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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 35% off $1624.35 (was $2499) @ Samsung Education Store / Government EPP


35% off at Samsung education. $1624.35. it is the lowest price I have seen.

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    Great price, I got one for my wife when it dropped to 2k, she loves it and the battery is amazing.

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      I must be so tired. I read this as "when my wife dropped the phone, it changed to 2K (from 4k)". I just assumed that half of the foldable screen died. Fml

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    FYI - Fold3 slated to be announced in August.

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    Same offer available from govt portal as well

    • Sorry, what is a government portal?

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        A portal runs by government?

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        It's the same as the education portal but for government employees

  • Crazy price!

  • It is Metallic Gold Hinge only at that price.
    256GB is plenty of space, you need offload your files if you are storing more than that on your phone.

    • I know right. What are people keeping on their phones…

      • Yeah I could never fill that up. But my phone has a 48MP camera mode (never use it) and each photo is 10+ mB. Still not sure how though

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    Great price for Fold2 and so far, none of the leaks of the Fold3 sound groundbreaking enough to make me sad that I bought in to the Fold2.

    • Reports of no crease is pretty cool though

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        To be fair, after a few weeks you hardly take any notice of it… And it's calming to run your finger back and forth over it (just like when people used to flick their flip phones open and closed when fidgeting)

      • Unless they have invented foldable glass, it is going to be nearly impossible. I have my doubts on s-pen support for the inside screen as well. It gets indented and scratched with finger nails owing to its plastic build. The only way they could do it would be to have a very soft tip on the s-pen in which case, as always compromises all the way around.

  • Just got S21 and it's much smaller than my old s9+

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      You should have got the Ultra

    • Same, also realized s21 doesn't have the UWB chip unlike s21+ & ultra

    • That's why they gave the s21 plus lol

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    Make sure you get the "SPIGEN Slim Armor Pro Case" the only case that protects the hinge.

    Bulky, maybe ugly….but it works especially for those who are prone to dropping their phones.

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      Yep that's considered the best case but gosh it does make it a bit chunky (and it makes it a tiny bit hard to reach edges/etc due to raised lip). Alternatively Care+ is an option if you want to just pay to replace it when you do smash it?

      • Becareful t&c clause 4.6 & 4.7 (inoperable returns)

        For me I rather just buy a new one when it drops to $1k as backup

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          Lol just drop a lazy $1k on a backup.

  • Only the metallic gold hinge and metallic red hinge are at that price $1624.35

    • Are you able to select the hinge colors?

      Edit - as mentioned only few colored hinges available for this price

  • Any deals going for the flip?

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      Ahh, if you use this phone in landscape mode it's technically a flip?

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    Been using mine for a while. Bought while on sale and using a $500 JB / Telstra gift card and still paid more than this.

    Absolutely love it for day to day use. Outside screen gets a surprising amount of time.

    Use a slim case as I baby my phone, but paid for insurance from JB in case I drop it.

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    lowest price I have seen.

    Was cheaper

    • Thats with a trade in. So not cheaper.

  • Its an amazing phone. Bought it for $2k last 3 weeks. Using spigen slim case. I love this phone! Amazing!

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    Great price, but not practical for me, but if you can take care of this baby, u will make most of it

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    Try Diablo immortal with your fold 2….you will not be disappointed.

    • Agreed very good gaming ezperence

  • how many folds can you get before it breaks?

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      Few thousands I guess

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        Fold one cnet test last at 120k
        Fold 2 claim minimum 200k but i am sure the hinge problem is solved so it should be more than 200k.

        So lets make every fold count lol

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          I mean, even a lifespan of 120000 folds would be opening and closing it 65 times a day, every day, for five years.

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      just one, don't try to fold it twice

  • Red and Gold hinge only. 4 to 5 week wait on delivery? I ordered one though :)

  • Has anyone bene able to purchase an item form the below portal since last 2 days??!!
    I have been encountering error while trying to add items to the cart since yesterday and today got an auto-reply from samsung support, that they are aware about the issue with their epp portal.


