This was posted 6 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$4.95 Fill Up with Hot Rod Plus Original Tender (until 4pm Daily) @ KFC


Hot Rod fill up box is back!

1 Hot Rod, 1 Original Tender, regular Chippies, regular Potato & Gravy, Aioli dipping sauce and a dinner roll? For $4.95?! That’s hot stuff. This offer is not everywhere and not forever. Until 4pm.

They're also available for $3.95 as a pack of two Hot Rods with Aioli or in a boxed meal with a burger, 2 hot rods, dipping sauce, chips, potato & gravy and drink for $11.95.

Don't forget extra free chips plus drink with survey

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      that's what she said

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    Finally, some good f***ing food
    - Gordon Ramsay

    • "Good f$%@ing food" or 'F$%@ing good food"? I can think of one or two for the former.

  • Nice, heading there come 10:30am

    • why not 9am?

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    Can still order it after 4pm on the app.

    • The app says until 4pm…

      And u can add a drink for 1.5 … that's a decent meal

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        Yea they say that, but it still works after 4pm.

        Also just get the survey chips and drink for free. Then it's a very decent meal for $4.95.

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          Sorry if this has been covered before but if you pay through the app how do you claim the survey chips and drink? Also you don't get a receipt when paying through the app for the next purchase?

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            @Xastros: I've ordered via App and when I go to pick-up I show an old receipt and ask the manager to provide the drink / chips. They've always done it for me

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            @Xastros: If you don't want to keep a receipt around or if you can't get one for some reason, this is how I did it:

            1: Get your order number from your order history in the app.
            2: Go to the feedback site on your phone and use the order number along with a random 4-digit store number (didn't know mine so I think I tried something like 9999 and it worked), date of order and any time of day.
            3: Do the survey (spam click answers to save time) and you'll have your validation code (that you could screenshot and use over and over again like I do).

        • Great! - You can also add two hot rods for $3.95!
          EDIT: What will be better: -
          1. Fillup meal + 2 hot rods for $8.90
          2. 2 fill up meals for $9.90

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        and swap out the dinner roll for an extra chips

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      It's a trap! They want more people to prosecute.

    • Can confirm, do this all the time. Haven't had an issue

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    My app is also showing a combo meal: 2 hot rods, dipping sauce, regular chips, regular drink for $7.95.

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      I have the same for $6.95 - Rutherford NSW

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    that's what she said, thanks op for the title and the deal.

  • Has option for a can of drink for extra $1.50 if ordering via the App. (If you don't have time or a receipt from Survey)

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    Does anyone know if I can order this before 4pm and then pick up later on around 5/5:30?

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      Not sure if this still works but I have previously ordered (via app) and picked up similar offers as late at 7.

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      Yep this works where I am, can even order after 4pm on the app. Haven't had problems

  • What's a hot rod?

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      Spicy meat on a small stick. They're actually pretty good.

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      The best description I found is hot rods are: "hot and spicy coated thigh meat chicken skewered on a stick in a crispy coating".

      • Thigh? Not often that KFC use boneless thigh pieces

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          Yup it's thigh, still is had some today, glorious as always, one of the best promo items imo.

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      Minimum spend is $4.95

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    did KFC jack up prices on build-your-own-bucket?

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      Goddammit they did!

      3 x 6 Wicked Wings used to be $14.85 —> now $17.85 :(

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        ksmlj noticed last night that if you proceed to checkout before the actual PAY NOW screen, the price reverts to 14.85 - same on your app?

        • Thanks for the headsup, will give it a try later at 10am.

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          Unfortunately, that's a no for me.

          Still $17.85.


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            @KSMLJ: Damn you're right :(
            20% increase is unacceptable but we are talking about fried crack…

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    just ate it. Kinda grossssss.

  • Rods were not hot.

  • Has anyone tried ordering on app and picking up after 4pm or does it just not work

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      You can order AFTER 4pm and it'll still work.

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    On the app i add the Bugger Feast and go to the cart, in there it gives me the option to add 6 Hot Rods + 2 sauces for $8.95.
    Once added I edit my cart to remove the Burger Feast leaving just the Hot Rods and claim the free chips and drink when I'm at the store.

    Good value at $8.95 for 6 Hot Rods, 2 sauces, chips and a drink.

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    Good to see a dipping sauce included.

  • The $15 Dinner Pack (9 pieces of chicken and 2x Large chips) was the best deal for my family.
    Does any KFCs in Sydney still do this deal?

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      I think it's mainly food courts in shopping centres. I saw it advertised at Epping (VIC) today.

  • I ate 8 of these with the add on exploit thing but they weren't that big so it was basically 8 big bites. Still very tasty. Gains were made.

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      Whats this about?

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    guys if you UPSIZE THE CHIPS TO LARGE on the app it will still be $4.95!!!!!!!!!

    (don’t upsize the whole meal, just the chips)

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      Wow nice find haha.

    • Wait how??? When i go to upsize the chips it upsizes the whole meal

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    Just gimme hot n spicy. Don't tease me with this shit.

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      Hot & Spicy is not even hot and spicy anymore sadly. It's really frustrating that fast food joints cater to white level of spiciness.

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        I don't really eat it because it's spicy. I enjoy the crunch from them. They're much nicer than the original recipe.

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          Fair enough. Have you tried Red Rooster's Crunchy Fried Chicken? It is damn good.

  • I wish I could replace the hotrod with another tender :P

    • Tender is only 2/3 the length of a hot rod. Unless you don't like spicy food, hot rod taste better + free dipping sauce.

  • Dang didn't notice that this was expiring today!!

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