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POCO X3 Pro Global Version 6GB/128GB US$219 (~A$284, US$215.72/~A$280 in App) | 8GB/256GB US$249 (~A$323) Delivered @ Banggood


Excellent deal, has just dropped onto Flash Deals in the last hour or so. Wasn't there before I picked the kids up from school and was when I got back.

The X3 Pro 8GB/256GB has been at this price for a few days, also a good buy though at this price.

EDIT: Just noticed that if you open the link with the APP instead the price drops to A$283.09 from A$287.40.

Additionally changing your settings page to $USD brings the price down to USD$215.72 or AU$279 for the 6GB/128 version and USD$249 or AU$322.15 for the 8GB/256 version so if you have a fee free card option then you can save a few extra dollars

Don't forget 5%CB with either CR/SB bringing the price down further to $265.05 and $306.04 respectively

Thanks to the community for spotting the extra discounts with APP+USD Pricing+CashBack, this makes this an absolute bargain price for these specs. The X3 Pro is also currently in the lead for Ozbargain Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2021.

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  • Link just goes to
    Due to policy reasons, this product does not exist.

    • +1

      Works fine for me, just tried on my phone and it also works, try another browser maybe?

      • Yeah……worked on Samsung browser, just not on Chrome. Strange as I don't have any AdBlockers. Thanks

    • Maybe open the link in the app
      I get $249 USD for the 8GB version
      $323 AUD

      • Thanks for the tip, changing to USD actually brings the price down a little further, changing to using the APP and to USD will bring the price down to AU$279 if you have a fee free card option, have updated the description to reflect this.

  • Store in title

    • Fixed

  • Dose VoLTE work with Telstra for this phone?

    • Apparently with the current ROM, VoLTE works out of the box from what i've read, hopefully someone with the device can confirm though.

      • Poco X3 NFC Volte and WiFi calling both functions are not working on Telstra and Optus. Not sure the Pro model.

        • The X3 is a different device entirely but you should try the fix here and see if it helps. Also which ROM are you using?

  • This is a premium phone with premium power but with a couple compromises. With a premium phone many would expect AMOLED screen. Though it's only IPS it's pretty good IPS. And though it's a premium phone it's a very cheap price.

    • I agree but the step up to the F3 with AMOLED and an upgrade to 870 over 860 comes in at US$349/AU$451.73 (A$415.60 after CB) for the 6GB/128GB or US$399/A$516.44 (A$480.30 after CB) for the 8GB/256GB on Banggood (and using the pay in USD trick). Unfortunately you also lose the headphone jack, the microSD slot and the battery drops to 4520mAh from 5160mAh on the X3 PRO. I couldn't justify the loss of microSD slot nor the huge jump in price to get AMOLED and 870.

  • -1

    Does it have band 28?

    • +1

      Yes it does, as noted on several other deals, the spec sheet on Banggood is incorrect and does have B28.

  • Tempting but seems like have Camera issue

  • "NFC: Multifunctional NFC, *Availability varies between markets"

    What does that mean? It has NFC right?

    • The global version has NFC, but there are versions of the model that doesn't, India for example I believe.

  • How does one use Cashrewards in combination with the mobile app?

    • You also need the Cashrewards Mobile APP

  • I can select only other area version, is this akso global version?

    • +1

      Yes, when selecting Other Area Version, Global Version is in the title.

  • +2

    If you read the categories for cashback, it falls into category B which is 5% and not 8%.

    • I misread that Flash Deals were tracked by shopback @ 8% but can confirm it tracked at 5%, thanks for pointing this out, i'll amend the post.

  • Anyone had any experience with actual shipping times to Vic?

    • +2

      Seeing nobody else has responded, as far as my order goes, I purchased yesterday 28/05, got notice that it was shipped today 29/05 and will arrive 04/07 to WA, I wouldn't imagine VIC would be much different. So about 5 weeks - which is the outlier of their stated 15-25 business day shipping estimate. However it may arrive sooner but i'd hope to god not later. I opted to pick up the added shipping insurance though just in case it gets lost in Narnia.

    • +2

      I ordered on May 10th and received it yesterday in metro Melb. This phone is awesome, I dropped my Mi Mix 3 and broke the screen completely. The repair shop couldn't even replace it as some component just kept on frying the new screen every time they put a new one on. This new phone has everything, fingerprint, face recognition, NFC. The only thing missing is wireless charging, but I don't think I'll miss it. It even came with a clear silicone case in the box and I believe a screen protector has been pre-applied also.

      • No wireless charging. Shame as that's how I charge these days (convenience)

    • I ordered today… Let's see how it goes.. last experience with Tobysdeal wasn't so nice.. they delayed the shipping and I received the phone exactly after a month from order date.

  • Anyone rooted one of these?

    Remember having an old Redmi Kate version was a total pia to root