14" Laptop Recommendations (Non Gaming Windows) - Budget $1200 Max

Have looked and looked and looked and I'm bamboozled, I would really appreciate some recommendations if anyone has any, to suit my needs which are pretty simple

$1200 max budget, but I think I could quite easily get a laptop for my needs, for less

  • windows only, I guess pro version 64 is best
  • no need for software, will only be using chrome and web based applications, and Google drive
  • will connect to 2 monitors, wireless keyboard and mouse, so definitely need a really good array of ports such as HDMI, latest and best USB ports, including USB C display capable port
  • monitor size on the laptop I'd say 14"+ is ideal, then I can have 3 screens going
  • this will live in the office so don't need a stunning battery life
  • quiet enough, don't want fans whirring away
  • good sound and good graphics. wont be playing games or anything like this. Don't need a webcam but if it has that is fine
  • AC power through dedicated AC port, not USB C, as I think ill need that for connecting a monitor

I have these monitors all ready to go, BenQ 27 Inch 1080p LED IPS Eye Care Monitor (GW2780) With HDMI, Black - so I want a laptop that will bring out the best in these

Clearly any cashback is good if it's available

Thank you in advance


  • I am on this exact boat. I have two 2k monitors I would like to be able to get max advantage of. Also if anyone is reading this, I will prefer a slim laptop.

    Thanks guys

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    How does this look? seems to have good reviews and separate power/usb-c port (would recommend going for 16gb ram if you can but might push it outside of your price range)


    Otherwise you might want to consider these well rated laptops (<1k) and add a laptop dock for additional display ports.



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    Go for Dell Vostro 3500 series. With discounts you can get them for $980

    • I'm looking for one too. Ideapad is 8gb soldered ram. Vostro is intel xe graphics and small battery. I would skip both.

      I posted this but its not perfect either. Dim screen, bit heavy, battery could be bigger, chip could be stronger so I'm still waiting for 'better' https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/625480

      • yes ive looked at that, but i want a usb-c display port as i have a good adaptor
        i also did notice that about the dell vostro, no dedicated graphics card … and its the same for the ideapad
        i think with the ideapad, the 8GB soldered ram is sufficient, but the lack of graphcs card is not ideal. i see its $1119 on ebay

        • I know it is a work laptop but if you NEED dedicated graphic card then I think gaming laptop with a decent screen (min. 300nits, 100% sRGB) may be a good choice for you. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622546 (expired deal but it may come up again for EOFY sale).
          It won't be as quiet as something with integrated graphic, it is less portable and battery life is presumably bad but all that shouldn't matter much if you are using it as a desktop replacement.
          If not, I second ripesahimi choice re: the Gen 2 AMD E14, much better value for money than the two you looked at. It supports display port over USB-C and has a HDMI 1.4 port, with your setup, you will likely need for USB hub for power delivery and dual display anyway. On a side note, I find the Thinkpad line to be of better build quality than Vostro in general

      • There is a vostro 3500 with nvidia mx330 with dedicated 2gb ram for $989.

  • hp doing 10% cashback on shopback, plus gift cards, could be something there…

  • I have one of these on the way. Not sure if it meets your dual monitor need but the rest of the criteria is there. Ryzen 5700u, 512gb HDD, 8gb ram, 14" convertable, quiet, powerful etc for $1096. The ryzen 5500u is $950ish too if you need to add anything for the monitors.


  • Hijacking this thread since I didn't want to open a new one.

    Saw this Tiger Lake i5-1135G7 for sale at Officeworks for $700. 1080p with 8GB RAM. Only downside is that it comes with only 128GB SSD storage (which can probably be alleviated with a replacement).

    Any downsides that I'm missing?


    • The battery is tiny

    • dim screen (255 nits, 57% sRGB) but normal for this price point

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