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Hello-Hello iOS Language Courses FREE Normally $15.99. Multiple Languages Available


Language courses on iOS are free at the moment, they're normally $15.99. I got the German one. Don't know how long they'll be free for, it doesn't mention it anywhere in the app description.

EDIT: when i first downloaded mine it had all the content in it. Now only one lesson is free and you've gotta pay for more. Not as good a deal or bargain as I initially thought, it is essentially expired. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Other languages available:


The Spanish, English and French ones are still $15.99. They must like those languages extra special.

Happy Australia day everyone.

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  • nice find, too bad the Spanish and French ones are still full price :(

  • Can't complain! Grabbed all the free iphone & ipad apps. Might as well learn some languages! Cheers.

  • This is much better then those 99 cent apps.

  • Reviews aren't good for these ,apparently only one lesson is free then you have to pay for more.

    • I downloaded Hello-Hello Indonesia. The free lesson was an audio recording of two people speaking in bahasa Indonesia. There are much better ways of learning a language than by listening to conversations. I prefer the Pimsleur courses (available at Audible.com)

      • Pimsleur is learning conversations and enough to get you by. Although it is impressive, cant call pimsleurs program learning a language.

        If you want to learn a language Michel Thomas is the best method of language i have seen out there. Even years on after listening to Michel Thomas, my recal of the language is still intact.

  • Yeah the ones you pay for include the lessons of course 1 … These free ones only have the part of the course and then it's the same old price to get the rest… Not really a deal, just a change in sales tactic.

  • Only 1 lesson is free :/ then you have to pay for the 29 extra ones, not sure if it's worth it but they are 75% in the Jap app ($14.99)

    I think they probably have just changed to in app purchases instead of whole app.

  • Yep, no deal. Seems they've rejigged these to take advantage of in-app purchases so they can charge for individual lessons instead of offering them all in one go. The free apps are NOT the same as the $15.99 versions.

  • I see what you guys mean. Really just changing to in app purchases. I'll add this to the description. Thanks guys.

  • Does hurt to learn the basics, even if its only one lessons worth

    Going to Japan in march, will come in handy!

  • Only one lesson is free

  • Rubbish advertising app. I can't believe it got so many +.

  • I downloaded the German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese apps from my iPhone (just searched for hello-hello in the app store). Both the German & Italian apps come with 30 FREE lessons. The other 2 just came with 1 free lesson with the option to buy more lessons. Did everyone else get the same?

    • I downloaded German. 1 free lesson only. Perhaps you've downloaded this before?

      I now tried to download Italian, but comes up with "Item is currently being modified. I guess you got lucky and downloaded it while they were actually free!

  • This ain't nothing but a trial

  • How is this a deal? It still costs the same price, it's just charged differently. 36 +'s?? Shows what sheep people are!

  • not a deal, you need to buy all the lessons.