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[eBay Plus] $5/ $7/ $10 off Select Items - e.g. $0: Digital Thermometer, 50pc Mask, Logitech H110, $3: Belkin Dual USB Charger

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    • same doesn't work on the Gearbest iphone screen protectors anymore

  • My Belkin wall charger hasn't got shipped out yet.
    Anyone had theirs shipped out yet?

    • Mine was just posted. I had another order for a USB cable which hasn't shipped yet.

      • same

      • Same they must have many many order to process.

  • +1

    Coupon seems to have been reactivated.

    • Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

      • Yep, it stopped working again, there's a chance eBay will reactivate it though (again).

  • -3

    Skido, Can you get the seller to add the Xiaomi Powerbank and business backpack? Since the coupon code seems to be working on and off now and we should be able to get it once it comes back on

  • My XXL Rgb mousepad arrived today. Wayyyy bigger than I expected it to be. But I am overall very happy with it, especially for $10

    • does it illuminate the keys on the keyboard that does not have RGB?

      can you post some pic?

  • wow the mi band 4c arrives… not bad but not comfortable to wear
    also not fans of the idea of charging port

    and then the belkin dual charger arrives.. gosh it comes with that old style iphone 3gs connection port hahaha straight to the bin
    thanks to apple who doesnt want to follow others

    • what you mean 3gs connection port?

      I thought is just standard usb

      yeah saw the miband 4c, and the review was not very good
      miband 6 is definitely much better

      • the old way of iphone connector.. the big one… not lighting…
        4c.. C probably for Cheaper cheap cheap la….

        • Can you take a picture? Before lightning cable, Apple had 30 pin cable but don't see how the Belkin charger can have that connector.

          • @CodeXD: Yes that one… 30 pin.. sorry i meant the charger comes with 30pin cable to connect to old iphone. Just the cable goes to the bin.

            we can still use the charger, 2 ports, usb.

            • @ChiMot: yes that is why i was confused about your comment

  • Anyway having issues with shipment? Some my orders haven't even been shipped yet, also the tracking number for the one that has been shipped doesn't work.

    • From the 3 orders, only one was shipped and arrived. Listing said "shipped in 1 business day". I contacted the seller:

      Thank you for contacting us.
      We're sorry to say there has been an unexpected delay with your order.
      We will ship out your item ASAP as right now, we experiencing a high volume of orders.
      We seek your patience and kind understanding.

      • All received now

      • @hurr1cane:Lucky you, i guess i just gotta be patient

      • @johnmelbbThanks, I've just received the same reply. At least i know there are others on the same boat

    • Two of my three went through nice and quick. Both received already. The 3rd one took a while to change to 'posted'. I was thinking then I bet they are running around like headless chicken trying to post everything!

      The third one was due to arrive today but hasn't.

      Pro-actively? eBay gave me a $5 Late Ship code. I'm okay with that.

      • Lol, ebay sent me free return shipping label!

        • It's frustrating to get a return label, better to not sent you anything.
          Just rubbing salt in the wound that your package is still not delivered.
          I think I got $5 only once, and return labels too many to remember.

  • Still waiting for the Mi cable.

    • Same here, Mine hasn't even been shipped out yet!

      • Must be overloaded work to send courier
        Thinking of ebay hacked or what lol

    • Same, melbourne lockdown is probably not helping.

  • https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/325677532267551
    Someone tell this dude he is dreamin

    • I bet anybody is willing to pay asking price for a detailed listing with a high res picture…

  • got my masks and memory cards. iot.hub is good to deal with

    • Still waiting for 2 parcels from IOT.hub, 1 still not marked as sent.
      Maybe they consolidated in 1 shipment, but that's not clearly mentioned in eBay if that's the case.

  • Has anyone got their mi usb C cable yet?

    Seems they have dropped shipped these from china even though the original listing stated local shipping with signature on delivery.

    • +1


      • Mmmm…..They sold 4000 of these on the 30th of May, I thought it improbable they'd have that many in stock. Dodgy.

    • +1

      I received both of mine. One last week & another yesterday.

      • Ok. Thanks for the follow-up.

      • Hope we receive soon than

  • Received the USB C cable today, seller on eBay was "bestforapple", but looks like they are affiliated to Gearbite.

    Cable came with a sticker stating Thanks for shopping from GEARBITE… blah blah blah… Here's a 10% off storewide code MAIL10.

    Happy days… All items from this deal received. In fact, I ended up getting 3x $5 "sorry it's late" codes from eBay :D

    • No late code neither cable

      • Same here, I wonder how Ebays late shipping voucher work? My cable was untracked dropship from Gearbite so no way for Ebay to track if it was late or not?