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Antsig 1.5m 4K HDMI Cable $4.30 @ Bunnings


Good if you need a cheap cable in a hurry. Not sure if nationwide, but stock all over WA.

Also good for nostalgia for those who remember the days when HDMI cables were featured in every second post (pre-eneloop and pre-SSD era).

22-Aug-2021 Price increased by 20 cents to $4.30 (from $4.10)

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    • Well, if it's no good you can return it without hassle at least. I haven't had much issues doing 4k on cheap cables, but I haven't exceeded 60Hz, so YMMV.

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      There is no such this as 4k hdmi. Its a marketing buzz word. Any new hdmi should support 4k regardless of what the marketing material says.

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        Not all hdmi cables have a high enough bandwidth to play 4k.

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          Try the one which you think that it wont work. You will be supprised. If you are running a cable for a very long distance then i would recommend an active optical hdmi.

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            @BargainBuddy: Yeah for as much marketing wank as there used to be surrounding “premium HDMI” cables, with the newer display and audio technologies coming out there is such thing as a “better” HDMI cable that will support higher bit rate.

            Although, you’re right. I bought an Apple TV 4K (the new one) yesterday and the off brand old HDMI cable I found in the cupboard supported all the maxed out options for my LG C9 OLED.

          • @BargainBuddy: The cable I always used didn't work well when connecting my PS5 to my LG C9.

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              @nic1: Well it does require a cable that can carry 48gbs for hdmi 2.1 .. pretty sure hdmi 2.0 does 10gbs so 4K is fine … hdmi 1.4 I don’t know much about…

      • There are differences and if you find real reviews where they did raw digital capture you will see they admit they found more corrupt pixels.
        If you even find testing on real 4K 60Hz with realistic length 2m cables.

        But they are so stuck on the Monster Cable scam days that they keep downplaying "there is a single bad pixel per second, you won't even see it".

        These cables are running at their limits so corruptions are happening at different rates.

        Expensive cables are a scam, but el-cheapo cables are corrupting more pixels which may or may not matter to someone.

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    Standard price pretty sure, but yes, good value & is my HDMI cable of choice since Officejerks raised the price of theirs.

  • Got one and it didn't work. This is also the regular price.

  • What makes a HDMI cable 4K?

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      The marketing department.

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      Bandwidth, HDMI 2.0 can handle [email protected], HDMI 2.1 can do [email protected]

      • Is there a way to tell what your cable is? I have so many lying around. More for future knowledge.

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          The manufacturer markings on the cable should mention which HDMI version they're certified to. Version 2.1 was launched in 2017, so if they're not too old, chances are good that they're v2.1 cables.

          Also, great username by the way.

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            @Gnostikos: It's most likely that they're 2.0. You still need to actively seek out 2.1 cables if you need one and most "4k" marked ones (like this one) are 2.0 cables limited to 4k/60Hz.

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            @Gnostikos: Actually it is against the HDMI licensing to put 2.1 on a cable or its marketing.
            It's supposed to be "Ultra High Speed HDMI" which is stupid so of course most cables are just going to be uncertified and say 2.1 or 8k.

            It's all dumb, they have this big list of their silly names which nobody actually knows about and Chinese cables ignore.

  • Bought it a couple of months ago for same price. It's been running all right.

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    I only pay $200+ for Monster cables

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      How do you get them that cheap? Link?

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    And good for nostalgia for those who remember the days when Hardly N ask you to buy "Premium" HDMI cables with TV purchase…

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    My dog needs some more.
    HDMI, USB, power, all are ok.

    • Is he a 4K UHD dog with a 120Hz refresh rate or just an FHD pup with 60Hz? He might look better with the right cable.

      • I got 200 channels, and nothing but cats

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