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$25 off Storewide Coupon (No Min Spend) @ Amart Furniture


Use code AFTERDARK for $25 off any order. No minimum spend.

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    Geeez $99 shipping

  • +17

    Only $88 to deliver a pillow! Wow! Such value.

  • +4

    Unable to checkout with items $25 and under in cart.

    • +1

      Keep patience. It's after 9

      • code works for item over $25

    • I did a click and collect order. $34 order.

      • Product Champ ?

  • +15

    Student desk $3 for pickup in store.

    • Just got this. Thanks

      • 16 week wait?

        • Not at my store

    • Thanks got one.

  • -1

    110cm fiddle leaf fig for $25, yes please

  • read it as 25% and got excited lol

  • +4
    • +3

      no able for pick up

      • Bugger

    • +1

      I need to know where I can get some business hammocks.

      • They're all in the same complex… it's the Hammock Complex, down on Third!

  • +2

    Same, can't place order at checkout when item is below $25

    • -1

      So spend >$25.01 by adding more to cart

  • +2
  • Theres a bunch of stuff under here which is… $0???


    e: nvm they kept the coupon on…

  • Multiple orders allowed?

    • They're guest checkout so i guess so. But I would pick up at diferent stores or something if you were to do that.

      • -1

        I'm picking up my 6 chairs same store :)
        Not worth the effort running all over town for them .

  • +1

    If you buy 2 items totalling to more than $25, only the highest value discounted. Really ? So not exactly $25 off

    • It seems to be weirdly coded.

  • Thanks OP, bought 4x 50cm outdoor cushions for $4 each. Had to do each in a seperate order using different email addresses for each order for it to work.

    • Guest checkout or with an account?

      • +1


    • How did u manage to do that ? It gives you $25 off ? How much is the cushion each ? More than $25?

      • $29 each - $25 = $4

  • Thanks. Got a memory foam pillow for 5.

  • Party's over

    • 9pm? It’s not QLD time haha

  • Party's over

  • Busted

  • LOOL got a $3 desk in time

  • Snuck in a $4 outdoor table right as it became invalid LOL

  • +1

    Don't know why people are saying its over, it's still working.

    Edit: for those making multiple orders you need to use a different email address for each order otherwise the code will say invalid

  • Regarding not being able to make orders less than $25 - I used the chat feature to talk to an employer:

    "Yes, we do apologise, there is an issue with orders that are $25 or less - if you call the store they should be able to assist. If they are closed, please feel free to call in the morning and explain what has happened"

    • Hmm maybe try to get some refund at store when picking it up

    • -1

      It not too hard to place order just over $25 .
      Unbelievable you probably don't even know your drawing attention to it .

      • +2

        Hi Mate, please don't be judgemental as I only buy item that will be useful for me and not just anything over $25.

  • +2

    Reminds me of that Spotlight $20 coupon deal all over again scrolling through hundreds of pillow listings

  • +8

    $4 memory foam pillow (from $99.95, on special for $29, then $25 off)

    • Thanks, good deal.

    • +1

      Gel infused $10 more worth a look

    • Same I got the pillow too :)

  • disregard

    • +1

      In the cart view just after your cart items

      • yeah i couldn't see it, i thought it was towards the end
        missed the "Promotional code " lol

  • Buying something $25 won't let me check out kept saying check payment details

    • bought the $3 desk :)

    • +1

      I changed to non-Amex and that fixed this issue

      • agreed - changed to another debit/credit card and different email address hehe

  • +1

    cant checkout, wont let me enter the post code etc in the checkout.

    • -1

      Try things over $25

    • Clear cart and try again?

  • We're sorry that your order could not be placed. This probably happened due to a high order volume or temporary connection errors. Please wait a few minutes and resubmit your order. We won't process your payment until you successfully place your order. If you have further questions, please contact us.

    • Every time I retried placing the order and received the above error, it actually generated a new order.

      Now I have a few dozen separate orders for the same item…

      • don't know what you are doing wrong but i did 4 separate orders fine (went via incognito, did a different card and email)

        • Stop flexing bruh

  • The system is crooked. I accidentally placed three orders of the student desk because the card info was typed in wrongly the first two times… Shocked to see the orders are actually generated

  • Game over. Code not working

    • Just ordered and works for me

      • +1

        Not sure why the downvote, still works even now.

        • Turns out the code works tomorrow (21/5) in Victoria and NT. Maybe @jingsu6688 is located there.

  • Where do we enter the code? Cant even see it in checkout.

    • +1

      Was a promo code section in the cart

  • Thanks OP. Just grabbed a pillow for $4. Have had mine now for a over a year and needed replacing.

  • +2

    They ended the coupon 4 minutes early with "Your shopping cart contains a coupon that is invalid at this time. Please remove the coupon before proceeding to checkout."

    • Yep code stop working 4 mins early

      • ok still works had to use another browser

    • I don't think so, it still works.

    • Still worked for me with just a couple mins to spare.

  • Code still works. You just need to make sure that you pay for something.

    my cart was at leas $4.95 and the order went through.

  • Code not working any more.

  • +1

    Yep code still working, probably ends at midnight going by the banner at the top of the site.

  • What a useless website, can't checkout even though I am ready to pay a full price. It's really pity that for a furniture chain that big they can't maintain a functional website and then come up with nonsense coupons to invite even more traffic they can't handle.

    • You really want to buy something for full price?

      • Do you have a problem with that? The coupon didn't work and anyway wanted to buy a nice ceramic vase for $4.95 that I found on their website and it didn't even let me checkout, kept saying secure payment method selected isn't valid or something.

        • +1

          Why would I have a problem with that? It was a genuine question. But I agree the website is very buggy

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