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[Refurb] Apple iPhone 12 64GB $1049, iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $959, iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $1479 Delivered @ Phonebot


Part of this years click frenzy deals

Apple iPhone 12 Pro max 128gb $1579

Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128gb $1479

Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64gb $959

Apple iPhone 12 64gb $1049


Apple iPad 8th Gen 32GB WiFi Like New $459

Apple iPad Pro 1st Gen 256gb Wifi Cell $899

All orders placed today will be shipped by Thursday. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website or email us at support at phonebot com au

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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    [eBay Plus] Apple iPhone 12 128GB (Black) $1206.99 | Pro (Blue) 128GB $1417.79 Delivered @ 3 Brothers eBay - previous deals for brand new phones

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      Hi mate can u please tag these deals as I cant find them. Also are they live now?

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    Wouldn’t trust this company with delivering a bloody digital iTunes gift card on time (see my earlier comments on phone bot post) let alone a mobile phone.

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        I wouldn’t call getting the item significantly delayed and my calls and emails being ignored a “bargain”. Especially asking a customer to “get over it” reeks disgusting, lowest level of customer service - which is consistent with the service I was provided and, by the looks of other comments and reviews, others as well.

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        Is this how you respond to disputes like this? Not a good look whatsoever, so unprofessional. How can we expect decent service from you with this level of respect on a public forum. Your response looked vastly different when you were confronted here, but it appears this was after unsuccessfully trying to resolve things with your customer service. You're doing the right thing "keeping it real" if your ultimate aim is to lose potential customers.

        Edit: checked out your previous replies. Wow. Patience required for a digital gift card that has been payed for, and trying to wriggle your way out of complying with Australian Consumer Law? No surprise there. You even acknowledged the "poor form" of your customer service - why don't you make amends by fixing it once and for all?

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          Beyond me why a deceitful, disrespectful, borderline illegally operating seller/representative is allowed to post deals on this platform despite numerous complaints and negs.

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        extremely unprofessional.

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    Too many negative reviews online!

    • -5 votes

      Your right to form an opinion. Every business has positive and neg reviews. Im guessing your on ozb after going through it's reviews

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        Im guessing your on ozb after going through it's reviews

        The irony coming from a representative using OzBargain as a platform to gain sales. That same level of "2.9 star" expectations seems to apply to you after looking at how you've approached dealing with customer complaints. I'm only guessing things would be worse trying to email you.

      • +3 votes

        Your response raises even more red flags!

        • -2 votes



          There's nothing wrong with it. In which case, your response doesn't make you look smart.

          Techie4066 totally missed the point too. Probably on purpose.


            @justtoreply: Sure, it would be nice if you tried explaining yourself as I have done. This is one of the worst approaches to customer service I've seen.


    any deal for a note 20 ultra?


      I'm working on It.what would be a good price? $999?


        depending on condition- $850? 999 would be too close to the s21 ultra which can be on sale for around 1k


    Hi, the Apple iPad 8th Gen 32GB WiFi 'Like New' for $399 doable?


      HI Bob. ill check with my manager tomorrow and get back to you, but margins on the new ipad8 are really thin so I doubt it. Ill check anyway . thanks

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    Dont buy from them. I received a google pixel 3 with water damage and they said it was my fault and refuse to give a refund


    How about a decent price on the old Huawei phones , surely you want to unload old stock


    Damm so much hate for this seller 🤣

    • +2 votes

      Deserved. Businesses treat customers with decency.