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Liquorland: 10% off Sitewide + 30% Cashback ($30 Cap) @ ShopBack (12pm)


Cashback Starts 12pm! Link

Stack with:

  • 10% sitewide @ Liquorland - promo code SITEWIDE
  • Collect 2000 Flybuy points when you spend $50.
This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • You ve got my +1

    • +8

      Obviously in thought only .

    • +1

      And you have my bow.

  • +3

    Thanks shopback….. I'm officially an alcoholic!

    • +1

      Yep, I've got beer slabs stacked up the wall in my spare bedroom. It's starting to get imbarressing actually.

    • Count me in too - another alcoholic šŸ˜€

    • one of us!

  • +1

    Brings a $56 case of Peroni down to effectively $27

    10% off $56 ($5.60)
    Fly buys ($10)
    Cashback ($13.80)

    • FLYBUYS $10 .. Huh .. ??

      • +1

        2000 Flybuys = $10

  • +3


  • +3
    I need another $488 fridge Iā€™m running out of room

    • šŸ‘

    • +1

      Drink faster .. šŸ˜‚ .. !!

    • hahahaha

      tell us you are an OB'er without telling us you are an OB'er

      • No I know where the spare shelves go

    • Where did you buy the fridge from? Luckily it is cold enough in Adelaide at the moment I just leave the beers in the spare room.

      • +1


  • My cart is loaded up and ready to go, the website is showing free delivery as my order is over $100.

  • Went on the site didn't see the 2000pts bonus. Anyone know where to activate or is it targeted?

  • -1

    30% not showing on shoprewards site.

  • +3

    Is it just me or is Shopback killing Cash Rewards?

    • Shopback win the game this week I think

  • Kraken 1L on special $73.

    10% off $7.30
    30% cashback $19.71
    2000 bonus pts effectively $10

    About $36 after discounts

  • Is SITEWIDE working still? showing as invalid for me


    anyone else have this?
    (edit - beaten by 5 seconds)

    • now fixed.

  • -1

    Posted midnight. Bot never tires!

  • Amazing deal

  • -1

    can anyone find Galway Pipes? that's what annoys me with Liquorland & 1st Choice, they jave stock in store, but they claim not too and rather then let you search for stores that have it, it just gets removed from your cart.

    • Unless you want it urgently, try changing to delivery which is showing as free for me on an order of over $100. I find their website glitchy…multiple times I have added a beer that is made in SA to my cart then at check out it tells me it is no longer available in SA!

      • As described earlier, I had this in my cart for delivery today and now it is saying "Removed product Pirate Life Eyre Peninsula Coffee Bean Porter Can 355mL in SA as it is no longer in stock." :(

        • Yeah, the site sucks. Might be able to still get it click and collect though. Also, don't put stuff in your cart in advance. Cashrewards and Shopback are unlikely to pay its already in your cart. I always do a test shop for availablity on my laptop first, then update app on my phone, then process it all through the app from scratch. 100% tracking record.

  • +1

    They jacked the prices up since 2am today

    Johnnie black was $43 now $60
    Dimple 12yrs $44 now $59
    Blue label $200 now $250

    • +3

      Not jacking, end of the weekly specials. Always happens between Tuesday and Wednesday. Time to find the new specials!

      • This is true. But their prices on some wines is 30% higher than First Choice. Normally much closer matched.

  • Can I use this deal multiple time in different transaction? Can I buy it online and pick it up?

    • +1

      Summary of the rules: 10% up to $1000, flybuys is limited to one transaction per flybuys account and yes, we can collect it ( some items ).

      10% off Sitewide offer
      10% sitewide offer valid online only from 19/05/2021 until 11.59 PM AEST 20/05/2021. Offer applies on orders of $1 or more after savings and discounts, and promo code SITEWIDE must be entered at checkout. Retail limits may apply. Online only offers not available in store. Not all products available for Click & Collect in all stores, Click & Collect subject to stock availability. This offer is only valid for up to $1000 (inc. GST) worth of products at the pre-discounted price. If your order exceeds this value, we reserve the right to cancel the portion of the order placed above this amount or process the remaining part of your order at the non-discounted amount, at our discretion.

