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Dometic 800VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter $250 Delivered ($125 Clearance in Select Stores) @ Anaconda


Pure fluke in finding this. I was returning something at Anaconda and the guy beside me bought a Dometic 800VA pure sine inverter for $125.

Anaconda had them for $600, on sale for $250, and this one was on the clearance table in Highpoint, VIC (50% off). A quick google search shows $400 is a fair price right now. $250 is great, $125 is insane.

I imagine only some stores have them on clearance so call/visit first.

Online it’s showing at $250 but in store they mark it down to $125 if it’s on clearance.

Model is MSI 912. 800W continuous, 1600W peak.

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    Most reviews are 1 star

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      Most of the reviews I found elsewhere are completely different, Anaconda was an outlier

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        It may not be the case, but just be careful - some online stores are only showing 4+ star reviews on their products. Really shifty, but unless they use trusted review services like Google Product Reviews, Trustpilot etc it's going to keep happening.

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          Google Product Reviews, Trustpilot

          Why would you trust those?

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      No actual reviews, but lots of one star ratings. Wish they would eleborate.

  • Where abouts did you happen to see it? Checked NSW stock, nothing near me whatsoever.

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    Knew I’d leave something out of the post - this was Highpoint in Victoria. I almost went home to think about it (sinner!) but there was low stock in victoria too. 3 were at Highpoint until 3pm today.

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      Should be at least 10 to post a deal.

      • Too bad

      • This was available at other stores

  • Not a single store around brisbane that has any stock

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    Out Of Stock why bother posting?

  • I would have snatched one up, but I fear Highpoint is out of stock by now. Dometic used to be Waeco, if I'm not mistaken. I have a Waeco 12V fridge that was rebranded Dometic in later incarnations.

    • Correct, Waeco rebranded as Dometic. Quality products in the fridge/freezer ranges, especially on the 12v/3 way systems. Have a fridge in the van and in the bus.

  • What do you guys use this for?

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      The Dometic SinePower MSI912 turns 12 V battery power into pure 230 V AC voltage, like that from a home power socket. The device ensures a trouble-free mobile operation of even highly sensitive 230 V appliances, such as coffee makers, laptop computers, TV sets and DVD players. A unique quality feature of this Dometic pure sine wave inverter is the extraordinarily high peak output rating, allowing it to effortlessly supply devices with high start-up currents. Other benefits include simple installation and a compact design for easy stowage.

      230V AC - like at home
      Suitable for supplying sensitive devices
      Quick and easy installation
      Compact design that is easy to store
      800W continuous output
      1600W peak output
      Suitable for demanding appliances with high starting currents

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      I put one in our caravan to have 230V when camping off grid, for the few things I can't use 12V for (laptop charging, chainsaw charging).

      Mine is Victron brand though. 500VA for $250 (800VA is ~$400). Great products and reasonable prices so worth a look for anyone who missed out on this particular bargain.

  • probably does not power their fridge…

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    You can get a Renogy 1000W one for $199. I know Renogy is popular with van conversions and van life people etc. I admittedly don't know a lot about Inverters so there might be some differences I'm missing here.

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      Seems like a great price. I don't think there's that much to know about inverters other than Pure sine wave >> modified sine wave. One difference between good and bad inverters seems to be the noise the make, from fans or other components. Not something that easy to compare from specs though unfortunately.

      PS. Anyone looking at these relatively big inverters needs to make sure their 12V system can handle the current, especially the battery.

      eg. The green 100Ah Voltax Lifepo4 listed here a few times recently wouldn't cut it due to the 50A peak discharge rate.

  • Highett (vic) has one. I asked the clerk to scan it and it came up as $250.

    Might be able to get another $12 off by using a gift card from Shopback

  • Managed to sweet talk the last unit at Hoppers Crossing - showed them the post that Highpoint had it for $125 after a bit of grumbling matched the price :)

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