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Dahua 4K 28" TN Monitor $189 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original Coupon Deal

it only started 2 days ago more than 10 available

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    No one should ever buy a TN panel monitor. There's no valid reason for it. It's cheap for a reason, they're garbage.

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      TN remains great for 144Hz and up, unless you get an LG 2021 nano-IPS for 144-165Hz, LG OLED for 120Hz, Samsung G7 QHD 240Hz or a 360 Hz IPS panel.

      This, however, uses a terrible panel.

    • If the brand "Dahua" is same as CCTV manfuacturer "Dahua"

      Then, using "TN" panel as survelliance monitor is more than sufficient

      Of course, monitor should not be of specific use :)

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      TN is not as bad as you think.
      TN phone displays were OK, until most switch to IPS, and the only TN phones left were the cheap junk.
      It is a bit like steel bicycle frames. Great once, reserved for Kmart now.

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    Isn't the dell a better option?…

  • They all keep dropping the price on these and struggling to sell… at least they're learning.

  • https://www.computeralliance.com.au/28-dahua-lm28-f401-4k-mo... $169.15 pickup using coupon click15. I'll never buy another TN monitor though.

    • but $22 delivery from their website

  • Not a bad price for a non-brand as my 3rd monitors for work.

    Thanks OP.

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