[Price Error] AeroPress $27.85 + Free Shipping @ Catch

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Mod note: Local Bogan purchased this yesterday and was refunded. No one will be buying a cheap AeroPress.

Cheapest I've ever seen for an AeroPress.
Highly recommended if you don't already have one :)

"Achieve barista quality coffee anywhere you go with the high-performance AeroPress Plastic Coffee Maker! Ideal for use in the office, at home, camping and anywhere else, this versatile and conveniently portable coffee maker is a must-have. Capable of making up to 1-3 cups in just under a minute, this innovative accessory is sure to have you sharing fresh and richly flavoursome coffee with your friends in no time. It functions off a rapid, total immersion brewing process which creates delicious, full-flavoured coffee without the bitterness. Portable in design, the AeroPress Coffee Maker is your ultimate travel companion and is easy to clean for your convenience!

• Fantastic for enjoying fresh coffee at home, in the office, camping, on the boat or anywhere!
• Capable of making up to 1-3 cups in one minute
• Rapid, total immersion brewing process
• Creates delicious, full-flavoured coffee without bitterness
• Portable design for enjoying fresh coffee while you're out and about
• Exceptionally easy to clean for your convenience
• Made in the USA
12 x 10.5 x 28.7cm (L x W x H)"

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  • Nice, that's an insta-buy price for me!

    • It went back to $46.60 + Delivery! No Deal!!!

  • :o great price

  • Good buy especially if you are sick of pod coffee at work

    • +1

      I used to have refillable pods a few uears ago, which were also a good alternative for the office

  • I like mine. It is easy to clean and the whole thing stacks (I keep the filters in a separate sealed container) for storage on top of my microwave. I only clean it once a week. I recommend weekly cleaning if you're lazy like me.

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      You don't rinse it after use?

      • Of coarse I do, I'm not a damned animal!

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          I just rinse the plunger bit and the filter holder after each use - I think he was wondering because it doesn't seem like any other bits need cleaning at all? (one of the benefits of aeropress)

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            @blues11: Oh got ya. After I press I take off the filter holder, hover over my bin and smack the end which ofen dumps the lot at speed into the bin. Rinse off what's stuck to the rubber, stack it, rinse off the filter holder.

            Wash it when I do the washing up then soak all parts that touch coffee in a hot vinegar solution. I can never get it to smell clean..

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    Already sold out! Drat

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    Back up to $46.60

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    Not a fan of these personally, but I think some baristas have won world championships using them so wtf do I know.

    Apparently look into lower temp brewing (160-180F) whatever that means, and use the upside down method.

    My personal choice (not that anyone gives a rat's) is espresso from a half decent machine that can achieve the correct pressure, with good quality freshly roasted coffee beans, ground correctly.

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      Haha I completely agree with you. After doing some research though I think it creates a different type of coffee (not espresso which is at 9 bars or so).

      It’s an in between pour over (filter coffee) and espresso.

      Not as thick and intense as espresso but it’s a bit stronger than pour over. I would’ve bought this for camping or holidays since it’s so compact. If only there was stock :(

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      James Hoffmann revently put out an hour of content schooling everyone on how these are used, which has resulted in a spike in sales.

      Enter rabbit hole here: https://youtu.be/aidvrssMSGo

      Please be careful with the upside down method, I've seen some nasty burn pics

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        Tried his recipe but not exactly to my taste. Obviously this is all subjective

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          I tried brewing on top of the cup again after watching his videos, but found it did let a lot of water drip through. Maybe it's due to wear on the rubber as it's had a lot of use. I do agree about the boiling water and long steep time though.

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            @3: He also grinds his coffee quite fine, which acts to retain water slightly better (almost to espresso fine). I've found that tapping the side of the aeropress with a spoon to distribute the coffee bed more evenly helps a little, as does wetting the coffee bed before pouring the rest of the hot water.

    • yeah, they are OK, I have used one for years but have switched to the Flair (https://flairespresso.com/) not as compact and not really that travel friendly but significanlty more pressure and makes a very decent espresso - I'm very happy with it. and yes, with good beans and a good grind!

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      I'm an espresso guy as well. Aeropress is totally different to espresso. There's a separate competition for aeropress coffee, you couldn't compete using an aeropress against an espresso machine in an espresso barista competition. Its like pourover or plunger coffee or cold drip or siphon or stove top moka pot.. they're all types of coffee but all totally different drinks, not everyone likes all of them.

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    Congratulations. Now go to YouTube and do a search for "James Hoffman Aeropress"

  • Dang! Need a new one as my rubber no longer seals as it's had daily use for the last couple years

    • Is it possible to replace only the rubber seal?

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        Yes, looks to cost around $9.

        • Sweet, I'll keep that on mind.

  • Still showing as 27.85 for me

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    It's back to 27.85 with free shipping 🙂

    I just watched the video on alternative brewing and I'm not convinced, already use plunger cups when camping and this seems really similar in what it does? But my cup takes up less room and is easier to clean and doesn't require a filter. You do get grounds in the last sip of not careful though.


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      It's probably similar enough to your plunger cup that I wouldn't worry if eating grinds doesn't bother you. But it's different enough from a French press though that I've got both, the paper filters allow you to go a lot finer on the grind without it getting chalky and you end up with a rich cup with good texture (if you have nice beans that is).

      Do you know how much the plunger cup weighs? Looks good for hiking if it's not too heavy.

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    back in stock, thanks bought.

    • Just about to say the same. Took a couple of cracks for it to process the order but all done.

      • Yes, back in stock. Nice!

    • Just bought one! Thanks mate!

  • Back in stock again!

    • Shows as $46.60 for me.
      Edit: Kept refreshing over a 10 minute period and it eventually came up as $27.85, but once I went to check out, it came up as sold out!

  • Great deal! I don't know why this is flagged as sold out? My order just went through for $27.85 and freeshipping.

    • just tried - and it was sold out.

  • I have a V60 and a Delter Coffee Press - do I need this also?

    • No.
      Delta press should give you comparable results.
      Will what I say make a difference? Unlikely ;)

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        I've taken it on board and saved my money :) …..I will see how good the next deal is though haha.

  • Awesome deal, thank you

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    Just ordered, back in stock?

    • Same

  • Ummed and ahhed about it for a bit but just bought, still in stock :)

    Edit: damn could've used CR and got an entry in the competition (and CB)

  • Not sold out!
    Just ordered one.

  • Also just ordered one!

  • FYI the box should contain filters, as per: https://www.latteartguide.com/aeropress-review/#:~:text=In%2....

  • I'm getting the old price of $46

    • Keep refreshing and trying, it pops the cheaper price occasionally.

  • Looks like this is back in stock. Great price!

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      Showing $46

      • Ah damn, that must have jacked up the price just after my post

  • Missed it by that much!

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    Order just got cancelled, purchased yesterday.

    "I am very sorry for any inconvenience with this. It does appear that we have experienced a product issue and are sadly not able to fulfil the shipment of the goods. Catch has had an issue with the API listing and is now pulling data from an alternative product sadly which is the Able Standard Disc.

    Due to this, we have proceeded to process a full refund on the order, Your understanding is greatly appreciated and I apologise once again.
    The Alternative Brewing team"

    • AB suck at this - second time they have cancelled orders in similar situation.

  • Cancelled and refunded

  • Same refunded

  • ditto order cancelled for me

  • Just got an email saying my order was cancelled and refunded :(

  • Boooooo it's been refunded!

  • Ordered this morning and just got cancelled + refunded.

  • Order cancelled and refunded :(

  • The price is very good.

  • cancelled and refunded /sadness

  • hang in there, Aldi will be selling it again