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WD Elements 8TB Desktop External Drive $259 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


WD Elements Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive
PLU: 718037863641
Fast data transfers
High-capacity add-on storage
Plug-and-play ready for Windows® PCs

not the cheapest however its local stock and easy to return :)

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    Good deal for local stock

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    Don't forget to use 5% discount gift cards through Suncorp or 3% through cashrewards (or other places) for extra discount.

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    Wow, this is the first time I've seen a decent deal on hard drives at a brick and mortar store in… I don't even remember how long. Nice find!

  • 8TB WD seems to be smr?

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      This should be a WD80EMAZ inside, which is the Hitachi Ultrastar, air filled. I have the 10TB version it came with the WD100EMAZ. These are CMR drives. 6TB and smaller Elements use a different drive, which are SMR.

  • Good deal and hope it's shuckable

  • I got the 6 tb WD My CLOUD HOME from JB clearance for 109 down from 498 few weeks ago

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    im buying my external drives from Amazon, 1wk delivery but at $21 - $23 per TB when they are on sale, for the 12tb and 14tb variants. I wouldnt pay $32 per tb just because its local stock. These are still going strong.

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      that was 2 months ago, if you can find drive at those old price, i'll be very surprised

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      $21-$23 per TB maybe not come around again for a while now with Chia.

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        Might be sooner than you think. Netspace @ chia is dominated by whales and the little guy needs minimum 1Pb to make even a little money. ROI is terrible and a lot of people waking up to that. Expect a flood of second hand drives to hit the market soon.

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          yeeeeep. and the ROI is getting substantially worse by the day. i'm back to using my drives for my startup instead, chia is not worth it and i need 400TB+ anyways.

        • Still very profitable compared to eth mining and people are still buying gpus like mad man

          • @ln28909: It's definately profitable if you have large amounts of storage. What I was getting at is that Chia is marketed as something you can mine with "spare storage you have lying around" which is definately not the case anymore (even with pools this is fast dissapearing). People should do research before committing any $$ to mining.

            • @GirlFriday: not really, that's the wrong narrative, currently hpool is still a very viable option to small farmers

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          With pooling set to come in the near future it'll probably invite even more little guys. So short term I expect it'll get worse before it gets better.

          Right now 70 plots will earn $5USD a day on HPOOL (an "unofficial" pool), once it becomes easier and less risky to get in a pool every chump and his dog will be buying an SSD, a couple of big drives and loading them up.

          When pooling starts the payback period will look like less than 2 months on a drive like this, which will be hugely enticing. But once the netspace hits 50EiB+ it'll be pointless again.

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            @freefall101: friends dont let friends use hpool :P

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              @GirlFriday: A completely unknown group of people taking control and paying out a completely unknown amount of the chia farmed with an arbitrary cap on withdrawals that most people will never hit?

              I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

    • When was your last order?
      I bought a few 1 month~ ago, but havent seen anything like that recently..

      • i bought prob 3months ago now.. 14tb not even shucked yet.. so yes they dont come up often at the lower price but i check often at Amazon.. Some people prob wait for local stock to be this price also so each to their own.

        already purchased 3x 12tb, and a 14tb. wouldnt mind some more but time will tell.

        • Cool, I've bought between $22-$29/TB but none within the last month.A long way from filling them though, tech issues up the wazoo!
          1x 18tb
          4x 16tb
          2x 14tb
          3x 10tb

  • Can I take the HDD out of this to put in my PC?

  • considering 4x of these for my NAS… decent?

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    Got mine delivered today and it is a WD80EDAZ-11TA3A0 drive (not WD80EMAZ) inside.

    Youtube video on the drive for more info here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oGzFc4F4oQ