Optus Double Data on BYO Data SIMs (12 Months) E.g. 150GB/Mo. for $50


Need a data only SIM?
Optus currently has a double data offer on BYO devices.(Ends 30/6/21)

10GB per month for $15/mo for 12 months (5GB doubled)
50GB per month for $25/mo for 12 months (25GB doubled)
150GB per month for $50/mo for 12 months (75GB doubled)
Data plan reverts to normal quota after 12 months.

If you don’t need to make or receive calls, this deal might be for you. (E.g. a SIM card for your iPad)
There are no cancellations fees if you cancel within the 12 month period.

Endless Data with no excess data charges
With Endless Data don't pay excess data charges, instead slow down your speed to a maximum of 1.5Mbps when you hit your limit.

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    I bought 3 X 5g Optus modems.
    $75 for unlimited data
    Have them at 3 at my locations.
    2 of them only 4g coverage
    All over 100mbs

    Happy to get rid of Aussie BB NBN


      That sounds great!
      Can you elaborate a bit. I’m looking at switching to 4G/5G from NBN, for 2 locations.
      Thanks in advance.


      We’re on Aussie NBN, they’ve been great but agree, 5G is a bit of a NBN killer (what the coalition made our NBN into anyway).


        So 5g speeds are faster than the average nbn?


          Yes, depending on reception. 4G with good reception (urban areas) are faster than NBN. I did a speed test on my iphone (metro Melb) and it went at about 270Mbps. That's on 4G. My NBN is only 50Mbps.

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      Back story

      I got 2 x Cafe and getting NBN connection was a headache.
      So I got 2 Promo sims and bought 2 x TP link Wireless N LTE Router and sims didnt work
      then got amaysim and they did but not enough data avail

      Optus launched their 5G, so I tried to order 2 and they refused as 1 per address, so I got 1. Then I ordered another for same address the next day, Then I ordered another 3rd day for same address.
      and moved them to the out of 5g network area. I havent missed a beat other than the bad storm last week that took them out for a few hrs…

      FYI Speedtest
      Optus 5g (In 4g network only)

      Residential ABB


        "havent missed a bear except for being out for a few hours"


          2 hrs downtime over 3 months (2160 hrs)
          That's 99.90740741% uptime
          For a non wired and 100% portable service.

          And you are right. I haven't seen a bear since I installed it.




    Does anyone know if these Data SIMs include 5G network access?

    The CIS here doesn't state wehther it does or not, although there's a comment which does talk about 5G… but doesn't say the SIM gets 5G access:

    "Our Best Network Ever
    Our combined 4G & 3G network covers 98.5% of the Australian population and our 5G is rolling out across selected areas."