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Telstra $99/Month Plan with 150GB (Min. 12 Months) and Bonus $900 off iPhone 12 Mini (New & Port-in Customers) @ The Good Guys

  1. To be eligible, new and port in connections must bring their mobile number to Telstra and sign up to the $99 150GB Per Month over 12 months plan with a minimum cost of $1188 over 12 months to receive a $900 discount off any iPhone 12 Mini. (“Promotion”).
  2. Phone must be paid for in full to receive the $900 discount, discount will be issued once connection has been approved.
    Promotion commences 27/05/2021 and ends 02/06/2021.

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  • Does anyone know if Telstra allow you to completely choose a number as alaysim etc as I have a number in mind that has never been used and it isn't anything special to anybody else…

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      No unless you are ok to pay extra for their ‘gold’ number

      • I don't mind paying a once-off for the number. Thanks for the reply.

      • +14

        Get required number from amaysim, and then port to Telstra.

        • +1
          Same came to my mind too

    • amayim only let you selct some digits

      • Pretty sure you can type in as many digits as you want for your pattern search. So just search for the whole number

        • Only can type 5 digits max

    • Different carriers own different ranges.

      If the number range is owned by amaysim you'll need to sign up with them and then port

    • You can always just get the number from amaysim with a $10 PAYG sim kit online and then port it over to telstra. That’s what I did

      • I don't think I explained it well. Amaysim won't allow me to choose the number apart from 5 digits that can appear anywhere randomly… i wonder if Telstra would allow the full number to be chosen.

  • Too bad, Telstra can not provide stable 4g here. Whereas vodafone and Optus both CAN.

    • +32

      Sounds really tough. Maybe this deal isn’t for you.

      • -4

        Yes, sure it won't for me at all. Actually I need a new phone and don't mind sign a contract. Too bad, I live at their blind spot maybe. I signed at JB from last deal, signal jump between 3g and 4g at 2 bar max. However my Kogan get 4g 4bar stable, same as wife's catch. Good thing is they waived any fee to exit, and I am on catch right now.

        • Actually the Tio would have forced them to wave the fee.

          Good thing eh

    • +2

      Considering how much cheaper vodafone and optus are, I'd figure that wouldn't be much of an issue.

    • strange too.. i have e sim with telstra and its dodgy in areas. optus works fine on sim, just not sure if its cause of e sim or telstra just being shit

      • I didn't use esim, just normal Sim.

        • e-sim and sim won't make any difference as an FYI. Think of the sim card as being your username when logging into a website.

          Outside of that the sim doesn't do anything.

    • For me, Telstra is fast and stable. Last time I tried Optus and Voda I got under 10mbps down.

      These comments only serve to remind that you should check a network’s performance before entering a contract.

    • 5g is faster

      • -1

        Lol the range of 5g is about 2 City blocks

        Range goes 3g,4g,5g, best to worse, speed is inverse

    • Telstra is really suck in certain area . Sometimes optus provides better signal than Telstra

      • Optus suck on most areas

        Telstra are good in most areas

        Where Telstra are lacking occasionally Optus will have good service there

        Thats just law of averages.

    • +1

      Yeah not sure why Telstra is just so s^it in Melbourne. Was crap on Telstra and then I made a big mistake with Boost. Vodafail has yet to actually 'fail' for me ironically.

      • +2

        Lol if you were on Telstra, and you moved to Boost without doing any research you actually deserved what you got.

        Boost are just relabeled Telstra, so the expectation for any change in signal strength should be zero

    • I don't think you get full access to all Telstra tower with The Goody Guys or JB plan

  • +13

    waiting for next deal for iphone 12 pro max.

  • Btw does anyone know if $500 will be available from JB hifi soon?

    • +5

      $500 is available on the $99 plan. I keep on waiting for the $500 on the $69 plan.

  • Get the number thru Amaysim and transfer over

  • For mini does the discount worth off ??? Who wanna get mini at this stage ???

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      The Mini is actually a pretty great phone if you're wanting a smaller display. After having huge devices, I went back to a smaller device and forgot how nice it is to not have a monster phone all the time.

      • +6

        Steve is nodding in his grave.

    • I’m using the mini and I love it. If the small form factor is what you are looking for then look no where else.

    • My mate ain’t big on phones, and never would I have imagined him to buy an iPhone either (he’s never had any other Apple products) but he bought the 12 Mini purely based on the fact it fits in his pocket and comes with some great specs.

      Personally, my previous two generations of iPhone were the Max and for the 12, I went back to the original size. I don’t miss the bigger display at all. I will also consider dropping down to the Mini in the future.

  • how can check which network better on my suburb?

    • Pick up a few prepaid sims. Test speed at different times of the day in areas you'll use the phone.

      • Somewhat. Telstra doesn’t offer 5G on prepaid. I think only Vodaphone does, so you might not see the full speed you can achieve. That being said in my area, Telstra 4G was five times faster than Optus 5G when I ran a Speedtest.

      • Will this attract AFP knocking on the door?

        • Probably not, as long as you apply common sense. You could also just move the same number between different carriers.

    • +1

      how can check which network better on my suburb?

      Use the Aus phone towers app.

  • I can't see that plan on the Telstra website?

    • +1

      TGG and JB have their own Telstra plans that aren’t available from Telstra directly.

