This was posted 8 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DDR4 Gaming PC I GTX 1060 I Customisable RGB I Quad Core i5-6500 I 16gb DDR4 I 250gb SSD I Wifi $750 @ Price Performance PC


The price of graphics cards is through the roof. A brand new GTX 1660 now retails around $700 and that's if you can get stock!

For around the same price, we are offering budget conscious Oz Bargainers a complete gaming PC that plays many popular titles at 1080p high graphics settings exceeding 60fps. We use a mix of new and used parts to save you money. For reliable data storage we use a brand new Western Digital blue solid state drive. Refurbished parts have been benchmarked and stress tested. Each system comes with 30 days return to base warranty.

You can also rest assured the Geforce GTX 1060 being a 3gb variant has not been mined.


OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

CPU: Intel i5-6500 quad core cpu turbo boost around 3.5ghz

Motherboard: Asus H110M-A motherboard

RAM: 16gb Crucial DDR4-2133

GPU: Gigabyte Windforce 2X GTX 1060 OC

Storage: 250gb Western Digital Blue solid state drive

PSU: Antec 520w 80 plus bronze rated power supply

USB dual band wifi adapter

Case: Aerocool tempered glass case with controllable RGB lighting

Price for tower alone. 24" 1080p Led monitor, backlit mechanical keyboard and mouse additional $100.

Same day delivery can be organised Victoria wide.

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    price in title - you know how this works

  • +2

    Where's the bargain? Seems more like advertising

    • +1

      The bargain is in using reliable, refurbished components to pull together a gaming rig that plays popular games without blowing the budget.

      • What's the regular price on these parts? What discount are you providing?

        At the moment you've listed a product, not a bargain.

        • +3

          A comparable brand new i5 system at any retailer with a slower GTX 1650 gpu would cost you over $1k. Feel free to shop around.

  • +1

    Price anywhere even. This is just advertising.

  • Ad not bargain

  • +5

    30 day warranty of 6 yr old parts.

    • The components in this build are from reliable brands that can last much longer than 30 days. However at this price point we're only providing 30 days warranty.

  • Imagine spending all that time writing out a description and not putting the price.

  • +2

    Thanks the price has now been added to the title.

  • Atleast provide 1 year warranty with these builds lol

    • +3

      If you consider them reliable how about you take on the risk rather than the customer

  • Advertising second hand computers is not a bargain.

    • -2

      Buying brand new with the silicon shortage is a great way of getting ripped off. There are great deals to be had in the refurbished market now.

      • +4

        This isn't one of them

  • How is this a deal?

  • -2

    Curious reaction. This has been done before

    • Because you haven't posted a deal. You're in ozb. Either post a proper deal or begone.

    • +5

      That has a 1 year warranty at least

    • +4

      I still don't think the idea is terrible. It might be helpful if you described which parts are refurbished (power supply in particular - I'm assuming CPU/mb/ram/GPU are refurb).

      But I agree with the above, a 30 day warranty is probably the biggest factor, it doesn't inspire confidence for users who don't want any hassles, and people who don't mind a few hassles are better off building their own.

      • +1

        Thanks for your balanced views daffyd. We've been in business for a few years now. Though there are some customers who ask for a longer warranty period the vast majority understand they are getting a saving by purchasing a refurb system and warranty is really a bonus. The cheapest comparable brand new system I've found from other retailers with 12 months warranty exceed $1k for tower alone. Warranty is like paying for insurance though there is unlikely to be a claim. Or purchasing replacement parts upfront without ever needing them. Not for everyone.

        The power supply is used but I'm happy to replace them with brand new ones for ozbargainers.

        • Realistically for the price you should provide a brand new PSU with all systems, not just Ozbargain customers. Used PSU combined with only 30 day warranty is just wishing for a full system failure.

          • +2

            @Twirlypiglet: There have been brand new systems posted on ozbargain previously with unbranded power supplies that will cause issues. Used Antec 80 plus bronze power supplies have a very low fault rate. There are numerous refurbished PC retailers who sell with the original power supply. In the rig I am using as we type I am using a 500W Coolermaster 80 plus white power supply that has lasted for years. No issues whatsoever.

            • @coathanger007: That's true, I agree on that front. But once again, those systems come with a reasonable warranty length.

              I'm assuming it's the "Antec High Current Gamer 520W HCG-520"?

              When you say refurbished, what do you actually do with the PSU? Clean out the dust with compressed air? Genuinely curious.

              • +1

                @Twirlypiglet: It's the Antec Neo Eco series which exceeds the power requirements of this system. Yes we do clean out with compressed air if necessary. However this batch is quite clean to begin with.

  • We had about two dozen units and all sold out. Thank you for your support.

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