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$199 iPhone SE 64GB or Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 128GB on 12M Telstra 80GB $69 Plan in-Store (New Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


$199 for a 64GB iPhone SE or $199 for a 128GB Galaxy S20 FE.

Unlimited calls and text, 80GB/month.
12m contract ($828 min cost over 12m), new customers only (current Belong and Boost customers excluded).

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    Exynos or Snapdragon version?

    • Not an Android user myself but looking at JB Hifi’s site, they seem to stock both at $699. Perhaps you can pick and choose or get whatever is in stock (since there is no mention of it in the small print)?

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    Should be free on a overpriced $69 plan

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      Yep, I got a 3GS and a 4s free on $49 and $69 plans back in the day. The $69 was meant to be a 24 month plan and when I said I’d contemplate the deal on a 12 month plan they agreed.

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      So you expect a $700 phone for free on a $828 contract? I think this Telstra plan is worth more than $10.70 month.

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        So you expect a $700 phone for free on a $828 contract?

        <sigh> … Those were the days. The latest $700 Ericsson free on a $30/month contract (24 months).
        Whatever happened to One.Tel?

        • Yep bring back the 688

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          You may have just answered your own question, me thinks…

          • @kierann: Yes I did. Congratulations on spotting it :-)

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        This isn't a $700 phone though, remember the markups JB make. They also get deals from Telstra for each plan they sell etc.

  • Will this plan be using the eSIM? Can I use the physical SIM slot for another provider?

    • Yes you can. In the odd case JB Hifi can’t do it for you, start with a normal sim and go to Telstra to swap.

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        S20 FE doesnot support esim

        • Can confirm that the s20 FE snapdragon DOESN'T support esim on Australia, Sitting here right now with it. SUCKS BAD.

        • The iPhone SE does support it. I was responding to whether or not this plan ‘supports’ esim (a valid question since Boost etc don’t).

          • @bozbargain: I have the same plan and it supports esim.

            • @4kbargain: I know, I’m on the same plan, using esim as well. I started off with a normal sim though (wasn’t offered one at JB) and changed over later at a local Telstra shop.

              • @bozbargain: You can just download the esim, from telstra app or sth I forgot but it was a simple process though.

                • @4kbargain: Interesting. I couldn’t last year when I wanted to change from normal to esim - it was QR-code based and the quickest for me was to go to a store (alternative was to get it sent in the mail). They can’t make it too easy I guess as sim swap theft is a real thing.

  • Seems worth it for $828 if it is for the S20 FE s865

  • Does this include international calls? cant seem to find any information on it

    • It does, but its PAYG.

  • In store only?!… Cries in Melbourne…

    • I feel for you. Maybe ring them to see if it can be done over the phone?

  • Do you get a $300 giftcard aswell?

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    Not as good as the $59 plan with $500 gift card

    • Yup, I'm holding for this

    • Didn't find it. Still available?

  • The price for this phone is overpriced at the moment. Typical a good phone should have it trade in price doubled as current retail price. Samsung themselves only give you around $250. So realistically this is only a $500 phone.

    Depends on you situation you may be better off get an S21 from trad in with Samsung and go month by month on the plan

  • Price is misleading. It is not a minimum cost of $828 as per the add.
    As you have to pay $199 upfront, that takes the minimum cost to $1,027

    • $50 more and one can get the Samsung S21 deal then put in a Vodafone $45 sim with better feature. Those die hard Telstra fans can get a belong $45 sim with same amount of data.

    • ‘Misleading’ is a strong word. If you don’t want to pay an extra $199 for a phone that would normally retail at $699, you can opt for a $300 GC instead. I agree that it would be clearer if they were to say ‘min plan cost $828’ as they often do.