  • +6

    So that’s a 64GB mini for just under $300. I’m keen on the mini but I think I’d be better off waiting for a $500 GC with a $69/month plan and add a phone later. That way, I can wait a few more months for the iPhone 13 mini - assuming the price of the 13 will be the same, I’d be $1,200 - $500 = $700 out of pocket (so $400 more vs this deal at $300), but also $30 * 12 = $360 less for the plan. That’s $40 or so more expensive overall but I’d be getting a 13 instead of a 12. Just thought I’d share this as at first I though that this deal was too good to pass on (if you’re in the market for a small iPhone).

    • +2

      I’m waiting for the 27 retina implant, that’s where it’s gonna be at.

      • +1

        That's gong to be painful to upgrade to the 28 ;)

    • +1

      The Mini has been a bit of a flop and there's talk it might be dropped from the 13 lineup

      • Most people expect Apple to release a 13 mini. It could be dropped next year though. I don’t mind if it’s a flop, it’s the phone I want, my only wishes for the 13 mini are a better battery (+10% would be enough) and in-screen Touch ID. The 12 mini hasn’t been selling well because, performance wise, there is not much difference with the SE, which is so much cheaper.

        • Doesnt the mini have exactly the same performance as the iphone 12?
          They have the same specs

          • @stockpimp: Yes, except for the battery. What I meant to say is that for most people who want a cheap iPhone, the SE is the better pick. When the 13 mini comes out, it will be 2 gens ahead of the SE so then the price difference makes more sense.

  • -3

    I got a iPhone 11, can you please feedback for private resale of used iphone (with a cracked screen i might add).

    Where can I sell it and how much can I expect for it? Maybe it is not even financially and technically worth changing iPhone 11 to a iPhone12?!

    • +1

      You can try eBay or Facebook marketplace but you can't expect much with cracked screen. I've seen those sold below $300

      • Is it worth reparing the screen? I guessing a new screen would cost maybe $200-ish?

      • Thanks mate, I checked ebay, maybe can sell it for $350-$400 if phone in good shape. Change cracked glass on gumtree $150.

        All in all, i would get $200-$250 back.

        I got an idea! I keep my phone a bit longer, and when it dies I can buy a used one/latest model then, at ebay for $400.

    • +1
      • Check that eBay completed listings to work out what your phone is worth.
      • Factor in eBay fees if you choose to sell on eBay
      • Factor in salary sacrifice and any other benefits
      • Look at specs/reviews to see if there are additional features that benefit you
    • I sold my wife’s iPhone X 64GB with a cracked screen a year ago for $400.

  • Adding a new line to current Telstra customer is consider new connection. Yeah?

    • +1


  • So I must port in from another provider other than Telstra?

    No new connections?

    • +1

      No you can just sign up a new number. I did this last time with JB deal for the missus.

      Then we went into Telstra store, asked to cancel the old plan, and move the old number to the new plan. Took some explaining to do, and initially the girl said she couldn’t do it, to which I said she could because I’ve done it previously.

      I do wonder though if they’re specifically told not to change numbers on JB/GG plans because she was real reluctant to do it, saying it wasn’t possible. When I said it was, she was like umm ok I’ll give it a try sort of thing.

      Worked perfectly in the end but yeah, a little bit of a strange encounter for what seemed like an easy thing for them to do.

      • Agree that this option works (i.e., move old Telstra number onto new Telstra plan thereby cancelling the old plan). Except I did so over chat. It can be pain-staking, but tips are to be polite, clear and concise with your request.

    • Wonder if you can simply port away from Telstra and then port back almost straight away. Porting is pretty quick these days

      • I used to port out/in, until I discovered that @toshjammi's described method works.

      • That method doesn't always work because the port out needs to be at least 30 days. In my experience they are pretty strict with that. JB last year refused to port me back to Telstra after 27 days with Optus.

  • +5

    99 per month ? i pay less than 99 per year!

    • How? What do get you for $99/12months= $8.25/month

      • +4

        Possibly a sim slut.

      • +3

        kogan $15/90days

    • +1

      I bet you don't get 150gb a month

      • +4

        Not everyone wanks 10 times a day

        • lol, can anyone do that?

        • +1

          haha good one, ive seen it with my own eyes too, when i was young my high score was 16 per day
          now its 1 per 16 days if that lol

  • How are dim light shots on the mini? Garbage vs the regular iPhone 12/pro?

    • The same. It’s only the 12 Pro Max that has better low light mode as it has a bigger sensor.

  • +3

    So u will need to spend approx $1500 dollars in a year including 300 for the phone on top of discount. The gift card should have been for anything and that would mKe it real sweet deal.

    • +1

      12 mini sales are flopping so an easy way for them to move them at a price that they still make money on em!

  • To bite or not to bite?

    Want a new iPhone, usage 5-10Gb a month, little calls. Thanks.

    • +4

      You could pay rrp and buy a 365 day boost pre paid for less that would suit you.

      • Absolutely - unless you have some sort of a tax deduction in mind or a reimbursement arrangement with your employer, these plans are quite poor value, especially at your low data usage.

  • Any fees for early cancellation?

  • Do these promotions work if you're already with Telstra on a Sim Only plan?

  • +2

    Just received email from JB HIFI where they have the same $99 plan but provide $800 off any iPhone, so you're not tied into just buying an iPhone 12 mini. Yes, $100 less credit but gives people another option. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile-instore?utm_campai...

  • Thanks I just got a blue iPhone mini128gb from good guys!! Thumbs up 👍

    • -2

      How much did you pay for it?

  • So what is the total cost for iphone 12 mini, 256GB memory and the phone contract?

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