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[eBay Plus] Acer Predator Helios 17.3″ i7 RTX2070 $1549, ASUS TUF A15 R7 RTX3060 Gaming Laptop $1799.10 @ Wireless1 eBay

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    Looks like I'm getting this now that Dell have banned me.

    • Why banned?

    • Why did they ban you?

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        I've got no idea.


        The only thing I did was send them a message a few months back asking when their next 20% off sale was on because I wanted to buy that laptop when it dropped to $1599 again.

        Now when I try to add it on ebay it won't let me….can't buy it now….can't add it to cart. :-(



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          Gee, never seen that before.

        • I've ben banned too. I bought the infamous Dell S2721DGF monitor and commented how long I waited for the monitor to arrive in an otherwise positive review. Apparently that was enough to be banned…

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          If it's just on ebay, can't you just create a new ebay ID?

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    graphic TDP = 90W (max q)

    Time Spy score = 7178

    $1 buys you 4.63 Time Spy score or
    1 Time Spy score costs 21.58 cents

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    1 year warranty kinda sux.

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    That Predator 300 is a helluva deal. The others…. not so much

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      Seriously? The current-gen 3060 and AMD 5800H vs
      last-gen 2070 and Intel 10750H for just 250 more isn't good enough for you?

  • I am not convinced it has a good LCD panel. 144hz alright, but some reviews reported inferior 250nit 45% NTSC panels

  • mmm the Helios (with 2070 Max-Q it seems) or Dell G7 17 (with proper 2070 but with reported thermal issue)..

    • I'd rather take the lower powered one over one with thermal issues

    • I bought the G7 this year and haven't yet faced any heating issues so far..although, I always mount the laptop on something such that the bottom side is open near the fans

  • I'll just sing the praises of the ASUS TUF A15 5800. While I have the 3070 model, the 3060 wouldn't be a slouch and would be a worthy investment. You're getting a good cpu, a solid laptop shell, awesome battery life (12-14 hours of internet use!). The price on this deal is good, far better than JB/Harvey Norman trying to get $2398-$2399. I'd be tempted to buy another if I hadn't already recently purchased my second choice laptop (planning different uses for both laptops lol).

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      I have an unopened legion 5i with 2060 GPU, and I'm considering returning it for this 3060 Asus. I'm not fussed about the extra couple hundred dollars, if the machine is worthy. Anyone know which is the better long term solution? Cheers

      • Lenovo charge 20% restocking fee, as I was planning on doing the same.

        • not with ebay plus surely

          • @denlife: Doing the same for the asus tuff.

            Spoke to them and got them to confrim no stocking fee and full refund. Put it as return not what U offered. Mine came with RGB that I didn't want.

            Reach out before going through with anything First

    • Are you able to confirm if it has a single stick of 16gb or dual 8GB, thanks in advance

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    Mobile/Max q 3060 and 2070 are pretty much same .

    • But these ones are 2070 max-q? Less performance than the normal mobile 2070.

  • I’m not an eBay plus member. But presume you cannot stack the plus10% and the $100 off?

    • was wondering same thing.. chatted to ebay aus and they said you can only use one voucher option (discount or $100 off, not both !
      This also includes with the ebay plus joining voucher as well, one or the other.
      Hope this helps

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    Does anyone know the nits on the ASUS Strix? I'm looking for a gaming laptop for my brother. I checked the listing on the ASUS webpage (https://rog.asus.com/au/laptops/rog-strix/2021-rog-strix-g15...) and it lists the screen as 100% sRGB and the GPU as 115W (which is "Max-P"), but has no info about the brightness.

    I've contacted ASUS support and will post back here when they reply.

    • They're looking into it, haha.

    • The 300Hz Strix has a brightness of 300 nits, according to ASUS support.

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