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Up to 50% off adidas @ eBay Australia


Looks like 50% off on all the listed items under their eBay store.

Ultraboosts aren't listed but there are some running apparels on good price.

I bought some "own the run" tees.

Some items are eligible for PLUSMS4

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eBay Australia

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  • Can someone please recommend a pair of shoes from this sale that is good for general use?

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      ultraboosts - any really

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        Probably not ideal if you're an unstable mobile foot type.

        That will extend to the NMD too.

        The new boosts are better than the older ones.

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      The NMD's are pretty comfy from what I've heard

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        Can confirm, NMDs are very comfy.

        • They don't come with insoles though, so I just bought some for a few dollars and put them into the NMD's for increased comfort

          • @chipmunkdude: I just got the NMD R1 from the platypus sale and think they're comfy but feel really flat on the front. Where did you get insoles from? I'd like to increase the bounce on them so they're a little bit comfier

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            @chipmunkdude: How can a shoe possibly come without an insole?

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              @eraser215: I had the same question lol.. Unfortunately the NMDs don't, whereas Ultraboosts come with insoles.

              • @chipmunkdude: Do you have a photo of this? I'd love to see what's inside these shoes.

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              @eraser215: thats what I thought before i got my new balance shoes. when did this become a thing?

              • @user27: @user27 can you show a photo of these new shoes that don't have insoles?

            • @eraser215: haha wtf, I have never even thought to check my shoes.

          • @chipmunkdude: Can you provide a link to the insoles that you use?

    • Adidas shoes are ugly ever since I switched to UA.

      • Are UA shoes often on sale?

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    shame about that 8.50 postage on the cheaper items

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      Yeah was going to buy some lad shorts but 8.50 postage…. Jeez

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      a true ozbargainer would order two pairs, so its free delivery over $100, then return one haha

      • Lol……..a true Ozbargainer indeed.

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    Any casual exercise runners go from basic shorts to any of these fancier apparels with tights? Differences or benefits?

    I just bought a spare pair of cheapie Kmart gym shorts (zip pocket) for $10 which obviously don't have the same "features" but I only need to cover my old man thighs in the end.

    Genuinely asking. It's like Step One undies; curious to try but not curious enough to fork out for them.

    • There is definitely a big difference between Step ones and regular jocks. so take it how you will

  • Are the sizes US or UK?

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    Just got a own the run 1/2 zip.

    Price is comparable to the Adidas website with discount and cash back, but the shipping is free.

  • Can anyone recommend me shoes for running/gym? Thank you.

    • Ultraboosts, anything else and you're wasting your time..

      • What’s so good about ultra boost? Been wanting to get a new pair of shoes

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          The comfort level is crazy alone. I do a lot of running and general gym work and their performance holds up against the best of the best. I never owned a pair of UBs prior to 2018, now I have 5 with a 6th ordered from this sale.. ahaha

        • @ahoknakama Overrated. Boost foam is great but everybody else caught up and overtook them a long time ago. They are overly heavy compared with similarly cushioned shoes. Have a read of reviews at roadtrailrun or doctors of running, including the ultraboost 21.

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      It’s better to have different and separate shoes for gym and for running. For running, you need a shoe with a high heel drop (~12mm) for support and cushioning, but for the gym, you need a shoe with a low heel drop (~4mm) for stability. For doing deadlifts and weighted squats at the gym, it’s more ideal to wear no shoes.

      Probably the best gym shoes are the Reebok X1 or X and the Nike Metcon 6 or 5.

      The best running shoes are dependent on the type of feet you have (ie high arch or flat feet, feet point inward or outward when walking, ankles overpronate or underpronate). There are multiple running shoe quizzes online that you can take that can give you an idea of what shoes would be best for you.

      Hope this helps!

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        I disagree with your statement about requiring high drop shoes for running. Most running brands make shoes with much lower drops than what you have stated, generally around 4-8mm e.g. New Balance, Saucony, Brooks. You can get high drop shoes (for example Mizuno Wave Rider 24) but saying that you need a high drop shoe for running is totally inaccurate. The main thing that is agreed upon is that there is an adaptation period when switching between low and high drop shoes for running, as your calves will be loaded differently etc.

