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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 128GB 4G (SM-G780FZBIATS) $551.85 ($501.85 with $50 Voucher) Shipped @ Samsung EPP, Edu & Gov Portal


Samsung Education Store has discounted the S20 FE 4G with EXYNOS at 35% off RRP.
(According to other retailer website, SM-G780FZBIATS is the Exynos 990 version, not sure whether Samsung keep the same model number for Snapdragon version)

Colour available: Cloud Navy, Cloud Lavendar, Cloud Red

Don't forget the usual $50 newsletter bonus.

This pricing is available at Samsung Education store, not sure about Samsung EPP stores which I don't have access to.

As pointed out by CodeXD and crazycs, same price on Samsung Government Portal and EPP.

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  • +1

    Same price on samsung government portal

    Edit: I think it might be s20 fe 4g with snapdragon?

    Product Features

    Dummy 2
    This models online feature will be provided after embargo
    Dummy 1
    This models online feature will be provided after embargo

    Nvm, processor specs are for exynos

  • I'm trying to get the online chat to give me the loyalty voucher… I'm getting the 'that ended on the 14th', and then 'we've run out of codes' after pointing out I know someone who got the code yesterday. Bleh

    • code won't work anyway, they fixed it so it doesn't stack with other discounts.

    • I asked too, they said this promo (loyalty voucher) finished on friday :(

  • Also debating whether I should be upgrading to a 5G phone for future proofing… I like to hold on to my phones for 3-4 years. Thoughts?

    • +4

      For myself, I would get the 5G version not only for future proofing, but also resell value. However it depends on the price difference when you purchase it. The resell price difference between S20+ and S20+ 5G is only $50-$80 nowadays.

      • +1

        good point. $800 for 5G vs $551 for 4G (before any discounts)… I think 4G may be the winner here

    • +1

      If The 4g is fast enough for you, there is no need for 5g

      • -1

        Kind of a weird argument. Faster is always nicer.

        • Also depends if your provider even have 5G. A lot of us are on the popular boost deal which does not.

  • this phone is severely discounted. what's wrong with it?

    • +3

      It's the Exynos version. Basically it's a tad slower than the Snapdragon version. The main issue is overheating and thus battery life, which is significantly worse than the Snapdragon.

      They're slowly releasing Snapdragon versions of this model (the 4G one) in Australia, so they've discounted the Exynos versions

      • It's not just that, even camera processing is worse on Exynos compared to Snapdragon. Not very significant but is noticeable too.

    • +1

      its FE model means fans edition so they want their fans to have it

      • +4

        I'm a fan of headphone jack and microsd. And the long gone IR blaster, so i don't have to have a remote control for TV.

    • It's about to be replaced with a newer model.

    • +2

      It was overpriced to start with (same as iPhone) but people were paying for it pre COVID. And now they can't sell enough so comes the discount.

  • is this any better than the note 10 plus? minus the S-pen

    • +4

      Definitely not.

    • nope I guess, since note 10 plus is dual sim(unless Telstra variant), better in screen, build , camera, rom and ram

  • +1

    Does anyone know how this would compare to the A52 5g? Can't find any videos online comparing the two, only standard A52 or the S20 FE 5g version

    • +2

      Even if it's Exynos it's still faster than the SD 750G on A52 5G and better camera. However the A52 has much better battery life as well as 5G.

      • Thanks for that! Better battery life would have been nice but decided for this deal for CPU and camera

        • +1

          Good decision, the A52 camera is alright but it lacks telephoto and ultrawide is not good (telephoto is on A72). This Exynos version is inferior to the SD in term of camera processing but still ahead of A52.

          • @Bigboomboom: Being ~$95 cheaper than the A52 5g is also nice haha

            • @ericshurn: Yup and battery isn't that bad, just not what you expect out of the capacity. The A52 does manage like 2-3 hours more SOT though.

              It does get hotter when playing games, throttle and byrn through battery quick in that scenario.

  • Same price on my EPP corporate portal

  • Still waiting for the $50 voucher after 2 days signing up… emailed the email address as well.

    • +3

      Hello mate
      This is a code megathread, I was able to snag a code there
      Comments are very helpful :) just go to the last page

    • Use live chat to get a voucher code from there customer service. Same thing happen to me, the email never shown up.

  • Wish they would do proper s21 ultra deals without having to jump through hoops to return an old phone for a discount.

  • I'd suggest steering clear of Exynos at all costs.

  • Can anyone check the pricing on the s21+, both 128gb & 256gb on the Edu store for me??

    • +2

      S21+ 5G
      - 128 GB $1,139.20
      - 256 GB $1,219.20

  • S20 FE is now showing out of stock

    • I think it's just the cloud navy colour - red and lavender still seem to be able to be added to cart

  • it states extra $100 off the s21 range , however the discount is not added at the checkout?

  • Is the Exynos overheating and touch problem still an issue or has this been fixed with software updates?

  • Link doesn't seem to work any more? Anyone else have any luck with this?

    • Still works for me. Only lavender and red left.

      Do you have access to Samsung partnership portal? It is required to get it at this price

      • I've got an .edu account but after logging in from the link, it says this page doesn't exist

  • Good price but has the crap exynos processor. This one overheats and uses up the battery power much faster then the newer snapdragon version. Poorer camera processing as well. Also only has gorilla glass 3 which is several iterations old now.

  • buy one now or wait for any EOFY offers???

    • OOS anyway, saved you time deciding.

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