      Bonus Points Offer
      Bonus Points offer valid online only at Liquorland. To qualify for this offer you must spend the qualifying amount online and enter your flybuys card number online at the time of purchase. Transactions must take place between 17/5/2021 and 23/5/2021. 2,000 BONUS POINTS will be applied when you spend $50 or more online during the dates specified. This offer is limited to one transaction per flybuys account. Points not awarded on purchases deemed to be wholesale quantities. Retail limits apply to all products. Points awarded after savings and discounts. Excludes gift cards and smoking/tobacco product purchases. Points will be credited within 4 weeks after expiry of offer. flybuys' privacy policy applies.

  • +1

    When stacking all 3, Baileys 700ml comes down to $14.53 a bottle. Not bad.

  • My cashback from the same deal a month ago still hasn't been approved is 'under investigation with the merchant'.

  • -1

    Would you be able to collect 2 lots of 2000 Flybuys points and max out the $30 cashback by doing two $50+ transactions?

    • Flybuys is limited to one transaction per flybuys account

  • sigh wanna order asahi dry black but it said not available for the entire WA…

  • no deal now ??? already 12pm.

  • it still says 3% when redirecting to liquor land

  • On now!

  • does the free delivery code stack up and valid for cashback?

    • It was automatically applied at checkout with no code required so I don't think it will be an issue.

  • I can't see any mention of the bonus 2000 flybuys…..can anyone point in the right direction?

    • +2

      I just added my flybuys number to my Liquorland account and when I purchased there was a big banner at the bottom saying: "Congratulations, you've collected 2000 Flybuys points.".

      That's all you need to do.

      Just got a text that my order is ready to collect.

      • Thanks Abbi.

    • +1

      Enter your flybuys number and when you finish your purchase is going to appear in your final order.

      • Cheers, Thanks for that!

  • I assume the 10% off doesn't work in the NT? We can't be trusted to drink cheap(er) alcohol. I'm sure those discounts we miss out on keep us responsible

  • +2

    Thanks OP.
    Bought a bottle of whisky, was $110, paid $57 (~50% off)

    10% off - $11
    30% cashback - $27
    2000 flybuys points - $10
    990 flybuys points (targeted offer) - $5

    • was it Chivas 18? i also bought $113 which came down $60 :)

  • Has anyone noticed that the prices are different when going through shopback. The 2 beers I was looking at were 46 and 40 each when just browsing, then clicked through shopback and they were 50 and 45 each.

  • Anyone purchases being tracked?

    • Still waiting for mine to track. Purchased at 12:19pm AEST. Hopefully will see something later today as read last time people received tracking emails later in the day when they made purchases in the morning.

    • not yet but last time for me it tracked successfully, took a number of hours before i got an email about it though, so yes it tends to take a lil longer than CR does.

    • Nothing yet.

      If it doesn't track I will just cancel the order. But by memory LL does take much longer to track than BWS.

    • Mine just track.

    • Mine just tracked also, full $30

    • Yup got an email from Shopback on my purchase.

  • does the cashback apply to the original price, or the discounted price?

    • Applies to what you paid exclusive of GST.

  • Naive question re: cashback with liquorland
    How long does it take for the cash to be withdrawn?

    • +1

      You mean how long does it take to be withdrawable? Seems to be months, 2-3 looks like going by one of my Liquorland orders back on 13 April, which says "Available by 28 June".

    • +1

      Pretty sure it says available in 75 days

    • +1

      Mine says available by 3rd Aug, or in other words, 75 days.

  • Thanks everyone

  • Seeing some prices 30% more than Firstchoice!

  • their system is down, not allowed to click and collect until you get a text which will take LONGER than the promised 30 minutes.

    I ordered 75 minutes ago still nada

  • Nice, ordered a bottle of Glenmorangie. On special and a bit cheaper than Dan Murphys at the moment

  • +1

    8 hours, still no tracking! šŸ˜

    • +1

      within 2 days, shopback always slower than CR but can track your clicked history in their app to see it was thru

  • Thanks OP šŸ‘

  • -1

    Dealbot. Do you have a screenshot of the 2000pts offer (with a date). It has disappeared and I bet they won't pay it unless you email through a screenshot.

  • What a surprise, the 2000 points didn't come through! (and I got negged for the above comment).

    Did anyone else get the points?

    • Yep, got mine

      • Yep, got mine too

      • Cheers. Any chance of a screenshot showing the points. I sent them this ozbargain deal, but need flybuy proof.

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