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15,000 free pies to give away at 7-11


Put your email address in, they send you a voucher, print it off and go to your nearest 7 11 to receive your free pie.

EDIT: Deal Expired!

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  • Awesome!

    • Hi PainToad - this is a great link, definitely useful. Maybe you can post it as a bargain, or in the forum. I think scotty should mention this website in his Bargain Blog email.

      • Lol assumed you guys knew about it…I'm sure Scotty will see it, feel free to blog it. I use it every time I want a EB 20% voucher = no spam.

        • :) Maybe this is worth posting as a separate deal? :)
          It's so much simpler than setting up disposable accounts with Hotmail or some other services. :)

        • Huh?! Don't you just patiently delete all the spammy emails from your inbox, one by one, like everybody else? ;P

          Thanks for posting this and you can share it in the forums. There are actually quite a few of those once-off email addresses, but many established one are already blocked by a lot of software.

  • Good one mate. Just like the slurpee deal!

  • cannot find a 7-11 around…

  • This is Jibbed!
    First of all the site is down…
    Secondly 7-eleven have sent me two codes…both of which got rejected (waste of a trip to the store)…
    I called the company ..they said they will get back to me..huh..as if!

    • Earlier this year, there was a free slurpee offer with 7-eleven (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/2891)which required a voucher and it appears from the comments there that it's a new technology (the barcodes), so maybe it's still not working at some 7-eleven stores?

  • Ahh I keep getting an error page each time I submit x(

  • Working, but very slow. :)

    I used the 10 min mail. Very nice :)

    First I went to 7-11munch and got a blank screen.
    Refreshed and got the offer.
    I put in my 10 min mail address.
    Maybe 2-5 mins later, 7-11munch said the offer had been mailed to me.
    2 mins later it arrived in the 10 min mail.
    I saved the page as an HTML file to print out later.


  • Store locations can found @


    Just enter in your suburb/post code

  • I'm about to tuck into a steak, cheese and bacon pie that i just picked up using the voucher

    bloody great deal!!!!!

    RRP $3

  • :) If someone tries the chicken, can you let me know what it's like? :)

    Oh, and how was the steak pie? :)

  • Okay it works for me now!

  • Steak pie wasn't bad at all. Only complaint was it wasn't steaming hot.

    I wasn't the first person to use the voucher as I note that the 7-11 I went to had about 6 used vouchers in their "in tray".

    I'll try a chicken pie tomorrow.

  • Thanks Apu :) :) :)

    Looking forward to the chicken pie review too :)

  • Chicken pie was yummmmy!!! I do like how they are rectangle shaped instead of square, sorta like a sausage roll. Don't quite understand the cardboard backing though!

  • is steak or chicken better?

  • These pies would be pretty gross?? im gona try em anyway. When i want a pie i go to the Terrey Hills bakery or Harry's Cafe de Wheels. Best pies ever. Although some days the ones at terry hills arent as good.

  • Just had the chicken pie. Just like the free Slurpee deal, the operator was utterly confused. Don't understand why these people can't read the instructions on the page. After typing up a novel on the register, the voucher clicked through.

    They only had the chicken available so chicken it was. The first thing I noticed was the expiry date, "Best before Jan 21 2010". So I would say these things could sit in a 7/11 for a long time before they go off. Quickly glancing at the ingredients, there is only actually 23% chicken inside.

    Taste was OK, mostly pastry but there were big chunks of "chicken". Good for a free meal but I wouldn't go out and buy one.

  • Does it have crap like lamb mutton and meat substitute??

    Im definately not eating it if its riddled with chemicals and animal intestines.

    • I don't think lamb mutton is what you have to worry about.

      Some interesting ingredients:
      acidity regulator (331), flour treatment agent (920), anti-cooking agent (554), flavour enhancer (621), flavour, vegetable gum (412,415),emulsifier (471,481,soy lecithin),maltodextrin, colour (160a,160b)

      • Flavour Enhancer 621 is another name for MSG

        Monosodium Glutamate, MSG, 621
        It used to be called the 'Chinese Food Syndrome' and for a time, everyone took great care not to eat too much MSG. Now it has become big business and the problems are spreading too. The problem is almost the same as for aspartame - both cause the death of brain ceils.

        MSG 621 is a sodium salt of the amino acid known as glutamic acid. It is manufactured by a fermenting process using starch, sugar beets, sugar cane, or molasses. Hydrolysed proteins are also glutamates. They are acid-treated or enzyme-treated proteins and contain salts of free amino acids such as glutamate. Hydrolysed proteins are frequently added to processed foods. Glutamates also occur naturally in foods; however, MSG (glutamate) reactions are usually due to processed, "free" glutamates.

        Common reactions to MSG
        Headaches, migraines, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma attacks, shortness of breath, anxiety or panic attacks, heart palpitations, partial paralysis, "heart attack-like symptoms," balance difficulties, mental confusion, mood swings, neurological disorders (Parkinson's, MS, ALS, Alzheimer's), behavioural disorders (especially In children and teens), allergy-type symptoms, skin rashes, runny nose, bags under the eyes, flushing, mouth lesions, depression, and more.

        At www.truthinlabeling.org you can find more information about MSG and other glutamates. According to the Truth In Labelling Campaign, MSG reactions can be immediate or occur as late as 48 hours after ingestion.

        like the sausage ingredients that Jamie Oliver showed on the "eat to save your life" tv show. Basically to cut production cost, they have to reduce the meat content. If the meat content is reduced, then to keep up with the textures, taste and longer shelf life, hence, all wonderful chemicals and additives to complement.

        so there you go :)

  • hi guys, does anyone know if veggie pies are available in the range? cheers, K

  • I got two vouchers sent to 2 differnet email accounts, printed off each. Went to a CBD 7 Eleven here in Melbourne. Scanned one, the clerk says its been used already. Scanned the other and same problem. So I walked out annoyed and with no pie :(

  • Will you be e-mailing 7-11, telling them the situation, and asking them to remedy the problem?

  • Oh man the site has crashed during lunch time…..
    I feel bad cos i've already had two pies………

  • Good deal,
    great tasting pie.
    RRP $3 is good for future quick snacks.

  • I think the console operator has to follow the instructions on the bottom of the email - if they just scan it, it comes up as invalid barcode.

  • Deal finished!!!!

    Good one but…

    • Does that mean all 15,000 pies have been claimed (and eaten) ?

      that's a lot o pies :)

  • I dont think the deal is finished. I just got a voucher sent to me, about 5 seconds ago.

  • Deal is officially finished now. :(

  • Can we change to expired pls?

    • Done!

  • Got my free pie today :)

  • Is a good deal - I got a free one - but the pies are really as you'd expect from a 24hr convenience place - pretty woeful, luke warm (can heat in a microwave there if you want to butcher further), way too much pastry, terrible quality meat & fillings.

    So good deal - but yuck pie.

  • Went to 8 of the 12 7-11s in the city but got rejected by one store. The pies aren't 'that' bad or maybe I'm so used to eating frozen pies. I could only get 1 chicken…must have been pretty popular.

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