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Philips 24" Full HD 1920 x 1080 Monitor V-Line 243V5 $45, E-Line 246E9 $60 @ Kmart (Selected Stores)


Saw them at Kmart Penrith 2 each available
Although somewaht older model, but still a good deal at the price.

Feature detail from Philips:

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  • This has got to be the cheapest monitors I’ve ever seen. Nice!

  • For that price, I'm sure I can find a purpose for it.

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      Spoken like a true ozbargainer. Buy now. Find uses for it later.

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        How things end up in landfills.

        • *in the garage

        • Why would you buy this and then throw it in landfill? Silly.

          • @Clear: Doesn't have a purpose. Sits around. 10 years down the track, it's put on the side of the road, and ends up inside someone else's garage or in the landfill.

            It's practically garbage the time you buy it, if you don't have a real intention to use it. You're spending money on the bargain to benefit from what the product provides, anything otherwise is very wasteful.

            • @Techie4066: If you buy it and don't have a use for it then you're an idiot. If you buy it and do have a use for it then it's clearly not landfill.

              • @Clear: A lot of people who say they'll "find a purpose for it" just "don't find the time", or simply don't use it. It's lazy and needs to stop.

                • @Techie4066: Correct.

                • @Techie4066: Yes boss, why does it need to stop? Don’t control other people bud

                  • @Wawasjohn: Intelligent comment.

                    Don’t control other people bud

                    Oh yes, I'm dictating what you do and don't buy.

                    I don't think you realise the existential threat humans are causing to the planet, just by using up all the finite resources available to us. Isn't it a waste of your time, money and space having junk lying around? You do you. It's a destructive mindset.

                    I'm not at all saying be a minimalist. I'm saying; buy what you need. That does not involve finding a purpose for a product following purchase, because a purpose is not guaranteed, especially once you've accumulated a bunch of stuff from OzBargain discounts. The consequences is, a product you bought will sit unused or underutilised.

                    As a human race, we could be a whole lot more resourceful with what we've got, but that's another topic.

                    • @Techie4066: Oh come on mate, the planet is pretty big. Just look at Australia we have so much unused land. A little monitor isn’t gonna end the world.
                      People were just mucking around, saying it’s so cheap I’m just gonna buy it. And u had to bring ur climate emergency into it.
                      Maybe they will find a use. Not ur business.
                      I think u should watch mosquito coast since u sound like the main character

                      • @Wawasjohn:

                        Just look at Australia we have so much unused land.

                        Habitable land? It most definitely won't be in 100 years, neither will Western Sydney.

                        A little monitor isn’t gonna end the world.

                        Said 7 billion people. This isn't just about one monitor, it's the OzBargain mindset that is worrying. Maybe I have the foresight to see that individual choices make a difference, and why waste your money? I might sound alarmist, but every unreasonable purchase forms part of the problem here.

                        • @Techie4066:

                          it's the OzBargain mindset that is worrying.

                          Correct again. Those who seem to think people buy products to throw in landfill.

                          • @Clear:

                            Those who seem to think people buy products to throw in landfill.

                            If it isn't used or underused (as with the majority of things) and ends up in landfill down the track, it was always destined for landfill and is a complete waste of materials. The truth is that many people buy products that only add to their clutter, and that seems to be the OzBargain way for cheaper products, which are culprits when it comes to obsolescence. I might add that I am not downvoting comments, and I own a Philips monitor that I use every day with my PC. As far as I know, the Philips brand was licenced to a Chinese company for monitors and TVs, meanwhile you have people on here complaining about every Chinese brand smartphone deal.

                            • @Techie4066: Where do u think it goes when Kmart can’t sell them?

                            • @Techie4066: Rather I'm poking fun at the stupid comments people make here when they say cheap products are going to go to landfill. You gotta be stupid to buy something and literally throw it in the trash.

                              Being very literal. I get what you mean.

