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Xiaomi Mi Wiha Screwdriver Set $22 ($20 with Kogan First) Delivered @ Kogan


Made from high grade stainless steel
Rust resistant design
Aluminium alloy handle and storage box
Easy to store and transport

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    Hopefully it the better quality Wiha one and not the poorer quality revision (without Wiha Branding).

    Update: Kogan has a separate listing for the revision - Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver Set

    • Which ones better?

      • Wiha (deal post) is better quality.

        • Just wondering what's the difference between the two?

          I tried to look for comparison video or article but couldn't find one

    • Confused… which set is better quality?

      The Wiha branded set for $20 or the other set for $21?

      • Wiha is better.

      • as someone who owns both, get the wiha one, its better in every way

        • How different is it?

          • +1

            @noone: the case feels cheaper so like the materials and mechanism to release feels janky, the tools feel more a bit cheaper too, if there isn't a massive price gap, I'd 100% take the original Wiha one

    • isn't the poor quality revision just a fake?

      • Nope, it appears to be an official Xiaomi Products but without the Wiha Branding.

        • oh damn ok, yeah ive got one, it works just not the same as the original in terms of quality

  • +3

    got it a year ago, havent used it even once, ozbargain spirit i guess

    • Have you used other screwdrivers? Interested to know why you've not used them as I'm always interested in these things but can't help but think they are only useful for certain tasks rather than all of your diy screwdriver needs.

  • Anyone else got it without me having to sign up to this thing

  • Are these normal or micro sized (for electronics)? I can't tell from the images

    • +2

      microsized, they're a precision set for electronics.
      They're a great set and I use mine regularly, the only thing being if there's a tight screw it can be a little difficult to get a good grip and torque into it as there isn't much grip.

  • +3

    I know I'd be negged but I find this screwdriver a bit unless for day to day use. The grip on the handle is non-existent due to its shape and the metal and I find it a bit hard to unscrew some of the tighter screws, it even fails to work on some of the kids toys. Yes it's a cool looking screw driver set but not as practical as I would have liked.

    • +2

      Agreed, quality is pretty high but not as practical as you would hope. I dont think it's designed for anything but small electronics or toys. E.g watches, childrens toys.

      The handle in the link below would be more usable :)


      Also the item in this post is available for 25$ at PCByte.


    • This tool suits the best for phones and laptop etc. As you can see from previous comment, this one (as the handle as well) is micro sized, so that maybe the reason why you may few the handle is not practical for big devices.

  • i bought a set a few years ago (then bought a 2nd set in case it gets "borrowed") and use it regularly. mainly on phones and computers, but also useful for adjusting my glasses. lately, used it to open up and fix a cheap digital watch (i don't recommend magnetised screwdrivers/bits on use for mechanical watches which are very sensitive to magnets! and did you know the u2.6 bit can be used as an ad-hoc spring bar tool)

  • anyone knows if these can be used for macbook air or ideapad s540 13 ?

  • It's good to finally see comments on its usefulness I've always had my doubts.

  • Can confirm it the Wiha. Received mine today.

  • My order was marked shipped on the 31st but the tracking still doesn't come up - is that odd?

  • This is a genuine Wiha. I received mine today. Thank you so much.