        Plenty more reading to be done at RoadTrailRun or Doctors of Running web sites for those interested.

        When it comes to gym shoes, I do agree that lower drop shoes and more minimal shoes help you balance a bit better and feel what's going on under you. That's why you see lots of lifters at the gym take their shoes off for certain exercises like deadlifts and so forth.

        I do also agree with you about a good running shoe not necessarily being a great gym shoe in some cases.

      • But none of those are on sale, need the BarGains.

        Lifting shoes that is

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    Heads up most of these are on the Adidas website in sale/outlet section and you can use the code CLICKFRENZY to get an extra 30% off on top of the discounted price.

  • Nice thanks!

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    Not all items are 50% and shipping kills it.

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    Bought 3 pants,thanks op.

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    why do all the models have their back to the camera??

  • How do Adidas sizes compare to Nike?

    I'm a 11US with Nike
    10.5US with ASICS
    10US with New Balance

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      Try comparing the EU equivalent to get the closest fit. That's what I do. So I always look for EU 46, irrespective of what US or UK size the shoe is listed in.

    • really depends on the model
      eg; ultraboost tend to size smaller, so in those I'm a 9.5US

  • Picture of Ultraboost and 50% off adidas got me excited but only to be disappointed after opening the post

  • NMD's are probably the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.
    Do people even buy Air Max's anymore?

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/str/adidasaustralia

    If OP's link doesn't work, try 👆

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    Lmao. I keep ordering then cancelling if I can get the item for a little bit cheaper elsewhere. God knows im gonna end up with two pairs and deal with the headache of returning. Edit** I essentially paid the same price after all the discounts. The joys of ozbargain lol

    • I ended up paying more ahah and misread the PAPPSS discount as min spend $100. Gee I suck at bargains

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        Same. I got 4% instead of $5 off my $50 purchase.

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    Sweet got a pair of these adidas AU Men Running Questar Flow Nxt Shoes for $50 as I had a $5 off code if I used the app thanks OP. Now hopefully they fit !

    Never mind just cancelled my order 😅

    • @solidusnake me too! i was ordering size 10.

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    Any deals for Honda Civic EK 2000?

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    • Awesome M8 got $10 off on $155, Cheers!!!!

      • could've gotten more :) check my post below

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    thanks OP, also scored a bunch of "own the run" tees, which I have been hunting for (on sale) for a while.

  • I have had 5 orders cancelled in a row on instock items. Their reason "something wrong with the buyers delivery address". I have been using this address for years, Im assuming they are out of stock on some items and just cancelling. Check out previous feedback, this is quite common.

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    Any recommendations for men's running shoes under $75?

  • Everything is 50% off on their eBay store? I must be missing something because I'm seeing a lot of 30% off atm.

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    What are you all on about?

    Their Outlet store has Ultraboosts on Sale then a further 30% plus stack that with some 12% cashback on cashrewards or 10% on shopback.

    $270.00 RRP
    $162.00 Sale Price
    $113.40 Click Frenzy 30% ~ 58% saving of RRP
    $99.80 after cashrewards ~ 63% saving of RRP
    $102.06 after shopback ~ 62% saving of RRP

    EDIT: link to shoes https://www.adidas.com.au/ultraboost-outlet

    • how do you get the click frenzy discount at the outlet store?

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    be sure to stack with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622277

    for spend over 100! Worked for me just now!

    My order total was $92.50. Used above code and ebay also had free shipping for orders over $100.

    Added all the same items to my cart on the adidas store to compare, even with CLICKFRENZY code, came to $118. Even then with cashback, ebay comes out better.

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    Reebok 50% off too: https://www.ebay.com.au/str/reebokaustralia

    Also use code PAPPSS on the eBay app to get $5 discount for $50-100 order, $10 discount for order over $100 and so on

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    Order still hasn't shipped
    Anyone ordered on the 18th May and still have you order as not shipped?

    Any way to cancel order?

    • Ordered 18th, arrived yesterday in Perth.

    • I also haven't received shipping info….

      • Also yet to receive any shipping info. Ridiculous

        • Finally received shipping information 10 minutes ago

  • I think Adidas stores doesn't accept the returns or exchanges for online orders, right?
    Got shoe one size bigger, is there any chance of exchanging it for right size?

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