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iPad 8th Gen 32GB $479 (OOS), Apple Watch S3 38mm GPS $269, S6 40mm $579 + Free Delivery @ Aus Post


Aus Post Click Frenzy Sale up to 25% off selected products.

Price Match with OW if you get in quick enough

$479 Apple iPad 8th Gen 32GB Space Grey Out of Stock
$269 Apple Watch S3 38mm GPS Space Grey Aluminium
$579 Apple Watch S6 40mm GPS Space Grey Aluminium
$149 Soniq HD TV 32"

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • +2 votes

    Oh. There’s literally 4 products in the sale. Was expecting more I guess.


      And one of the items is out of stock.


    oh australia post, why dont you just focus on how to deliver with cheaper cost and accuracy, instead of trying to beat jbhifi (which obviously will not happening), and still paying your CEO millions salary plus designer watches?

    • +6 votes

      I agree in principle. Though this is a profitable part of their business which helps to fund the delivery side (which I don't know how profitable is, but probably loss-making).

      Initially I thought the watches thing was disgraceful but in the washup I've learned a $5k watch was actually small and insignificant relative to what most board members and executive team get in bonuses (i.e. shares, money, perks). So it was a media beatup and lots have been sucked into it like you and (formerly) me. The CEO thing became a horrible witch-hunt. Scratch the surface and you'll find out.


    watches ;-)