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XCD Micro Soundbar Grey $29.95 + $14.99 Delivery or Free C/C @ JB Hi-Fi


Product Description

Key Features

FM Radio
Micro SD
1800mAh Rechargeable Battery


Speaker Type Soundbars
Finish colour Silver
FM tuner Yes
Wireless Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Manufacturer's warranty 1 Year

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    Anyone know the dimension? Thinking of getting one for my laptop.

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    i get the feeling you'd be better off just whistling the song to yourself but happy to be proven wrong. am looking for a cheap <$50 speaker setup for my spare computer, any recs?

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      Edifier, OzB powered speaker of choice!


    What's the standard price?

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    so its a portable speaker with shitty battery in it?


    How would you connect this to a TV as no details on outputs etc?


      There's bluetooth and wireless


    Saw that, but if you still have a "non Smart" TV haha.

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      It appears to have a headphone output (most of these do). Then you'd need something like this:

      But depending on how big this thing is (I assume it's quite small). It probably won't be worth it.

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        Thanks. Was hoping for that answer. Your probably right about not worth it being small with low/medium level sound.

        Even if you get decent volume out of small speakers it will sound harsh. These are mainly good for putting on medium

        volume and sitting fairly close streaming sound from small device such as phone/tablet, portable dvd player or

        laptop etc, not so much a large TV where you sit a fair distance from.


    Am I mistaken, or is this the usual price? Doesn't seem like a deal?

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      Won’t this be a deal for someone who wants a very basic soundbar/Bluetooth speaker from a reputed store?


        Yes sure, I agree some might find this a good purchase. But that doesn't make it a deal or a bargain in the spirit of this website.

        By your logic we'd be posting all sorts of 'deals' which don't actually offer any discount off the RRP.


          Idk what do you mean by spirit or logic. If getting discount off rrp is one that provides happiness then just google this product, its rrp is $50.
          But its ok if this doesn’t suit someone but is good for someone.


    for anyone interested this appears to be a rebadged Newrixing NR4017 soundbar.

    Lots of videos of sound demos in Thai on Youtube