brands. Jebus

    • Hello Joe, What other brands are homekit enabled that do the same job as this?

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        The aqara zigbee series?

        FIBARO HOMEKIT MOTION SENSOR Regular price $129.99
        - Aqara motion sensor Aqara Wireless Smart Human Body Motion Sensor Home Security Devices Infrared New $30

        FIBARO HOMEKIT FLOOD SENSOR Regular price$129.99
        Aqara Zigbee Water Leak Sensor $30

        Aqara Intelligent Wirelessly Switch WXKG11LM One-Button Smart Device Control AUS $20

        FIBARO HOMEKIT DOOR / WINDOW SENSOR Regular price$119.99
        xiaomi aqara Smart Doors and Windows Sensor Mijia Smart home kit for Mi home APP $30

        Above perform the exact same feature set as what the Fibaro offer at around 1/4 of the price. Given the aqara kits which include pretty much everything above retail for less than $119 a set, bit of a pricing disparity.

        $119 for a motion sensor is just crazy; even Philips branded comes in significantly cheaper.

  • I couldn’t see this spelled out anywhere on your site or the Fibaro site, how does the wall switch work when a fibaro HomeKit switch is inline?

    If I turn the wall switch off does the fibaro still operate via HomeKit? Does the wall switch control the fibaro (I turn the wall switch on/off the fibaro switch turns the light on/off) or is the wall switch no longer operational and you have to use HomeKit to control the connected light?

    • +1

      The wall switch is still fully operational but the switch position will no longer matter as you will be able to control it from Siri and HomeKit. You can also swap the button mechanism to be a press type if the position of the switch bothers you.

      With the free sensor as well you can make it automatic using the HomeKit automations.

  • Shelly running https://github.com/mongoose-os-apps/shelly-homekit is a much cheaper HomeKit solution.

  • Overpriced

  • These are great for home automation and a great assistive technology for those in need!

  • +1

    Lord have mercy…..for most people they will just want google/amazon voice integration for on off switching, That can be had for about $12.

    Flood Sensor $12

    Window Sensor $12

    Motion sensor $15

    Yes, I'm sure the ops system has some additional features, but $120 a device when a Tuya based unit is around $12?

    • +1

      Out of the original listing, only the wall switch is in the field of being reasonably priced, being probably 50-100% more expensive than what is on the market (lanbon l8 @ 90aud etc).

      But it's a lot of money for that home kit tick and what is offered.

      Even the pricey options (philips) would be cheaper on the motion sensors etc.

      I get it's supposed to be a turnkey solution; but at these prices I could pay someone to sit there and switch things on and off for me and it would be cheaper than this kit.

      • +1

        It is very strange. I just can't imagine who their target market is at this price. Even at half the price the products are uncompetitive. You'd probably get away with it if they were branded "Philips " , but who's fibaro?!

        Still, ozsmartthings is an established seller, I guess they know their market. I just hope they didn't buy too many.

        • +1

          Hello Ash,

          Thanks for your concern! FIBARO is the Market Leader in wireless Home Automation systems. Check them out.

          • @Oz Smart Things: I will do that! As a generic Tuya man, these are far too expensive for my blood, but I will look into them nonetheless!

            • @ash2000: Hey @ash2000,

              If you are searching for a low-cost quality product. Look at our Shelly Wifi range using free open source software like Home Assitant or HOOBS. The tuya cloud is troublesome in our experience which is why we steer clear when we can.

      • Hello MorriJ, Yes indeed you have to pay a premium for the Homekit products, This is a theme across their whole range. With them being one of the biggest electronics companies in the world, they are doing something right.

        There is a lot of additional charges that companies have to pay to be Homekit certified and that is why they have the higher price.