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HIS Radeon HD 6990 4GB for $499 @ MSY Auburn (Clearance Stock)


A HIS Radeon HD 6990 4GB for $499! I found this while browsing through MSY Auburn's clearance list. The 6990 is usually around $750 which makes this a great bargain. The 7970 is about $700 at most stores at the moment and the 6990 beats it at almost every benchmark. The downside to the 6990 is that it is a dual GPU card which can run into problems multi-GPU related and some people complain of micro-stuttering.

I do not know how many more they have left (less than 5 for certain) so calling them first is advised. I believe this is to make way for the AMD HD 7xxx series of GPU which are slowly being introduced this year.


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  • +9 votes

    This will go great with my $199 netbook



    • -3 votes

      This is going to turn out to be OzB's 'arrow to the knee'.

    • -4 votes

      Yeah cause you can attach a GPU card to a netbook.
      Woah technology has changed so fast since I built my comp. =_=

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    think carefully about this as ATI will release a slew of 7000 series products soon

    a $300 ATI 7870 card may be just as fast with half the heat and since its a single GPU, less compatibility issues

  • +8 votes

    The 1GB Powercolor 6950 for $169 at Clayton looks good, pity too far for me to pickup.

    • +1 vote

      That should be an Ozbargain…

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        +1 i agree

      • +1 vote

        Yes that is a bargain around $100 off.


      get the 2gb model unlock the extra shaders either by software or 6970 bios and you essentially have yourself a 6970. CF 2 of those unlocked and youve got a cheap powerhouse.

      Rumour is that the 7850 'might' be a unlockable to a 7870, just like the 6950 to 6970. Nothing confirmed yet.

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    u need a very powerful power supply. Best thing to do is look for a secondhand 5870 on ebay under $150.


      Those that want a 6990, often will get themselves a decent PSU. Also you don't anything more than a 750watt PSU if using a 6990.

      My 650watt PSU works fine with my 6950 which is overclocked, my overclocked CPU, my 4 internal hard drives, 1 DVD Rom Burner, 1 X-Fi sound card and all of my devices plugged in via USB ports. All of these devices are drawing power via the 650watt PSU.


    These 'clearance' items usually have little to no stock.


      Agreed, and anything that good will be long gone very soon after they're posted…


      No stock, most likely not.
      Little stock, probably.

      Not that many people need the 6990 either.

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    This will be good on my $199 PC.

    • +5 votes

      Someone did that joke at the top… try a new one :D


        lol! its a netbook as well


    awesome deal! well found!


    First time i've ever seen a deal for a graphics card on OzBargain.