                        • @Techie4066: They can’t predict next weeks weather correctly so why do u think they can predict 100 years. We humans are always inventing stuff so who knows if we don’t solve world hunger in our lifetime, I mean Las Vegas was just a desert now look at it.
                          Yes 7 billion people are going to buy this cheap monitor from Kmart lol.
                          Look I just bought 3 hdmi cables but I don’t need any but one day I probably will. People buy caned items for bomb shelters are they wasting?
                          Ur making a big deal over nothing.

                          So have u seen mosquito coast? It’s on Apple, it’s excellent

                          • @Wawasjohn: "They can’t predict next weeks weather correctly so why do u think they can predict 100 years."

                            WELL SAID! Sock it to the warmunists here …

                            "Ur making a big deal over nothing"

                            EVEN BETTER!

                            Acid Rain, Peak Oil, The Ozone Hole, Global Warming, Nuclear Winter, Climate Change, Climate Crisis, Climate Emergency etc. …
                            George Orwell got it right!

                            Shall we fight world poverty?
                            Fund cancer research?
                            Give clean drinking water, sanitation and electricity to a billons going without?
                            Fight malnutrition and give better education to children?
                            No, we better virtue-signal and spend $BILLIONS for zero impact on anything!

                        • @Techie4066: "Habitable land? It most definitely won't be in 100 years, neither will Western Sydney."

                          Can you be a bit more specific?
                          Why won't it be habitable in 100yrs?
                          Or are you just regurgitating alarmist claptrap from far left publications like the Guardian?

                          The Burden Of Proof Is On Climate Scientists—And Those Wishing For Its “Solutions”
                          If you say a calamity will befall me, and ask me to pay to protect against it, the burden is on you to
                          (a) prove the calamity is likely in all its details,
                          (b) the cost of the protection is worth it in the sense the protection is likely to do the job asked of it, and
                          (c) that no other forms of cheaper effective protection exists.

                          If you cannot do all three, then I am under no obligation to heed you. Showing only one element is insufficient to compel my action. That is, showing only that the calamity is likely isn’t enough.

                          For instance, if you convince me, based on some set of evidence, a moon-sized asteroid will ram into the earth in two years, but then offer to sell me at high price a magic spell book which, when used, might dissuade the asteroid, then I will not buy. Even if I agree the world will end.

                          Or you might show, given a different set of evidence, that a fire burning down my house has a reasonable chance. But if the cost of your insurance is higher than the price of the house, I will not pay. I can buy insurance from another vendor.

                          Again, you need to prove all three elements and in detail. A conclusion which is, or was not, in any way controversial.

                        • @Techie4066: PARADISE LOST… Golden Age Of Mammals Was 10ºC WARMER Than Today. AND NOT ONE TIPPING POINT IN SIGHT!
                          In fact, “paradise lost” is the subtitle of a 1994 book on our planet 33 million years ago by veteran paleo-climatologist Donald A. Prothero—The Eocene-Oligocene Transition: Paradise Lost. The Eocene (55-33 million years ago) began what is sometimes called the Golden Age of Mammals. This geological age was at least 10°C warmer than today, free of ice caps, and with CO2 levels, Prothero suggests, of up to 3,000 parts per million, which is almost eight times today’s level of about 400 ppm. Yet Prothero calls the Eocene a “lush, tropical world.”[8]

                          At the end of the still very warm Oligocene (33-23 mya), Prothero puts CO2 levels at 1,600 ppm, or four times today’s levels.[9] Prothero’s 1994 CO2 estimates may be a high, but no one—not even Hansen—denies that CO2 levels were several times higher than todays in the Eocene and Oligocene and, indeed, right down to the Miocene (23-5 mya).

                          For Prothero, the boundary between the Eocene and Oligocene was “paradise lost” because it was then, about 33 million years ago, that the planet began its slide from a “lush, tropical world” into its current ice age conditions (see Figure 1), with glaciations every 85,000 years interspersed with brief, 15,000-year warm interglacials.