    I can't believe that samsung is not able to rectify their portal issue since last since last 2-3 days.
    I doubt as if they are doing it intentionally, seems their S21 is high in demand :-)!!

  • This price is also available with the usual corporate portals. Has anyone tried to stack it with the $200 Samsung bonus ?

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      Tried, no luck. Says invalid 😔

  • Still trying to squeeze a bloody $50 voucher out of them…

    • Same, waiting for days

      • me too

  • Would have pull the trigger if it was blue hinge

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    Great phone, if you are on the fence get it at this price. had might since launch and got no issues. the outside screen could be a little wider, but you get used to it. I have mine in the Spigen Slim Amour Pro case which does add some size to the phone but with the hinge cover it makes it very easy to hold when open.

  • man I would buy this but don't have an edu email any more.

  • Do we think the S21 Ultra will get an updated/ cheaper price for EOFY?

    • order Ouija last week, will let you know once i master it

  • I managed to snatch one up for $1500 last time with the $750 trade in bonus, been loving it so far.

    I have a Samsung Aramid Case ($90), need to note that this case is basically useless in the case of a drop, but it does stop the phone from getting scratched when you place it down on the table.

    With third party cases you need to be careful and do a lot of research, as I have read that some of them will permanently scratch your phone (especially the bezel around the smaller screen)

    256 GB is more than enough for your average user, but if you think you will hit the limit you can always use Google Drive / Photos to back up stuff you don't use (there is always data transfer to your PC or Hard drive)

  • Anyone tried this?

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      this is cheaper with out need of trade in

  • Guys, I tried to buy it but it's showing a price of about $1999.20. I added my edu email and reached to Samsung portal. Am I missing something?

  • is this finished? Can't find anything about the fold 2 being that cheap after logging in with edu email

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      You have scroll down to see the two variants that are discounted. Also a tip for anyone looking to buy it, use PayPal instead of credit card as I tried many times with a credit card and failed.
      Even with PayPal it doesn't end with a proper post payment page but just says shopping cart is empty.

      However if the money is deducted from your account then you should receive a mail of order confirmation.
      I even got notified through GPay as I registered my card on it.

      Good luck.

      • thanks very much for the help!

  • Coming up as $1999. Has the price changed since 2 days ago or do we have to enter a promo code etc.?

    • Had to scroll to find the tab that said "35% off fold 2" shows up with black / metallic red fold

  • Just wondering is the offer still there?

    I went in with my edu.au account but doesn't show any promotion/ discount? do you need to put any code in?


    • Had to scroll to find the tab that said "35% off fold 2" shows up with black / metallic red fold

  • It shows 1999. Any help please?

    • Had to scroll to find the tab that said "35% off fold 2" shows up with black / metallic red fold

      • Doesn't work mate, I scroll down but can't find this price

  • My phone is arriving tomorrow! So excited!

    • when did you order?

      • Last Thursday

        • did it mention the 4-5 week wait when you ordered?

          • +1

            @robbbyrob: Yeap. Hence why I was surprised to be getting it so soon! Not complaining though.

            • @manutd123: glad to hear.. you have given me hope.. was semi regretting after realising how long a 4-5week wait is

  • Had to scroll to find the tab that said "35% off fold 2" shows up with black / metallic red fold.

  • Spoke to Samsung via FB Messenger: http://spr.ly/6182yGHHk

  • +1

    Ordered 3 days ago, received today!!!
    Very excited. When I ordered I was told delivery is 4-5 weeks, but received it in 3 days.
    Awesome tablet

  • $1574.35 after $50 newsletter discount 😅

  • Just ordered yesterday. Are people still getting quicker deliveries than the 4-5 weeks indicated?

    • Got shipping notification today. Using Startrack Premium and expected on Tuesday.

      • Did u buy Samsung care?

        • Can't yet as I don't have IMEI. Still undecided, going to wait to I have my hands on the device first