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$5 Bonus Cashback (Min Spend $15, Excludes Gift Cards) via OzBargain Perks @ ShopBack App


Edit - SB rep has messaged me the following fix as he couldn't post it here as a comment.

"For users experiencing difficulties enrolling to the OZBPERKS program, please follow the instructions below:

If on a mobile device, click this link.

If on a desktop OR the previous mobile link doesn't work, click this link"

Another bonus cashback deals for you all. Activate via the Shopback app.

This challenge entitles you to $5 bonus cashback when you spend $15 or more in a single transaction (inclusive of GST, exclusive of delivery & all other fees) at any store through ShopBack between 26nd May 2021 9.00am AEST and 26th May 2021 11.59pm AEST.
Purchases from ShopBack Super Store and stores offering no cashback are excluded from this challenge.
Only purchases made after you 'Start' this challenge will qualify for the bonus cashback.
Limited to one bonus per customer.
Available while redemptions last.
The $5 bonus cashback is in addition to the regular cashback you'll receive shopping at your desired store.
The $5 bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed.
Purchases that do not count towards this challenge are those in which do not meet the store's respective terms and conditions (including but not limited to cancellations, returns, exchanges, using unapproved coupons, purchasing excluded products/categories).
Cashback will be voided if any fraudulent activities are detected or if any terms and conditions are not met.
ShopBack reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions, and terminate the offer at any time without prior notice.

Ozbargain Perks partnership.

To qualify for this offer:

  1. Install the ShopBack app if you havenโ€™t already
  2. Click here or the "Go To Deal" link on this post from your mobile device
  3. Enrol in the OzB Perks program
  4. Scroll down and 'Start' the Bonus $5 cashback challenge
  5. Make your purchase as usual

Referral Links

Referral: random (4066)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +4

    Nice eBay is good

  • +14

    Amazon AU:

    Cashback Rates
    Amazon Devices (Includes Echo, Fire TV & Tablet, Kindle, Ring Smart Security, Eero Mesh Wi-Fi) - 7.00%
    Jewellery - 6.00%
    Luggage & Backpacks - 6.00%
    Premium Beauty - 6.00%
    Sports & Outdoors - 6.00%
    Baby (Includes Strollers, Car Seats, Car Seats, Safety Equipment) - 6.00%
    Shoes, Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses & Accessories - 6.00%
    Watches - 6.00%
    Apparel - 6.00%
    Furniture - 6.00%
    Lawn & Gardening - 4.00%
    Camera, Camera Bags, Binoculars - 4.00%
    Electronics (Includes Bluetooth Speakers, Headphones, Speakers) - 4.00%
    Home Entertaiment (Includes TVs, Projectors, Sound Bars, Home Theatre Systems, Amplifiers) - 4.00%
    Mobile Phones & Wearable Tech (Includes Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers, Dashcams, Tablets, Navigation) - 4.00%
    Software - 4.00%
    Musical Instruments - 4.00%
    Automotive (Includes Car Care, Tools & equipments, Oil & Fluids, Motorbike Accessories) - 2.00%

    All others 0%

    • +2

      The hero we need but don't deserve <3

      • +1

        hello. please confirm if this is targetted or not? some of us doesnt have this offer under challenges, or under perks. none. nada

    • +2

      Anyway yet to be 100% sure on whether an item will be eligible for cashback from Amazon?

      Dealing with cashrewards in the past, even if an item is listed in a certain category it was denied later as it was listed in the wrong category. Another time it was shown in the right category, seemed to be the right category but later denied as it wasn't in the right category. Seems it is almost luck of the draw for each case.

      • +3

        correct the whole categories, or affiliate/not thing is just too much.
        not SB fault but they should join with CR and the rest to push all categories or nothing to the stores.

      • +11

        They should have a cashback checker portal where we can paste the link of the item and it checks for us whether it is in the eligible category or not.

        • The dream

          • @knobbs: no, that means more work for us for just few cents….

            • @ChiMot: Not when there is upsize cashback or bonus cashbacks,

        • +1

          We've actually asked them for this a while back. We wanted a way to make our user buying experience smoother for Amazon, with regards to finding product categories.

          From what I understood, Amazon didn't want to (don't quote me, Bezos we love you).
          It might be a very resource heavy process?

          Either way, we'd 100% love this feature if it ever came to be.

  • is this targeted? Because I don't see it on my app.

    • +1

      Do step 2

    • It's under "Perks" tab.

      To sign up.

    • step 2 doesn't show it either.
      perks tab is showing "no perks at the moment"
      I accepted the $3 bonus cashback from ebay from the March promotion, maybe that's why I can't see it now?

