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Samsung 676L Side by Side Fridge SRS675DLS - $1469 Delivered ($1419 with $50 Sign-up Code) @ Samsung Store


Found this deal while looking for a bigger fridge for the missus.
Samsung store has $630 discount on this huge fridge, making it $1,469.00 delivered.
You can also apply the $50 signup code to bring it down to $1,419.00, which make it quite a good buy.

Don't know too much about this fridge. Reviews seems pretty positive.
The next best price is $1,722.00 from Appliances online.


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  • I like the look and layout of Samsung fridges but they are terrible in regards to long term reliability

    • its funny seeing this as i have a almost 3 year old version of this fridge, SRS588DLS, and it blew up last night. spent the whole morning on the phone to india jumping through hoops and answering the same questions over and over trying to get someone out to look at it.

      • Yeah, reviews on Samsungs are too hit and miss for me to bite the bullet even though I really like the look and pricing of them. A lot of the positive ones seem to be within the first say 3 months of people owning it

  • It annoys me that they don't make it clear whether it requires plumbing or not. Some people cannot use a fridge that requires plumbing.
    Also, i'm annoyed because my stupid house has a 1770mm fridge space. 1cm too short for almost every damn fridge.

    • same feels here but I bought our recent fridge even with that issue because I realised it was only the front top bit that was at that height and our fridge space was shallow enough for the top section to be unaffected by it.

    • Seems yes needs plumbing. Do you need to do this? What does it involve exactly costwise? our fridde is not near any existing tap so presumably something going under the floorboards from the sink?


      • I live in a rental house, and the fridge is opposite side of the kitchen from the sink. and there's no openings into the cupboard under the sink.

    • It's actually the exact opposite. I'd they don't mention it is plumbed. This is the only side by side on the market with a plumbed water dispensers.

      I've been looking for months ever other one extols the virtues of their non plumbed water dispensers (and charge you more for that fact). At least give me the option of plumbing it in by changing a hose on the back of something.

      If you want the non plumbed version it is in black and will cost you normal $200 more with this sale $400 more https://www.samsung.com/au/refrigerators/side-by-side/676l-g...

    • It makes it pretty clear in the specs tab

      Dispenser Type
      I&W Dispenser(Plumbing)

  • Hoping Samsung oneday makes a smart fridge without a water dispenser. Don't want one and don't like the lost space to having one.

    • Smart as in with a screen?
      Never understood the purpose of a screen, seems like an expensive novelty

  • Appliances online have dropped their price to $1680, still not as good as this price but worth noting if it sells out https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/samsung-676l-sid...

    • You can call them and get them to price match (probably not the additional $50 off but the $1469 price). I dare say delivery experience will be better with AO too, generally next day delivery and they'll install it, take away any old fridge, packaging etc.

  • Cheers OP :)

    My 11 year old Westinghouse has been repaired three times in the past few years, and just sprung another leak yesterday, so got Appliances Online to price match the $1469, and as mentioned above, includes delivery / installation / packaging removal etc.