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Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro Tablet 11.5” 2560x1600 OLED 6GB/128GB SD730G US$420.33/A$553.56 Delivered @ Banggood


Moderate discount on what seems to be an excellent tablet for the money. Just bought one to replace my iPlay 20.

Review from Techtablets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwlsYERsE2c
TL;DW he likes it


  • Widevine L1 = HD Netflix / Prime
  • OLED
  • 2560x1600 resolution
  • Excellent build
  • Good battery life
  • Active stylus support (N Trig, Techtablets says this 3rd party stylus works)
  • Good speakers
  • MicroSD expandable storage


  • Midrange SoC (equivalent to SD845)
  • Pentile display means it's not as sharp as Tab S7+ at very close distances
  • 60hz display
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Not great at touch/face unlock (although reviewers differ on this)
  • Lenovo doesn't have a great history at keeping Android stuff up to date, although they've released OTA updates for this
  • Android Tablet ecosystem is poor vs Apple

Competitors in this price bracket:

  • Regular iPad -> worse screen (LCD non-laminated), faster, Android vs iOS (~$500)
  • Used S6 -> Used, but otherwise probably a better tablet (faster, better screen) (~$600)
  • S6 Lite -> Slower, worse screen (LCD), comes with pen ($4-500)

For substantially more $ you have the iPad Air, Pro and the S7 / S7+
For substantially less $ you have the iPlay 20/30/40, and the Samsung A series.

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  • Doesnt netflix need to whitelist the device for full HD?

    So Widevine L1 is necessary but not sufficient.

  • Very interesting it supports n-trig, this means it should support Surface Pens.

  • So conflicted between this, Tab S6 Lite or waiting to see if a better resolution screen comes with the Tab S7 Lite next month…

    • I wish my Tab 6 lite was just a little bit more snappier. The Tab 6 lite now has DeX mode but the performance of the tablet let's it down. As a power user I would buy the Tab 6 or Tab 7 next time around.

    • I'm in the same boat as you. I almost bought a S6 Lite last week, but thought I'd wait to see what the S7 Lite brings. The S6 Lite has since gone up $100! Hopefully they have clearance sales soon.

      I also thought about the Lenovo Duet but I'm not convinced about ChromeOS. And it doesn't have a pen included or 3.5mm.

    • +1 to the Tab S6 Lite being underpowered. I returned mine due to screen defects and found the S7+ on sale at the same time, there's no comparison. Not that you expect them to be equal, but you'd expect for $400+ that the every day general use wouldn't be impacted by a slow processor. The S6 Lite is underpowered enough to struggle using Noteshelf, one of the main notetaking apps. It's a shame because it's a nice device physically, and it's still usable, but in daily use it's definitely apparent how slow it is.
      SD730G like this should do much better and I'd put up with the extra cost for a faster processor personally. I don't know if the Lenovo rom has comparable multitasking features, haven't seen an in depth review. I would probably wait for the S7 Lite to drop because of Lenovo's Android support history compared to Samsung supporting for 3 Android versions.

      • That's the thing. I just want it to run everyday tasks without stuttering/lagging and if possible have a better screen resolution than then S6 lite…I would get the S7 but honestly too overpowered for my use case.

        • Have you had a chance to see the S6 Lite in person? And by resolution do you mean physical size, aspect ratio, or pixel density? I thought the pixel density was perfectly fine with the S6 lite, it was only the panel quality (stuck pixels) that I had an issue with. And regarding pixel density, I don't think the Lenovo P11 Pro/Xiaoxin Pad Pro would be much of an upgrade being PenTile unfortunately. For size, that's why I went S7+ in the end as the larger size is better for working on portrait documents and multitasking overall, but that's just my use case.

          So for everyday tasks it works just fine, but you do see some lag doing things like pulling down the notifications and switching apps. It's not bad, but it is there. It's perfectly usable and I did get used to it, and overall the experience is better than I expected given the weak processor (especially in DeX), but a midrange chip like 730G would be a noticeable improvement in fluidity. For Noteshelf specifically, the issue was that pen input would be delayed enough that the result would be inaccurate, but most other notetaking apps worked fine. So I would say it's subjective - if you want a fluid experience it doesn't quite hit the mark, but it is usable. Officeworks might have demos to try out if that's an option. FWIW I paid $350 during the eBay Afterpay 20% off sale and I don't think it's worth anything more than that really.
          I can't see the downside to waiting for the S7 Lite really, given both this and the S6 Lite will be superseded soon they might be available cheaper anyways.

          • @ethan961: Yep, I saw the S6 Lite at JB Hi Fi twice but both times the internet connection was so bad so I couldn't really test it out with Youtube videos. By resolution I mean pixel density I think. I would prefer if icons etc looked sharp and to be able to watch 1440p videos on Youtube.

            I'll probably wait for the S7 Lite to compare the three.

