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[eBay Plus] ErgoDuke Ultra-Flex Ergonomic High Back Office Chair with Headrest $201.60 + $19.29 Shipping @ MyDeal eBay


Not sure about the quality and comfort, but I have seen a recommendation in ozbargain forum, hope it doesn't disappoint. Also not sure whether it is the lowest price ! If you are using one of this, then please do share your experience in comments.

Specifications from mydeal website:
Colour: White & grey
Materials: Mesh aluminium
Overall Dimensions: 70cm x 70cm x 109-120cm (WxDxH)
Overall Minimum Height: 109cm
Overall Maximum Height: 120cm
Seat Height: 44-54cm
Seat Back Height: 87cm
SGS BIFMA Certified
Warranty: 12 months Duke Living Warranty (Included)

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    Anyone know the max weight these are rated for?

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    When secret lab will be on ozbargain :p

  • That is so cheap for what looks like a decent chair. So what's the catch?

  • Pretty good price. This was around $300 shipped late last year when I was interested in it. Any owners have any feedback?

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    Isn't this the chair from Kogan?

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      Yeah, the ergolux London I believe

  • Any other ergonmic mesh charis around the $250 price point I could have a look at?

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      IKEA has a couple

      • Yeah I had a look at some at ikea yesterday, but the armrests werent adustable and were the crappy round ones.. Just wondering if there were any other ones that are recommended.

    • I bought one of these ( https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/profession... ) from Officeworks about 3 or 4 years ago and it has been great ever since, but I feel like I paid a little under $300 for mine so maybe it has gone up in price? Still a good chair though.

  • Looks like a deal. Keen for some reviews from ozbargainers

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    Got this. Very comfy

    WFH for over 7 hrs and does not disappoint

    Headrest is abit messy but don't really use it

    The mesh is so nice and breathable and firm with some give.

    Surprisingly wide! U can spread legs easily.

    Armrests are great and wider than usually.

    The wheels! Glide so good and the metal base adds real premium to the overall look

    Assembly was done is 10 min. Just make sure U got a IKEA drill to get it done faster!

    Very happy with this.

    Got it for 199 from mydeal.com recently plus postage cos I couldn't find a code at the time.

    • Thanks for the review. Any words on the lumbar support? Is it just vertical sliding or can depth be adjusted too?

      • Vertical I believe

        But not a expert haha

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    I thought Plus offered free postage?

    • No unfortunately:(

  • I got the exact same chair from Kogan this week however it's called the Elliott and picked it up for 219 plus 8 shipping

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    Previous Ozbargain: Ergolux London Ergonomic Chair $160.99 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


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    had one looks exactly the same, but branded differently.
    Very disappointed, sold on gumtree for 30%. Not enough back support, Uncomfortable seat.
    Not sure if this is the same product though.

    • What model please?

      • no model. Brand is hbada

  • back in stock

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    Bought this same one from kogan (ergolux London ergonomic chair), very heavy and sturdy chair. The seat bottom is adjustable depthways, armrests up and down (plus in and out via the screws used to attach), and the resistance required to lean back in the chair aswell.

    I believe these have a higher weight limit than most gaming chairs if that helps, I paid similar to this for mine and im stoked at the quality and comfort, wouldn't hesitate to buy again

    • Also, the star leg that the wheels attach to is all metal and heavy too, and the weight is good for 220kg, assembly is all through bolts that go into metal insert nuts that are moulded into the plastic

  • Got mine today. It was easy to assemble. It's good enough adjustability and lumbar support for me. I'm happy with it. But I think eventually I'll upgrade to something nicer, something less obviously plastic.

  • Back for 233.01 (213.72 + 19.29)