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Wahl Salon Series V5000 Hair Clipper Kit $99 Delivered ($89 with Email Signup Code) @ Shaver Shop


Hi All,

I've been keeping an eye on this clipper for a while, while the RRP is $200 they generally have discounted it to $120 - a search of OzB shows thats around the best price seen.

Currently its available for $99 (free delivery or C&C) - you can sign up for their email (use the signup on the main webpage, generates an instant unique code) for an extra $10 off - making it $89. You can either use the form towards the bottom of their homepage or the popup to access this, they even apply it to your cart immediately. Purchasing as a GUEST is super easy, so no need to 'sign up' - honestly one of the better online retailers for ease of use IMHO.

The Wahl range is a tad confusing - but cut a long story short the V5000 is regarded as near as good as any corded trimmer but at a good value point - has their top level motor in it and comes with a good kit of blade combs - most are plastic but there's a few metal ones in there that are sought after.

Includes: V5000 Clipper, six guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, blade guard and styling comb.

• Professional V5000 vibrator motor for durability and longevity
• Ultra-powerful corded Clipper
• Ideal for tapering, fading, free hand, sculpting and skimming techniques
• Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades
• Unique angled blade allows adjustment to zero overlap for super close cutting
• Cutting Length: 0.7mm without attachments
• Guide Comb lengths: 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm
• Made in USA
• 2-Year Warranty

It's really the 'value' point in their clipper range where the point of diminishing marginal returns kicks in but everything I've read about this clipper is that it's an excellent bit of kit and on par with true professional clippers that sell for 2-4x as much. There's a lot of reviews of it on Youtube etc comparing it to the V7000 & V9000 - that concluded it was just as good if not preferred by many folks.


PS. There's also 8% Cashback via CR - showed up instantly for me. 7% at SB. This deal is around 20% cheaper than what i believe is the previous lowest price on OzB: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558255

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    You seem to know your clippers, but looking at the hairstyle you rock in your profile pic…..I'd just don't know if I can believe you

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      Thats as a was WAITING for a deal as good as this. Seriously though, I've been using Wahl's entry level clippers for a while, they're ok - but I've been waiting for either the V5000 or V7000 to get to this type of price. Shavershop regularly has them for $115-130 after all discounts and I just couldn't pull the trigger.

      At $89 (with the $10 voucher) delivered - then take the CR cashback off, thats around $80. Which is pretty outstanding for a genuine salon grade clipper, combs with some metal ones etc. From all I've read you've got your entry level Wahl's, then the mid range stuff (like the traditional and white one I can't recall that sell for $50-80), and after this is the proper pro grade stuff that barbers etc will use the V5000, V7000 and V9000 - but their RRP is $200+. So getting one of these for $80 makes a lot of sense to me even though my Wahl cheapie is still working ok. :-)


        I am in the same boat as you. my $25 WAHL still works though but I don't have a lot of hair anyways.
        Good price though.
        How does this compare to the elite pro https://www.shavershop.com.au/wahl/elite-pro-hair-clipper-00...


          From what I read - the Elite is consumer oriented - whereas the V5000 is salon/pro oriented and a tad superior. Still it's likely splitting hairs and at near 1/2 the Elite's price that makes the comparison easier for me.


            @Nikko: I need a clipper that cuts cleanly and doesn't split hairs! Might pass on this one then…

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          I bought the elite pro a few months back, I believe it shares the same motor as the v5000, the pack i bought had the guides that had the metal brackets - https://www.asos.com/wahl/wahl-elite-pro-haircutting-kit/prd...


        Im bald but you almost convinced me


    V5000 is not much better than the WAHL Cheapie for me. Still leaves some long strands sometimes.


      I'd say this is likely a user/technique issue - the motor and blade on the V5000 is vastly superior to the cheapie. It's easy enough when cutting your own hair to miss a strand with ANY clipper, thats why you do multiple passes.


    Cashrewards is now 15%, so final price is $76.86


      Only seeing 3.5% at CR