                          • @Gekov: FURTHER …

                            “The world that all the little brown furry things [mammals] inherited from the dinosaurs was paradise. The climate was so mild that redwoods, unable now to live much further north than California’s pleasant coast, grew in Alaska, Greenland, Sweden, and Siberia. There was no ice in the Arctic. Palm trees grew as far north as 50 degrees latitude, roughly the boundary between the United States and Canada. Below that subtropical zone—that was similar to Florida’s landscape today—was a broad band of tropical rain forest.”

                            Sounds grim, doesn’t it?

                        • @Techie4066: "Habitable land? It most definitely won't be in 100 years, neither will Western Sydney."

                          HMMM …

                          ON DUD CLIMATE PREDICTIONS …
                          “Rode and Fischbeck, professor of Social & Decision Sciences and Engineering & Public Policy, collected 79 predictions of climate-caused apocalypse going back to the first Earth Day in 1970. With the passage of time, many of these forecasts have since expired; the dates have come and gone uneventfully. In fact, 48 (61%) of the predictions have already expired as of the end of 2020.”

                          Climate doomsters have a perfect NEGATIVE predictive track record
                          – every very-scary climate prediction, of the ~80 they have made since 1970, has FAILED TO HAPPEN.

                          Fully 48 of these predictions expired at the end of 2020. Never happened! Never will!
                          What are the odds at 50:50 per prediction? 3.6*10^-15 = 0.0000000000000036

                          So, the climate doomsters were wrong in their very-scary climate predictions 48 times in a row – at 50:50 odds that’s like flipping a coin 48 times and losing every time! The odds against that being mere random stupidity are a gazillion to 1. It’s not just scientists being stupid.

                          No, these climate doomsters were not telling the truth – they displayed a dishonest bias in their analyses that caused these extremely improbable errors – they knew they were lying.

                          There is a powerful logic that says no rational person or group could be this wrong for this long; they followed a corrupt agenda, and they lied again and again.


                      • @Wawasjohn: I thought this was oz Bargains not the cult that is climate alarmist. Lol

                        • @Wawasjohn: It turned out that way, unintentionally, but that is the bigger picture here. Neither did I intend for a thread to veer so far off topic, but that's just what happens when questioning consumerism. However, I did intentionally avoid fuelling the fire here because this is not the right place for it.

                          One person's use case of a product from an OzBargain deal is a small part of that big picture. It's clear where most members' opinions lie, as you said. I find it humourous that you treat scientific consensus as cult-like.

                          I did flag this comment chain to be removed or marked as off topic, but that did not seem to happen.

                          • @Techie4066: I’m talking about the belief that the world will end in the next few years is cult like. Doesn’t matter if it’s some star, book or weather related event.
                            I’m not questioning the scientific consensus. But u do know a lot of people don’t believe we started from a Big Bang right? And isn’t that scientific consensus? Lol.
                            Why would u flag it. Like u can’t Handle people asking questions. It’s off topic now but shouldn’t be removed

                    • @Techie4066: "I don't think you realise the existential threat humans are causing to the planet,"


                      • @Gekov: I appreciate you copy-pasting comments you've made previously. Looking at your comment history and what the OzBargain community thinks of your input, we get it, you're a nutter and constantly raise climate denialism out of context. Thanks for letting us know and please refer to your nearest Murdoch newspaper.

                        • @Techie4066: His not a nutter. His put forward facts. Evidence. His the only one here who has done that.
                          And wow I should of guessed u would blame Murdoch who is a old man who has no power these days. Kinda like the animal doco guy

                          • @Wawasjohn: I'm not bothered to share scientific consensus with a clear nutter who won't understand nor care, been there done that.

                            And wow I should of guessed u would blame Murdoch who is a old man who has no power these days.

                            What utter bollocks. When was I referring to the old man instead of a media empire?

                            • @Techie4066: U do know scientists thought the world was flat for some time right? Some still do. Saying u think we aren’t slowly killing the planet isn’t that extreme. The extreme ones are u guys calling for the end of the world. Lol

                              Oh I’m aware and I find it laughable. Ur following Rudd? Like u do know most the media is for u guys right? ABC, sbs, ten, all other newspapers. While the right have sky and one news paper.