      • Strange

        • i got it working after updating app and accessing it via the "Click Here" app in the post.

  • I don't see this either in my app.

    • +1

      Do step 2

      • +3

        Few things, neither option in Step 2 originally worked, they all just took me to a page advising to download the app. Nothing listed in Perks.
        My app did have an update waiting though, so i updated the app.
        After this, clicking on the main link or 'Go To Deal' button still gave me the same result as prior.
        However, clicking the manual "Click here" link in step 2 and ensuring this opened via the ShopBack app and not a browser, i then got access to the deal.

      • same. under earn more, perks, i only see 2 uber challanges

  • Phew. At least it's not another spend at CW
    I can get something off fleabay today

    • I worked hard on that CW bonus ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Thanks OP. At lease not limited to one shop lol

  • Wht abt iga gift card???

    • +2

      Yes, it is eligible as it is outside the GC Super Store. That's the one I usually get when the rest of the giftcards are excluded in these promotions. Never had an issue getting the bonus cashback.

    • Where can you purchase that?

      • Shopback. Type in IGA Supermarket Gift Cards in search bar

  • How long until we see it register as completed? I bought something from eBay for $16.16, but the Perk is saying I have $13.63 to go.

    • Ebay can be a bit slow

    • Exactly the same here, >$15 ebay purchase but app is showing $13.63 to go.
      Assuming it will fix itself over the coming days.

      • I hope so too - I've done other bonus Perks where I've bought from eligible shops only to find out later that for some reason it didn't track so I didn't qualify for the bonus and it was too late to try again. Fingers crossed.

  • Um more toilet paper from bigw ?

  • +2

    CR gives you the money instantly. SB needs to up their game

    • Does it not still sit as pending for the same time period though?

  • Thanks OP, SB just bought erasable pen refills of of ebay from china (order amount $16 ish but item amount less than $15, cause of GST)

  • Is baby toys from Amazon using gc fine?

  • I made a purchase and it now says challenge complete, but has only allocated a bonus $2 instead of $5… Starting to question if this ever works properly

    • Umm where did you see $2 bonus, it must have been from one of the other challenges,

      the $5 bonus attached to this transaction will depend on when your today's purchase gets approved so for me ebay is 90 days

      • +1

        The page that says "Get $5 Bonus Cashback - OzBargain Exclusive" says completed (reward pending). It is showing in my account balance as pending (Challenge - Bonus Cashback), but only for $2 not $5. No other bonus cashback challenges are active on my account.

        • I have the same problem

          Update: I live chat with one of the agents from ShopBack and she topped up the difference of $3 to my account straight away

          • @CloudDragon: good pick up, it shows as pending $2 for me too even though the earn more under perks shows get $5 for a $15 spend as completed
            I just spoke with chat and they said the $2 is pending from a previous bonus on the 20/5 for purchasing the gift card.

    • How long did it take to track your spend?

      • I clicked to the store through the app and it tracked my purchase almost immediately - only problem being it was the wrong bonus $. I ended up speaking to live chat at around 11am and they manually added the $5 bonus as tracked. That happened hours later - around 11pm

  • Can I buy something from eBay using gift cards and still get cashback?

    • yes just do not use any coupon codes, I have done the same thing used my $20 Swap GC from the recent promo of $2 back from $20 spend

      • the recent promo of $2 back from $20 spend

        due today, cashback confirmed but no bonus

        • Yes correct SB why is it not paid out yet ??

          • @USER DC: Please respond @gotyourback.

            SB Customer support said to wait 2 weeks for the $2 bonus. :o
            Quite disappointed with that.

            • @wekimekigugudan: Mine just popped up as pending (26-05 13:10).

            • @wekimekigugudan: Hey, sorry I missed this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
              If the bonus hasn't credited, send me a DM with you SB email and I'll take a look into it for you in the morning :)

            • @wekimekigugudan: Hey mate, sorry for the delay.
              Once you've opted in and completed the challenge, the bonus will appear as 'pending' within 48hrs. The bonus will then roll over to confirmed once the order cashback is also confirmed.
              If it doesn't show as pending within 48hrs, as I've said before, just shoot me a DM and I'll sort it out for you ๐Ÿ˜‰
              I believe the CS agent was referring to something else.

  • do the purchase also to be done through phone?

    • I made the purchase thru phone on the amazon app and it hasnโ€™t tracked yet.

  • +1

    Since there's a rep here what's up with this under eBay DON'Ts: Items with Best Offer accepted prices and Auctions are NOT eligible for cashback.

    It's been a while since I have used SB for an eBay auction or best offer but it was never a problem in the past, has anyone actually had such a transaction not track or disqualified?

