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Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset $67.32 (Was $249) + $8 Delivery @ The Good Guys


Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset $67.32 + $8 Delivery @ The Good Guys

no stock in-store but worked for delivery, extra $20 off with lattitude pay if eligible

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Wow, great price

  • Was about to post as a good deal, not compatible with Xbox and can't find any workarounds online unfortunately

  • Selected Latitude pay but it did not take $ 20 off

  • Anyone else getting this?

    The product "3074457345620673176" cannot be ordered.

    • Yep, page is gone now. :(

  • Appears to be have been taken down

  • Good headset. Charge it overnight and it will last you a whole day.

    • Is this really "good"?

    • Charge it overnight and it will last you a whole day


  • It has been "Ozbargained"

  • read a lot of bad reviews about this, trouble with connectivity, uncomfortable material used for the pads and the mic is terrible
    even still if you got it for around 70 aud it's probably still fine for the price

  • Keep getting "Sorry, we can’t seem to find the page you’re looking for". I can search for the listing and I can see it, but once I click on it the same thing happens.

  • ozbargained.

    • likely pricing error, see if they deliver

  • Yip gone.

  • +1

    Still available on the Good Guys Commercial site for $80.

    • I just made a purchase, Let's see if it is honored. Thanks mate

    • Thanks, got one delivered for $88. Not $67, but still decent.

      • I can't find the listing ? Even if its $88 worth trying out

        Got a link or sold out

          • @DisabledUser193539: That link takes me to the good guys commercial site and the sign up/login page :(. Do you have a commercial account that you used? As you cannot access the commercial site/link without a registered account

            • @Perthsucks: Yes, you need a commercial account.

              • @DisabledUser193539: Damn, are you in Perth. As be cool to get one, and transfer the money to you lol. Or can i order it on your commercial account pay through my card and change the address? Then you can change password, long ditch effort but asking

                • @Perthsucks: I've pmed you.

  • I've been using these headphones for around 3 years now and the mic has totally stopped working. The sound on these is great, but I've always had problems with the mic on this headset.

    • would try contacting logitech support,even if out of warranty they may help you, their warranty service is 10/10

      • 3 years is a long life for a headset. I go through a pair very quickly

        • Yeah, the headset ticks all the boxes in the other categories - super comfy and the battery lasts a good 18 hours, and easy to swap between ps4 and pc. But the mic has always been an issue. Before it totally stopped working, it would randomly mute itself because the headset thought the mic was titled up in the mute position. The mic has totally stopped working now so I just use the mic on my Logitech webcam as a workaround until I find a good deal on new headset.

  • Can anyone let me when they get their headset? keen to see if they actually deliver. I ordered through TGG Commercial and waiting for deliver.

    • Update 20/05/21 2:41pm: Got a phone call from the local store saying they dont have stock and wont have stock for a while. Anyone else get the same message?

      • noone called me but noticed that it was on backorder….

      • Yeh, I got that call too. Only 2 in stock in the country. Waiting on more to arrive.

        • Do tell if more come in