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12" LED Ring Light Dimmable Lighting Kit Phone Selfie Tripod Live Lamp $23.99 (Was $60) Delivered @ Bargainfield_outlet eBay



  1. The Ring Light
    (1) Model: M33
    (2) Material: ABS + Aluminum Alloy
    (3) Lamp beads: 168pcs
    (4) Color temperature: 3000K~6000K
    (5) Lumen: 1500LM
    (6) Light color: white / warn white / warm yellow
    (7) Color rendering index: >90
    (8) Frequency: 50-60HZ
    (9) Input voltage: DC24V
    (10) Product size: 12 inch

  2. The Tripod Stand
    (1) Style: light stand + phone holder+ storage bag
    (2) Stand’s color: black
    (3) Size: storage height- 58cm, fully stretched up to 210cm

  1. Ring Light Angle Adjustable: freely rotatable ball head, could easily adjust the angle of your cell phone and the LED ring light. Let you get the best angle of supplemental light.
  2. Wide Phone Holder: support 2.7 ~ 3.7inches width smartphone, perfectly fit with most smartphones. It can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  3. Heightened Flexible Hose: increase the height of the LED ring light when you need, meet your different height need.
  4. USB Powered: low power consumption, safe and reliable, you could use laptops, mobile power, mobile phone chargers to charge it anywhere & anytime.

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  • +2

    Was $60

    I doubt it. They all seem to be sub $20. Here's one for $16 with more features.


    • +2

      Why did you show me
      Just bought $16 1 lols

      • Oops. Sorry!

        Post a selfie here when you get it!

  • +1

    Was $60

    snickers don't take us as fools

    Has not sold for more than $32.95 since January 2021

    Also most of the sales history was from having a multi-variant listing. 172 have definitely not been sold for this light

    Variation deleted: 1.8M Xmas Tree+79pcs Decoration
    Variation deleted: 2.1M Xmas Tree+79pcs Decoration
    Variation deleted: 1.5M Xmas Tree
    Variation deleted: 1.8M Xmas Tree
    Variation deleted: 2.1M Xmas Tree
    Variation deleted: 79pcs Decoration
    Variation deleted: Snowflake Projection Lamp
    Variation deleted: 3D LED desk light (deer)

    Neg for misleading sales tactics and cheaper for similar as per ash2000

    • +1

      Was $60

      Perhaps they forgot to put the word 'never' between 'was' and '$60'?!

    • +1

      Misleading and illegal to reference a was price that's not the price it was previously sold for.

  • Will this make me look better?

    • Not sure, but I personally find reducing the brightness makes me look better. 0 Lux being optimal.

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