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Jim Beam Set of 3 Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets 6" 8" 10'', Black - $36.05 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon AU


I was looking to buy a second cast iron skillet, and came across this. This is roughly the same price as other single skillets. The two smaller ones will come in handy.

It looks like previously this was $50 from Amazon US , so this is great that it's Amazon AU also.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks! Been thinking about buying a cast iron for a while but also wanted a mini one for skillet cookies so this is perfect.

  • I didn't know Jim Beam did skillets; today I learned

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      as did I. Unless I am mistaken, cast iron is cast iron. So I wouldn't care if Adidas released a cast iron. I'd buy it if it was cheap haha. It should all do the job.

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        Weight/thickness. This full set weighs 3.8kg, the same as one 12" pan from Lodge.

        • Genuine question, does weight/thickness affect performance? Or is it just how heavy it will feel?

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            @EchoNoob: thicker/heavier retains heat better

            • @Thefong: Yep which is the whole point of cast iron cookware.

              • @Cheaplikethebird: I've read a few articles which explain that the real benefit of cast iron cookware is that it radiates heat better than most other materials. If you hold your hand above a cast iron pan versus a non-cast iron pan at the same temperature you will get the feeling that it's hotter even if the surface itself is the same temperature. A lot of people say that it conducts the heat more evenly, but apparently that's not true.

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                  @lochiebags: Even considering that you still want the cast iron to hold a decent amount of heat to be radiated. If mass didn't matter then all the major brands would make thin pans instead of the heavy pans that consumers complain about. IMO a thin cast iron pan would just be a crappy pan that rusts. Also if you're going to put the effort into maintaining your cast iron properly and building a good seasoning then it's worth the few extra dollars to start out with a quality pan.

                  • @Cheaplikethebird: Just thought about it again, no ability to hold heat IS the main benefit of cast iron. So when you drop in raw ingredients they don't suck all the heat out of the pan.

      • I've seen cheap junk stainless steel pot corrode faster than iron in a hydrochloric bath. Honestly "cast iron is cast iron" who comes up with this stuff? (and I'm more worried that you got upvoted…)

        Lodge is already very cheap when on sale, and good cast iron will last forever. Why go stingy on something like this?!

        Some intro highschool chem should cover the core ideas. But more than happy to explain!

    • “This ain’t Jim Beam”

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    I bought these a few years ago. The smallest one i never use. The others are ok. Make sure you season them again when you get them. The factory seasoning is light on.

    • Good to know. Will season when it arrives.

    • do you eat Salmon fillets? i bought a 6" pan for this recipe.

      heat your oven to 160°C
      heat the pan up until its very hot
      Pop the salmon in the pan for 2-3 minutes each side. (I do skin first 3mins, other side 2mins)
      Put pan & fish in oven 5 mins @ 160°C

      crispy skinned, perfectly cooked salmon.

  • Are these Made In USA? I think not [most likely by Lodge is yes?]

    POOR feedback : "Please don’t buy them as I had very bad experience to buy that with them As very low quality material . Can Not use it any more. Waste of money."

  • Do these work with induction?

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      Yes, mine does work

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