    • Completely depends on your use case. I own an Tab S6 Lite, it's great for Netflix and casual gaming or sitting on the couch reading facebook/ozbargain/websites, or even just youtube. If you need it for anything more than yes the more expensive tablets is where you need to look. I got mine on sale for under $400 make sure you wait for sale.

  • Whats the size difference compared to M10 plus availabile in jb and tgg ?

  • Upvote for great description and comparison to other tablets in price point.

  • the screen is PenTile matrix family, which is crappiest in oled.

    • Yes not all OLED are equal. I would quibble on the comparison with the iPad Air screen. A quality IPS is not to be sneezed at.

    • You do know that the S7+ also has a Pentile display right…

      • It does not. Source: Using one.

      • I took a macro shot of my S7+ and observed this - it uses a non-standard subpixel arrangement, but it's not the RGBG version of PenTile like has been used in phones and presumably this Lenovo tablet. It has red and green stacked on top of each other with a taller, thinner blue beside them that is vertically offset and paired with the blue above/below. So while this could be a subpixel arrangement patented by Samsung under the PenTile trademark, it's not the traditionally problematic RGBG matrix with the trademark poor text clarity. There's no shared subpixels as such that reduce the effective density.
        I have owned a few RGBG PenTile phones, and there is a noticeable difference.

  • It doesn’t get a lot of love in the software stakes either.

    Not sure about dropping that much on a tablet that runs Android.

  • FYI lenovo is going to release the xiaoxin pad pro 2021 in a few days.

  • +10 votes

    Great description. I love that you included pros, cons and comparisons to other tablets. Thank you :)

  • No custom ROM for this tablet.

    I have trouble finding any tablets that can support custom ROMS.

    • Most likely because its a new release. It would need to be a very popular device to get the attention from custom ROM developers.

      I miss using a custom rom, and the muckaround to get it going.

      • I understand that it's a new release,
        but I also have trouble finding a tablet that can support custom ROM.

        I need to get a tablet, after my Samsung TAB S2 'died'.

        • My lenovo yoga tablet 3 plus supports lineageos.
          That said, my older yoga 10+ tablet doesn't support it.

  • Didn’t Lenovo promise 3 years of updates with these newer tablets?

    The S6 lite is a good tablet, but wouldn’t really consider it now unless it was discounted. It has been around ~$350 in the past deals. A new version is due soon also. So perhaps it will be discounted heavily to clear stock soon. An advantage of getting the lite is local stock vs import so should be easier to deal with warranty issues and Samsung are committed to support. The tab S6 lite also offers the awesome DEX mode, I know that the Lenovo offers something similar but I don’t believe it’s as good and then there’s the questionable software support.

    This Lenovo looks like a good bang for buck option. Especially if Lenovo support it.

    • Damn when was the S6 Lite $350? It was going for $450 last week on sale!

      • Recently via Bing Lee eBay with the Afterpay 20% off.

      • I picked one up for my wife on 21 March from Officeworks' eBay store for $377 with an eBay Plus promo code (no Afterpay required)

        Brilliant tablet for that money. Absolute no brainer.

  • Can you flash AOSP? Otherwise iPad is a better option.

    • It depends on the user. If you're already in the Google ecosystem with paid apps then an iPad is just a pain and vice versa.

  • The S7+ also has a pentile display

  • 👍🏻👌🏻 for the effort in the description

  • What's the screen like outdoors? anyone know?

  • What happened to your iPlay 20?😁

    • Nothing, I just use it so frequently I can justify upgrading to something faster with a nicer screen.
      The iPlay 20 is a great tablet for the price imo, but it is a little slow overall.

  • I'm an Android phone user, and I've owned several Android tablets, but I bit the bullet and ponied up for an iPad Air when there was a deal on last year. Thing just works, battery doesn't drain in its sleep etc, will be supported for several years at a minimum.

    So little love on the software side for these devices- beyond the likes of Chrome, YouTube etc don't expect much by way of tablet optimised apps.

    • I may have spoken too soon, tablets may be coming back from the dead:


      • I look forward to 12 months of updates then nothing more from Google for another 5 years.

        It's the usual thing, Google will get all excited about a product, update all their software, release one device to go with it, then by the time other manufacturers are getting devices on the market to support it they'll have completely forgotten about it and be off releasing another TV plug or speaker or something.

    • I had the iPad 1, followed by the iPad 3, many years ago, but switched to a long line of Android tablets (Sony, followed by a handful of Samsung flagship models) as well as a brief period with a Surface Pro 4.

      I too just bought an iPad Air 4. While I miss the MicroSD card expansion and filesystem access, I have no other regrets. Apple treats iPadOS as more than just a side thought.

  • Great deal but buyer beware if you plan to use Foxtel Go on this tab.

    After years of the app working perfectly on my Lenovo Android tab (not this model but an 8 inch one), the app now no longer works as it erroneously detects that the tab has been rooted (false positive). YMMV but thought I'd post.

  • one of the best/most optmisied roms/ui plus 1

  • Does it come with the keyboard Case? I've the Lenovo duet and the keyboard and case are actually quite usable and practical.