                              • @Wawasjohn:

                                Oh I’m aware and I find it laughable. Ur following Rudd? Like u do know most the media is for u guys right? ABC, sbs, ten, all other newspapers. While the right have sky and one news paper.

                                Turnbull is part of the drive behind the Royal Commission. What's laughable is LNP voters that pretend his views don't align with liberal values anymore, because it doesn't align with your climate change denying agenda. That's ignoring scientific consensus, yet you'll believe scientific consensus when it's convenient - the solar system, planets, vitamins, vaccines, you name it.

                                I find it unbelievable most Australians don't understand the LNP is controlled by vested interests in the form of lobby groups and political donations. What a surprise that most of the media doesn't align with that ideology.

                                • @Techie4066: Yeah Turnbull and Rudd are pretty much the same person. Lol
                                  I don’t vote lnp as my 1. And they aren’t doing a good enough job they just have slightly better policy’s I want then labour.

                                  I’m not anti vaccine but I’ve never taken a flu shot or covid shot in my life and never will. No point for me.
                                  I’m also a Christian so I don’t believe in the Big Bang even tho as u say it’s The scientific consensus.

                                  U do know labour is the same right? These days they are pretty much the same thing. I don’t care what side of politics it’s on but a good policy is a good policy. But we all know they aren’t for the normal folk.
                                  Probably why trump did well in the states cause he wasn’t a bought politician.

        • Unintended Xmas pressies*

        • On gumtree.

    • Cannot agree more

  • what. ips!

  • These will replace the crt security monitors nicely.

  • I own the 246E9, bought it for $120 which was retailing at $190 from other stores when I bought it.

    I use it with my mac mini primarily for productivity but also for streaming videos sometimes. Viewing angles aren't great but it's a monitor so it's a non-issue for me. It produces some amazing colours, almost competes with my iPhone 12 Pro Max when you look straight at it. That's impressive for an LCD display. It makes my 2017 MBA display look cheap and disgusting. It's a good value monitor at $190 but for $60 it's a no-brainer.

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    Sorry guys, all gone. Check ebay if you want to get one from me

  • Does any one know the the item number for this?

  • Searching for Philips Monitor on kmart's website results in:
    Did you mean Philips motor motor?

    Excellent work, webmaster.

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    Rang the local kmart…… "did you just ring 5 minutes ago?"

    Ozbargained even in Hobart! 😂

  • Any SA stock?

  • Penrith is out, got the last v line

  • Anyone in Vic manage to find any? I drove to my local and they said they stopped selling monitors ages ago so not sure I want to call around if they're not around.

  • Nudda at Bondi

  • None at Toombul QLD

  • Only have the AOC 21.5" at my local Kmart.. :(

  • Wasted 1.5h tracking down at least one of the monitors at two different K-Marts. Not only did they have no stock but I was told they don't even stock Philips.

    That's offline shopping for you.

  • Thanks OP, got one of the E line, no luck with V line. I took the last one (Wynnum Store)

  • 246E9
    SKU: 42969211

    SKU: 42969204

    To help you with your search. Picked up the 243V5.

  • How to connect it to my Macbook (type-c)? Can I use HDMI from 3rd party brand?

  • LG Evo OLED Panel.

  • Out of stock - Merrickville

  • Any in WA?

  • Just got the second last V5 in Burwood, VIC. Thanks OP

  • Anyone got the 246E9 they don't want? Happy to pay double to get one in Sydney from you

    Saves you the eBay fees!

    • I am in Brisbane and I can get you a couple of the E’s when I go to pick up mine, if there’s still any in stock. When I rang up about 2 hours ago they had 8 (minus the 2 that I asked to be put aside for me). Don’t know what shipping is like though…

      • Which store mate? I called up Toombul in Bris and they had nothing :(

        • Just picked up mine from the Kippa-ring store. They’re all gone now! The sales assistant said they went like hot cakes.