    • more restrictions, conditions, hoops,……

    • I have gotten cashback tracked fr items with best offer on.

      It is to deter buyer's from getting better offer than listed price, so buying at Listed price doesn't affect cashback I think

      • They will always track including if using promo codes not listed on their website. The issue is whether they get approved and I would assume most likely they will get rejected eventually. But I am not speaking from experience, so if you had them approved eventually then you can disregard my comment.

  • +2

    Can you shop using browser after activating from app?

    • want to know this~~~`

      • +1


  • I've purchased a product from Chemist Warehouse (1%) i believe which should mean it's eligible, but it hasn't tracked although i used the app. Any idea how long it might take? I have followed all the instructions as above and have received official confirmation from the store already about the finalisation.

    • CW is usually quick, usually within a couple hours

  • +2

    Will this work with Has a 1.10% store cashback on shopback.

    • +1

      It should work
      But how does the gift card store work? I see p&h fees so high how can it be worthwhile

      • You're right, the processing fee kills it. Didn't think there was one for the e-gift cards.

  • +1

    Did an uber eats order but still no sign of cashback when it used to pop up as soon as it is delivered. Worrying!

  • Why isn't kogan on shopback

    • +1

      Why isn't big w on cashrewards

      kogan cashback is useless for the most of time. It is valid for the 1st purchase in an account only.

  • Anyone here manage to successfully purchase and pay online for Amaysim SIM via shopback link? Tried desktop and mobile via paypal or credit card. No luck since yesterday. Error message - "Our shopping cart isn't working right now…"

    • the same

      • same as here

    • +1

      I did. In the morning I bought $15 amaysim 50gb plan without any problems using PayPal. But tracking was only showing $10 instead of $14 so I contacted support via chat the they topped up $4 instantly. Then I will get $5 bonus. ๐Ÿ‘

      • Thanks for the info. Noticed same issue with mine. Just sent an email to SB to correct the cashback amount.

  • Thanks

  • +1

    hi all. anyone had the same experience? with

    i picked 2 items from diff. sellers. total AUD 17.19
    during checkout select paypal i got warning "Your purchase will be split into 2 orders blablabla"
    so i changed payment method to credit card (no warning split) - paid..
    received ONE email order Confirmation from ebay, 2 items, it says total charged to Visa AUD 17.19

    when i go to my credit card app i see TWO lines of payments!~!!!~!!! wtf….. seriously…
    is this one transactions or two ?? will i get the $5 bonus over $15 purchase?…

    • Would like to know the answer to this as well..

      • Even though i paid in 1 by cc, on cc statement i see 1 to paypal and 1 to ebay sellername

  • +2

    Ordered Gooloo on Amazon. Purchase in Cashback App. Been 5 hours still not tracked. Frustrating experience.

  • Amazon seller discount applied at checkout. Does that mean using coupon code? Void cashback?
    Promotion code filed at checkout is empty.

  • Hey OP can you DM me.
    I have a fix for the OZBPERKS links but can't post it due to OzB rules.


  • any good ebay seller for 128GB sandisk TF card? non fake card…

  • Ebay is actually included?
    Interesting. The CR deals always have eBay excluded.

  • +1

    Just found out i am missing out 4 bonus cashbacks from 27 august last year to March 2021, Thanks @yowie for the masterthread helped me figure out the missing transactions.

    Btw my eBay purchase from today still not tracked out yet.

    • +1

      Hey mate, I see you've sent a DM. I'll check it in the morning when I have my PC with me.

      • Here is another one for you:

        It is clearly stated within the T&Cs:

        • The $2 bonus will be added to your account once your regular cashback turns Confirmed.

        My regular cashback was confirmed this morning. Shouldn't the above bonus be automatically confirmed at the same time?

        You guys might want to look into how Cashrewards have improved the user experience with regard to bonus cashback competitions.

  • +2

    Is anyone else missing the challenge entirely? I've signed up OzB perks program but nothing is showing up.

    • Hey Aurorlia,
      The bonus was only eligible to the first 3,000 people enrolled, and it's hit it's cap.
      Stay posted for more though :)

  • +3

    I haven't gotten either today's or yesterday's offers in my app. I have OzB Perks :'(

    • Hey Unity,
      Not sure about when you checked it yesterday, but today's one is capped out.
      We had it available for the first 3,000 people.
      Stay tuned for more though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Did all the steps still canโ€™t see this offer. Ozb enrolled

    • Hey garbagetnt,
      Unfortunately it hit the 3,000 cap earlier.
      Gotta enrol asap when these go live!

  • Can't find the offer, did all the steps in iphone and andriod as well

    • Hey Modesty,
      All capped out :(
      Stay posted for more ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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