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Hikvision DS-KH6320-WTE2 7" Touchscreen Wi-Fi Monitor $158 + $15 Shipping (Free Shipping over $500) @ Security Retailer


I've been looking for a neat & tidy 'built-in' type screen for directly monitoring the live output of one or all of my security cameras instead of always relying on IP Cam Viewer on my phone. I tried a couple a few years ago and was disappointed by their lack of features so gave up but I had another look earlier this morning and found this bad boy which seems to be about a year old and is packed with everything required for many different configurations. It's designed as the indoor station for a doorbell intercom system but it looks to be able to connect to any IP camera and seems to be able to handle multiple cams too. It natively offers WiFi & LAN and can be powered via 12V or via special '2-Wire' power & data connectivity via an adaptor (sold separately). No POE on this model!! Even better still, it has Alarm Inputs plus a couple of Relay Outputs and RS485! Not the greatest resolution but ample for the intended purpose. These normally sell for around $200-250+ so this is a reasonable saving even with the shipping fee.

I've only just purchased them (grabbed a couple) so unfortunately I can't comment on how effective they are at this stage sorry. I might be able to add a quick review later in the week if anyone's interested.

UPDATE: The WTE1 model with POE is also available here for $193. Much thanks to Coley for clarifying this!

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  • Where are you seeing that it's POE? I can't seem to find any mention of it for this model.

    • Yes, it's an odd one hey. The HIKVISION site doesn't spec it however I've seen it listed on other sites, in reviews and even in YouTube vids so I'm assuming it is in fact POE capable. I don't necessarily need POE as I'm happy to run 12VDC however POE would be far easier.

      UPDATE: Yes, check this page out. Lists POE in the description & features and even mentions it at 2:50 in the embedded video.

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        I believe that link is the TE1, which would be this model on SecurityRetailer:

        • Ahhhh, yes. I think you're right! Damn, too busy to research this right now but I'll have another look in a tic. Cheers for that, I've removed POE references now and will add the POE model link to the description.

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        Different model unfortunately. DS-KH6320-TE1 != DS-KH6320-WTE2

  • it looks to be powered by the Hikvison "2 wire" system. So doesnt look to be POE powered. I could be wrong though

    • You're right, it isn't POE afterall. The POE model is closer to $200 here Credit to Coley for clarifying that! Cheers :)

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    Is it me or,
    isn't it cheaper just to buy a 15+ inches computer monitor to do the same thing?

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      It's you ;) I need a stand-alone, neat & tidy built-in solution versus using my mobile or a PC as I have been to date. A 15" monitor will do the majority of the job perfectly fine and so will a cheap $99 Android tablet but this allows for far more flexibility when it comes to unlocking doors, 2-way voice comms, alarm triggering etc. plus it's far neater so can be installed say on/in a hallway wall.

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      It's just you

      Mounting a 15" monitor into a wall isn't quite the same as a compact manageable touchscreen display with a mic/speaker that links directly to security systems over a network

  • It would be great if this worked with multiple cameras and with the Hikvision doorbell that also alerts you on smartphone, ideally everything would be PoE, has anyone got such a system working and was it easy to set up, would be keen to know.

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    I'm usually not very vocal about politics, especially on sites like OZbargain where it has no place but I got to voice out on this one. I used to fanboy over Hikvision products, bought a house and designed a CCTV system using their products. What stopped me from implementing it is when I learned that they supply the cameras and the technologies used to pick out Uyghurs in crowds in China and then you know the rest of the story on what they do to these poor people. I didn't feel comfortable supporting a company with that level of involvement towards the persecution of a minority group.

    • I didn't actually know that so thanks for the input! Bit too late for me now though, damn. Dahua's probably extracting all footage from all my HIKVISION cameras as I type :(

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        They're quality products, can't blame you or other people for buying their products. Just wanted to share information to help people make better informed decisions :)

    • As Krisspy says….did they provide the gear gratis or did the government just choose to buy local?

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        The government owns Hik, they are a state owned company. They can't have the benefit of doubt by being state owned.

        • Well Hik me sideways, I didn't know that.
          Defo think twice before buying any of their gear now, thanks jio.

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      If you think their gear is good enough to manage that, then that's a vote of confidence in its abilities!

      • I'm not saying their products aren't any good, they are are on the top of consumer grade cameras that's for sure. My issue with Hik is their involvement with the CCP and their treatment of the Uyghurs

    • At the risk of being downvoted to death but someone has to say it - you should consider that maybe you're watching too much western propaganda about China and act appropriately.

      • Couple of questions mate if you don't mind. First, if not for the western media outlets, what are my options to getting more information about the CCP's treatment of the Uyghurs? The local media in China certainly aren't interested in that.

        Second, how would you define "acting appropriately" in regards to this issue?

        • Well, the answer if simple.
          If you think that everything you see on CNN, Fox, BBC and ABC is trustworthy then there's nothing to do, just continue consuming whatever they're feeding you.
          However if you think that these media outlets are not entirely trustworthy, judging by their past and present performance, maybe, just maybe, they're feeding you bullshit about China as well. And in that case act appropriately means seek alternative opinion on this subject. If you want to find it you will.

          • @DainB: Who said I was getting my information from those outlets? Saying the answer is simple, and yet not answering the question.

            Seek alternative opinion on the subject of going against accusations of basic human rights violations? Do you even hear yourself?

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    Did they sponsor it or knew what it was going to be used for? I mean you have like Volkswagen who supplied nazis and even more recently gassed chimps to prove their emissions cheating software was better than cars that don't cheat tests

    • You guys know that the CCP tries to have a government representative who works in the company…


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      I'm assuming that if the government buys a shitload of cameras from you, you'll know what they'll be used for. Heck, they even marketed their cameras for having Uyghur recognition as a feature - https://ipvm.com/reports/hikvision-uyghur

      What VW did was wrong, what Hik is doing is wrong. A bigger company's wrongdoing should never justify the actions of other companies, imho.

      • they even marketed their cameras for having Uyghur recognition as a feature


  • I’m using a $150 android tablet and tinycam app which works a treat, but I’ll investigate this.

    • Any installed pics?

      • Double sided tape and a tablet stuck on the fridge ;)

        It was a super basic install but does the job.

    • Yeah, we're kinda doing this now, just across our mobiles,.the Android TV and a tablet. It works but struggles with more than one person accessing each camera plus the frame rate is far slower than the live camera feed which isn't terrible but I've always wanted it to be better. I've seen a previous model running and yeah, about as perfect as you need. Neat & tidy when mounted nicely with multiple camera ability and smooth live footage direct from the cams. Fingers crossed this is the same.

      • +1

        Mine is pretty smooth, it's a newish android tablet, and i've got a stupidly overkill ubiquiti wifi network (3x APs across the house) but I certainly wouldn't say it's perfect, it does drop out for a few seconds every now and again.

        I have multiple tablets accessing it too, that doesn't seem to screw it up too much either.

        I'm keen to find out how the new dedicated system goes, i'm all for one system doing one thing (and always working)

        • Once the units arrive I'll give one a go and report back here with a mini review. I originally didn't consider the relay outputs would be much use to me however since buying them yesterday I'm now realising how handy they'll be for unlocking/opening doors & gates remotely on demand. Another non-critical yet very-nice-to-have inclusion versus using a phone, tablet or PC.

  • Looks interesting anyone got any first hand experiment using it? Can you do views with multiple cams on screen?

  • Sorry to break it to you guys, but this model is a 2wire version which requires a distributor for power and network connection via ethernet. The unit can only display one channel video at a time.

    • One channel at a time is fine for my needs and I've linked to the other model capable of POE in the description. All good.