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PlayStation 5 Disc Edition - $749 Delivered @ BIG W


PS5 Disc Edition is now in Stock at Big W for those that missed out.

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    2m… wth

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    Out of stock under 1 minute

  • damn

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      Don't worry it was up a while before it came here :)

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    Phwoah, just got one! Thanks heaps

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    Stll available

    • +1

      Still available to me.

  • -3

    Likely they had like 2 or 3 units only.

  • +5

    Thanks OP. Just bought it. Time to check how much money I have in my accOH MY GOD.

    • +1

      +$750 when shopping always looks like less than -$750 in your account.

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    Missed by ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. that much .

  • Still let me add to my cart so don't give up just yet

  • still available.

  • can still add to cart. delivery only.

  • Can still add

  • Still in stock? Can add to cart for 6111.

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    Just add this to Twitter alerts and put notifications on. Be signed into Amazon/Big W on your phone so you are ready to go. You’ll get one in no time. I’ve bought 3 for friends. Never sold for a profit. Just helped out.


    • +24

      You never fail to pleasure your friends vagfinger.

  • +1

    Just purchased at 3:56pm AEST. thanks OP.

    Sadly I can see that they're out of stock now.

  • not out of stock? i just bought one delivery 31/05 to 02/06 at 4.02pm

  • Just managed to get one. Thanks OP!

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    Just bought one,
    Thanks OP!

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    I got it. Thanks.

  • +1

    Managed to get one, so not sure if it was OoS and will be cancelled or if the order will be fullfilled, which means I get one

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    Still available
    Didn't get one cuz I don't actually need it

    Edit: GONE

  • its still available I just checked by putting it in cart . go people go

  • +1

    Got one 4:04pm! thanks

    • Area tks so I can change my location ?

  • and its gone again

  • OOS

  • It goes in and out of stock…

  • Go..

  • clicked, saw available
    Clicked Enable shopback cashback

  • Still available for delivery for me (melb)

  • ANDDD it's back as of 4:10pm

  • Still in stock for me

  • Got one I think… Won't believe it untill it arrives

  • Missed out again :( but still thank you for posting :)

  • Thanks OP. Got one :)

  • Got one. Let's see if it actually gets delivered …

  • i can add

    • But unavailable when checking out

  • Yew cheers op!

  • Im selling mine for $5k

    • +3

      PM sent!

      • +2

        Thanks! sold it to @seamonkey for $6k with a few games too

        • +1

          Thanks man! Unfortunately all your games were Xbox 360. Cool though. Beggars can't be choosers. I'm happy. Great seller. Fast delivery A+++++ 5 Stars

          • @seamonkey: Thankyou!!! Best buyer 10/10 would sell to again

            Really curious to know what HolyCr4p’s hidden comment said hahaha

            • @joeyy17: Guessing based on the reason he was genuinely going for the sale. Probably thought I was mad to give you 6k and wanted to undercut you.


  • Snagged one as well, thanks OP

  • Just ordered one! Must have restocked

  • My order has been put through (Perth Maylands Area)

  • +1

    Haha, oh the ongoing drama of PS5 stock!

  • just got one

  • Seems they are doing scattered drops .

  • Got one

  • was reloading page a few times and lucky enough for one to come back in stock

  • also got one well after this said expired, fingers crossed.

  • Got one, thanks OP

  • Omg! I keep missing these!

  • OOS for me, Perth WA

  • Just keep refreshing, it'll come back over and over.

  • -3

    Can we just make a megathead of ps5 restocks? I'm getting a bit tired of seeing out of stock playstations at full price in the deals list.

    • +1

      You could just enable 'Do not show expired deals' in deal settings. Doesn't take that long for these to be marked as out of stock.

    • +1

      um dont think so champ please stop posting

    • You can actually exclude console related tag from your ozb feed I think

  • annnnnnnd its gone.

  • +5

    Got my order in too before it went OOS on the site!
    Eagerly watching the order tracking, waiting the the green status bar to advance past "Processing"


    Hint for everyone - the Chrome extension "Distill Web Monitor" is awesome. You enter a page URL, setup a "hot area" that it monitors for changes (in this case the top part that displays the shipping options/price elements) and then it will reload/recheck that page at specified intervals.
    I had mine set for 1min interval checks :D

    It will then alert you with sounds/popups when it detects a change to the page

  • +3

    Surprised by the lack of "tHiS iS nOt a dEaL" comments..

    • This is Ozbargain not OzRRP!!

      • Didn't you notice the market price of $950 here in OZ ?

    • +2

      Shopback cashback of $3.75 (pending for my purchase)

      I'd say that classes it as a deal, as you get it BELOW RRP and free shipping with BigW


      • 10DOLLAR code doesn't work but 5% off gift card always does :)
        So possible below 7/11 :)

  • Gone!

  • +2

    If you buy from Bigw, you can take it to their store to get refund and re-process as in store purchase via Gift Card. I think it will depend on the staff but I had no issue for my purchase.

    Don't forget to scan your rewards card to get some points :)

    • But you'll not get the postage refunded.

      I ended up selling my new disc version for $760 to cover my postage.

      Didn't need it, just bought it out of FOMO

      • Yes from memory I paid $6 postage and it wasn't refunded.

  • +1

    Big w site has a known issue where if you are logged in or have delivery zone preset the ps5 shows out of stock.

    Use an incognito browser and it worked fine for me. This was back around 4.10pm though lol.

    Got burned last time missing out on stock when I literally was on the page seeing no stock as others were getting them before I worked this out

    • +3

      Same. I have 4 around the house but wanted an extra one for the toilet.

      • +4

        I use mine as bookends for the shed in my summer holiday house.

  • Hmm my order status says error in order details but in item details section, it says processing? does that mean I got through or failed?

    • My order details says "Awaiting Processing" still (no error) and Processing in status.

      So that COULD be good news for me and bad news for you… or we could both be out of luck as it's still "processing"


    • Got my "shipment confirmation" this morning at 6am.
      So hopefully you got one too :)

  • +1

    People really do have FOMO

    • You waiting till next year?

    • -2

      Sony is laughing to the bank….. by limiting stock and maybe slowing down production, this creates a huge hype and need within the consumer to keep on buying due to FOMO.

      • +3

        Doubt that's what's happening. They don't earn more by limiting stock - only scalpers are profiting off the shortage.
        It would make more sense to meet the demand to sell more units and to get more customers who will buy more games.
        They aren't able to ramp up production because the silicon shortage which is affecting many other products.
        Same thing with Xbox Series X and Nvidia/AMD graphics cards

      • Do you understand macro economics of scale?
        Apple, Google, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, AMD just to name a few which are also struggling to get supply of computer chips… not just Sonys gaming box

  • +7


    Play Has No Limits

    Big W:

    Limit one per customer

    • -2

      Limit one per customer
      Per account :)

  • bought one~

  • -1

    Don't understand what the hype is. Happy with ps4 pro. Don't have 4k TV nor I care about the current library.

    • +3

      PS5 runs PS4 games better, has a much shorter loading time, quieter and the new controller looks amazing. But like you, I don't think I'll notice the step up from the PS4 pro that much as I already find it really good. Most games don't utilize the controller anyways and yeah, current library isn't too interesting yet.

      • -1

        I totally agree with you, until 2 years down the track i would think about it. For now PS4 Pro is good enough and library is amazing.

        Never buy console brand spanking new

  • Anyone else have their order cancelled this morning?

    • Me. No reason, just an email saying my order is canceled.

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